Delta Stud and Mega-Joist

Delta Stud and Mega-Joist

Credit: Steelform Building Products, Inc.

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces heating and cooling loads
  • Reduces material use


Delta Studs and Mega-Joists from Steelform Building Products offer a lightweight alternative to conventional steel studs and joists for steel-frame construction. Regular stamped openings in the stud and joist webs reduce weight and use of raw materials, as well as reducing the need for cutting and drilling to accommodate electrical and piping installation. Flanges around each opening increase the product's strength-to-mass ratio. When used in insulated building-envelope applications, the openings in the web reduce thermal and acoustical transference.

Manufacturer Information

Steelform Building Products, Inc.
4104 69th Ave.
Edmonton, AB T6B-2V2
Phone: 780-440-4499
Toll-free: 866-440-4499

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