Enerboss HRV/Air Handler

Enerboss HRV/Air Handler

Credit: Nu-Air Ventilation Systems

What makes this product green?

  • Energy-conserving equipment
  • Prevents moisture or air quality problems
  • Improves air quality


The Enerboss integrated HRV(HRV). Balanced ventilation system in which most of the heat from outgoing exhaust air is transferred to incoming fresh air via an air-to-air heat exchanger; a similar device, an energy-recovery ventilator, also transfers water vapor. HRVs recover 50% to 80% of the heat in exhausted air. In hot climates, the function is reversed so that the cooler inside air reduces the temperature of the incoming hot air. /air handler for residential or light-commercial installations couples with a boiler to provide space heating and ventilation. With an optional evaporator coil, the Enerboss will couple with a split system’s compressor to also meet cooling loads. A ½-hp ECM motor provides continuous circulating air and ventilation, and provides fresh air to the ERV(ERV). The part of a balanced ventilation system that captures water vapor and heat from one airstream to condition another. In cold climates, water vapor captured from the outgoing airstream by ERVs can humidify incoming air. In hot-humid climates, ERVs can help maintain (but not reduce) the interior relative humidity as outside air is conditioned by the ERV.. An independent exhaust fan serves the HRV. Circulating and ventilating air are filtered separately. The manufacturer claims 69% sensible recovery efficiency in continuous mode, and 71% at high speed. The heat output is 40,000–80,000 BtuBritish thermal unit, the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water (about a pint) one degree Fahrenheit in temperature—about the heat content of one wooden kitchen match. One Btu is equivalent to 0.293 watt-hours or 1,055 joules. /hr, and the design air temperature rise is 45°F. Electric draw (heating, 900–1150 cfm airflow) is 345 W; circulation draw, at 350 cfm, is 109 W.

Manufacturer Information

Nu-Air Ventilation Systems
P.O. Box 2758
Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Phone: 902-798-2261
Fax: 902-798-2557

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