Enkadrain Subsurface Drainage Composite

Enkadrain 3000 Series

Credit: Colbond Inc.

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces construction impacts
  • Pre-consumer recycled content


Enkadrain Subsurface Drainage Composite relieves hydrostatic pressure from backfill abutting below-grade structures including foundations and slabs, plaza decks, and retaining walls. It can also be used as a drainage planePath that water would take over the building envelope. Concealed drainage-plane materials, such as building paper or housewrap, are designed to shed water that penetrates the building’s cladding. Drainage planes are installed to overlap in shingle fashion (weatherlap) so that water flows downward and away from the building envelope. for green roofs and roof gardens. It protects waterproofing during and after backfill, and will conform to irregular surfaces and corners. It consists of a minimum 40% pre-consumer recycled polypropylene drainage core of fused, entangled filaments and a geocomposite fabric bonded to one or two sides. The entangled filaments are molded into a square waffle pattern.

Manufacturer Information

Colbond Inc.
1301 Sand Hill Rd.
P.O. Box 1057
Enka, NC 28728
Phone: 828-665-5050
Fax: 828-665-5009
Toll-free: 800-365-7391

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