Credit: Build Right Products, LLC

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces heating and cooling loads


The FlexRight is designed to reduce energy use in residential or commercial buildings using flexible HVAC(Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Collectively, the mechanical systems that heat, ventilate, and cool a building. ducting by helping reduce air-flow friction, maintaining low static pressure. The 90-degree polypropylene bracing strap mounts over the outer jacket of any 4-inch to 16-inch flexible, round duct, avoiding the kinks and restrictions common to flexible duct diffuserIn a forced-air heating/cooling system, the diffuser is a register or grille attached to ducting through which heated or air conditioned air is delivered to the living space. In a tubular skylight or an electric light fixture, the diffuser is a cover plate through which scattered light is delivered. connections. The FlexRight is UL-listed, installs simply, costs less than sheet metal elbows, is appropriate for retrofits as well as new construction, and meets the recommendations of ASHRAE’s energy design guides for schools and small retail and office buildings. FlexRight is made from 100% pre-consumer recycled material.

Manufacturer Information

Build Right Products, LLC
11936 W. 119th St. #159
Overland Park, KS 66213
Phone: 913-915-8707
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