GARN Wood-Fired Hydronic Heaters

Credit: Dectra Corporation

What makes this product green?

  • Energy-conserving equipment


Garn offers residential and commercial wood-fired hydronic heating systems, called Wood Heating Systems (WHS), that combine dual-chamber combustion with integrated thermal storage. These units are for indoor use and are designed to burn cordwood, pallets, scrap wood, briquettes, and air-dried corn on the cob at high-fire using a two-stage gasification process. Heat exchangers transfer that heat to water storage. Garn’s WHS-1500 is for residential or commercial use and has a maximum output of 250,000 BtuBritish thermal unit, the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water (about a pint) one degree Fahrenheit in temperature—about the heat content of one wooden kitchen match. One Btu is equivalent to 0.293 watt-hours or 1,055 joules. /hr; the commercial WHS-2000 and WHS-3500 are 325,000 and 700,000 Btu/hr, respectively. The company claims 81% and 87% efficiency for the WHS-1500 and WHS-2000 models (it does not offer data for the 3500). Garn's systems are unpressurized and cannot be connected directly to a pressurized system without an additional heat exchanger.

Manufacturer Information

Dectra Corporation
3425 33rd Ave., NE
St. Anthony, MN 55418
Phone: 612-781-3585

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