Green Mix Foamed Asphalt

Green Mix Foamed Asphalt

Credit: Chamberlain Contractors, Inc.

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces construction impacts
  • Post-consumer recycled content


Foamed asphalt uses crushed, recycled asphalt pavement removed from existing roads or parking lots as aggregate for new paving. The aggregate is mixed with a small amount of water and hot bitumen oil, creating a foamed texture. No virgin aggregate is used, and the aggregate doesn't need to be kiln-dried or pre-heated, as is required with standard hot-mix asphalt. Foamed asphalt has slightly less structural strength than traditional hot-mix, so a slightly thicker application is required to meet the same performance standards; however, foamed asphalt costs substantially less to produce (financially and environmentally). A wear layer of standard hot asphalt is required. Popular overseas, foamed asphalt is making inroads in domestic markets.

Manufacturer Information

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc.
162 Lafayette Ave.
Laurel, MD 20727
Phone: 301-725-4330
Toll-free: 866-670-1234

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