Knauf EcoSeal Elastomeric Sealant

Credit: Knauf Insulation

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces heating and cooling loads
  • Low-emitting
  • Prevents moisture or air quality problems


Knauf EcoSeal is a waterborne synthetic latex spray that seals penetrations and joints in framing and sheathingMaterial, usually plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), but sometimes wooden boards, installed on the exterior of wall studs, rafters, or roof trusses; siding or roofing installed on the sheathing—sometimes over strapping to create a rainscreen. components to prevent air infiltration through the building envelopeExterior components of a house that provide protection from colder (and warmer) outdoor temperatures and precipitation; includes the house foundation, framed exterior walls, roof or ceiling, and insulation, and air sealing materials.. Applied using an airless sprayer, EcoSeal has a VOCVolatile organic compound. An organic compound that evaporates readily into the atmosphere; as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs are organic compounds that volatize and then become involved in photochemical smog production. level of only 0.3 grams per liter and is GreenguardThird-party certification program that identifies building products and materials which produce relatively low levels of emissions. GreenGuard is administered by the nonprofit GreenGuard Environmental Institute (GEI). Other GEI programs include the Children & Schools standard, which addresses emission standards for educational facilities, and the GreenGuard for Building Construction Program, a mold risk-reduction program that certifies the design, construction, and ongoing operations of new multifamily and commercial properties. Gold certified for low emissions, so other trades can continue working during application. EcoSeal seals cracks as large as 3/8", can be applied in temperatures from 20°F–115°F, and cures in a few hours to a flexible center bead and film on surrounding wood. Each five-gallon bucket covers approximately 2000 linear feet, and it can be cleaned up with soap and water. EcoSeal was designed for use with Knauf EcoBatts or Blowing Insulation as part of the Knauf Insulation and Sealing System (KISS), although Knauf allows other insulations to be used with its system. It offers a limited lifetime warranty when installed by trained applicators.

Manufacturer Information

Knauf Insulation
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Shelbyville, IN 46176
Phone: 317-398-4434
Fax: 317-398-3675
Toll-free: 800-825-4434

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