Credit: LodeStone Companies

What makes this product green?

  • Pre-consumer recycled content


LodeStone is designed to achieve the appearance of natural stone. These veneer blocks are 3" thick at the mortar joint and come in nominal sizes ranging from 12" x 8" to 32" x 16". A handful of trim profiles and end pieces are also available. LodeStone uses Class C coal fly ashFine particulates consisting primarily of silica, alumina, and iron that are collected from flue gases during coal combustion. Flyash is employed as a substitute for some of the portland cement used in the making of concrete, producing a denser, stronger, and slower-setting material while eliminating a portion of the energy-intensive cement required. More info to replace most the portland cement typically used in cast stone; portland cement accounts for 20% of the cement blend, while Class C fly ash constitutes 65%, and other industrial recycled materials comprise most of the remaining 15%.

Manufacturer Information

LodeStone Companies
2708 Glenwood
Denton, TX 76209
Phone: 940-483-1761
Fax: 940-591-9778

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