Oventrop Solar Water Heating Systems

Credit: Oventrop Corp. USA

What makes this product green?

  • Renewable energy equipment
  • Increases resilience


The German company Oventrop offers a full line of solar water heater components for residential and light-commercial applications. The company’s “plug-and-play” systems use either evacuated-tube or flat-plate collectors and are available in a variety of sizes. The insulated glass-lined tanks (in 80- and 115- gallon sizes) can be configured for solar water storage only, solar with boiler backup, or with electric coil backup. The company also makes hydronic pumps, valves, and accessories.

Manufacturer Information

Oventrop Corp. USA
29 Kripes Road
P.O. Box 789
East Granby, CT 06026
Phone: 860-413-9173
Fax: 860-413-9436

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