SageGlass Electronically Tintable Glazing

SageGlass Insulated Glass Unit

Credit: SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces heating and cooling loads
  • Improves light quality


SAGE Electrochromics manufactures SageGlass, an electronically tintable exterior glazingWhen referring to windows or doors, the transparent or translucent layer that transmits light. High-performance glazing may include multiple layers of glass or plastic, low-e coatings, and low-conductivity gas fill. that blocks solar heat gainIncrease in the amount of heat in a space, including heat transferred from outside (in the form of solar radiation) and heat generated within by people, lights, mechanical systems, and other sources. See heat loss. while providing glare control and preserving views. SageGlass incorporates durable thin-film ceramic coatings and uses 0.28 W/ft2 to switch the glass from clear to tinted state and 0.1 W/ft2 to maintain a darkened state. Used with typical clear glass to fabricate an insulated unit, the tinting reduces the visible transmittance (Tvis) from 60% to 1%, while reducing the solar heat gain coefficient(SHGC) The fraction of solar gain admitted through a window, expressed as a number between 0 and 1. (SHGCSolar heat gain coefficient. The fraction of solar gain admitted through a window, expressed as a number between 0 and 1.) from 0.41 to 0.09. The company's triple-pane (Tvis 52% vs. 3%; SHGC 0.38 vs. 0.06), argonInert (chemically stable) gas, which, because of its low thermal conductivity, is often used as gas fill between the panes of energy-efficient windows. -filled and kryptonA colorless, odorless inert gas, often used with argon in fluorescent lighting and sometimes used as gas fill in high-performance glazing.-filled glazings have center-of-glass winter U-factors as low as 0.14 (R-7.1) and 0.12 (R-8.3), respectively. SageGlass can also come with a technology called LightZone, which enables one pane of glass to be tinted to different levels in three sections. SAGE is partnering with window, skylight, and curtainwall manufacturers to produce commercial and residential products that can help save energy while improving occupant comfort and control.

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