Seal-Once Water-Based Sealant


Credit: New Image Coatings, LLC

What makes this product green?

  • Low-emitting


Seal-Once is a water-based penetrating waterproofer for wood, concrete, masonry, and composite decking. It is colorless, UV-resistant, and paintable and contains no heavy metals, petroleum distillates, solvents, or VOCsVolatile organic compound. An organic compound that evaporates readily into the atmosphere; as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs are organic compounds that volatize and then become involved in photochemical smog production.. Seal-Once protects against mold, mildew, and freeze-thaw cycles and resists salts, chlorides, and UV damage yet allows water vapor to pass through. Clear and tinted formulas are available, as well as marine and industrial grades. The manufacturer claims the compound will not leach; is safe for aquatic environments; and will protect horizontal surfaces for 6 years and vertical surfaces for ten years.

Manufacturer Information

New Image Coatings, LLC
150 Dow St.
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: 603-669-8786
Fax: 603-669-9048

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