Suntuitive Thermochromic Glazing

Sunlight Responsive Thermochromic (SRT) Window

Credit: Pleotint, L.L.C

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces heating and cooling loads
  • Improves light quality


Suntuitive, from Pleotint, is a “sunlight-responsive thermochromatic” (SRT) window film that tints in direct sunlight to control the amount of heat, light, and glare allowed into buildings. Suntuitive is laminated between two sheets of glass, and is installed on the exterior pane of an insulated glass unit. When the direct sunlight hits the window, the film heats up and darkens, though it still allows some light through for daylightingUse of sunlight for daytime lighting needs. Daylighting strategies include solar orientation of windows as well as the use of skylights, clerestory windows, solar tubes, reflective surfaces, and interior glazing to allow light to move through a structure.. In indirect light, the window cools and becomes clear again, allowing normal light transmission. Suntuitive can be found in glazingWhen referring to windows or doors, the transparent or translucent layer that transmits light. High-performance glazing may include multiple layers of glass or plastic, low-e coatings, and low-conductivity gas fill. offered by PPG.

Manufacturer Information

Pleotint, L.L.C
7705 W. Olive Rd.
West Olive, MI 49460
Phone: 616-738-8540
Fax: 616-738-7661

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