Wasco Vinyl Replacement Windows

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What makes this product green?

  • Reduces heating and cooling loads


Milwaukee-based Wasco Windows specializes in vinylCommon term for polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In chemistry, vinyl refers to a carbon-and-hydrogen group (H2C=CH–) that attaches to another functional group, such as chlorine (vinyl chloride) or acetate (vinyl acetate). replacement windows with high-performance glazingWhen referring to windows or doors, the transparent or translucent layer that transmits light. High-performance glazing may include multiple layers of glass or plastic, low-e coatings, and low-conductivity gas fill. options. Some Wasco Windows use German profiles made of PVC with glass-fiber reinforcement. These low–U-factor (between 0.19 and 0.20) profiles are available on Wasco's triple-glazed tilt-and-turn windows; their 1.38"-thick high-solar-gain triple-glazing is specifically intended for northern climates. Center-of-glass specifications for this type of glazing are U-0.133, with a solar heat gain coefficient(SHGC) The fraction of solar gain admitted through a window, expressed as a number between 0 and 1. of 0.566.

Manufacturer Information

Wasco Windows
5070 N. 124th St.
Milwaulkee, WI 53007
Phone: 414-461-9900
Toll-free: 800-558-2882

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Nov 2, 2012 5:30 PM ET

WASCO Windows Update
by David Paulus

I would just like to add that first, WASCO does supply new construction windows. Also, our glass fiber-reinforced Geneo window has NFRC U-values as low as 0.15 with triple pane argon glass. We can now deliver the Geneo windows with 41mm triple glazing (which reduces EN U-Factor without changing the NFRC U-factor) and with option to bring U-Frame as low as 0.83 W/m^2K and 0.80 in the near future. The latter is PHZ.