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5 Answers

Insulating a skylight shaft

I was in a house with a skylight shaft that was insulated with standard wall batts on the attic side. The insulation is exposed. I would say the effective value was slightly above nil.

What would be an effective strategy for insulating the shaft? The shaft is about 6' in height and 4 foot to a side. As a retrofit project we are talking about moving materials to the 2nd floor of the house and through a scuttle in a walk-in closet.

What R level would you shoot for and how would you do it? Again it will be quite a chore to get materials to the workspace.

In General questions | Asked By Robert Hronek | Oct 29 10
2 Answers

How to enter a VRV system into REM/Rate for a HERS

I am working on a mulit-unit, multifamily building that has several VRV systems. I am only modeling a single living unit for each floor. The unit that I am entering has two (2) VRV outside units tied together which runs the 1 inside unit for the living area I am entering. There are 9 inside units throughout the floor.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Kevin Perri | Oct 29 10
0 Answers

Has anyone used Muralo's BreatheSafe Zero VOC paint?

Has anyone used Muralo's BreatheSafe Zero VOC paint?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Chris Harris | Nov 3 10
2 Answers

Solar home heat @ tankless water heater

Can you have both heat and water run from the same solar system or do you need a seperate one

In General questions | Asked By Bill Carson | Nov 2 10
2 Answers

Looking for a TINY natural gas boiler (with a small price too)

I could wait for Martin Holladay's upcoming article on small heat sources for low energy homes, but I thought I'd give Q&A a shot.

Some basic requirements:
1. 5-20,000 Btuh
2. Direct vent
3. Closed system OK, open system OK.
4. Propane optional (might save the $11/mo. "natural gas service fee")

Has anyone seen an RV water heater upgraded to IRC code? They cost less than $400. They typically have an aluminum tank, though, and are only 70% efficient.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Kevin Dickson | Nov 2 10
4 Answers

How do I stop further deterioration of T-111 wood siding

I caused the problem when I added a deck to my home, lag bolting an exterior rim joist for deck support directly to the interior rim joist with the T-111 siding sandwiched between (stupidly). I recently discovered that the sandwiched T-111 is starting to decompose due to water retention. Removing the exterior rim joist to make repairs would require dismantling the deck, which I hate to even think about.

In General questions | Asked By George Siegner | Nov 1 10
8 Answers

Need help with my SIP roof assembly

We are planning to use SIP's for our roof. Right now we have specified the following assembly (inside to outside):

-8" polyurethane SIP
-1" XPS foam insulation
-2x4 sleepers
-1/2" plywood sheathing
-standing seam steel panels

We are in Omaha, NE (climate zone 5). Some of this is based on Martin's advice from another question on this site (http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-an...).

Any thoughts on this assembly?


In Green building techniques | Asked By Michael Schonlau | Oct 11 10
4 Answers

Reflective insulation in attic

My neighbor is getting a new roof. The roofer want to install reflective insulation over the existing insulation. Does this stuff work?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Walter Gayeski | Oct 31 10
1 Answer

Can polyiso made for roofing applications be used on walls?

I cannot find any non-foil faced polyiso for an exterior retrofit in my local area. Several retailers have polyiso made for roofing application from Altas or Hunter such as Hunter Panels H-Shield. Can these be used for wall applications?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Trying to Learn | Oct 30 10
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