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2 Answers

Is it possible to build two homes side by side that would share a closed loop geo thermal system?

Each house would have their own heat pump. We are building on smaller lots and wondered if it would work.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Kristine Eiffert | Oct 25 09
2 Answers

How can a heat and AC system cost so much?

I am putting estimates together for a 4000 sq ft ICF new construction house. I just recently got an estimate from a HVAC contractor here in central PA. Me supplying and installing the radiant heat tubing, supplying and installing my track of choice for it to go in, and NO geothermal field. It would be just a very good boiler, connections to radiant manifold (manifolds supplied by them), ac unit(s), thermostats and ductwork. Several zones of course and bathroom fan ducting including. A grand total of $176,000!!!

In Mechanicals | Asked By David Cook | Nov 3 09
2 Answers

Can I use GBA info in company newsletter?

It happens quite often that I read things in GBA and think, "My customers would appreciate knowing this". Can I use this info in a newsletter or are there copyright issues? Thanks

In GBA Pro help | Asked By David Anderson | Oct 15 09
3 Answers

What rug for radiant floor?

We have a radiantly heated concrete floor. We would like to cover a portion (small) with a rug. We are concerned about the effect on the heating efficiency if the rug acts as an insulator.

What is a desirable "R" rating for the rug and pad?

Where can the "R" values of rugs be obtained? Most retailers and manufacturers do not report "R" values.

Jerome Parker
Olympia WA

In General questions | Asked By jerome Parker | Nov 5 09
2 Answers

How much clearance do I need to have between a new can light installation and miscellaneous other wiring running above the can?

We are placing can lights in a new soffit we are creating, but there is a multiple run of wires that go to the rest of the house just above where we want to put in the lights. There is currently about 3" between where the new ceiling soffit will go and where the wires run. The space overall is much bigger since the beams are 11 and 1/2 inches deep, but unfortunately the electrician ran the new wiring down as low as 7 inches from the top of the beam thereby interfering perhaps with my ability to install can lights.

In General questions | Asked By Leslie Kruth | Nov 3 09
1 Answer

Has anyone had to retrofit a building with single wythe masonry walls?

I am working on a property in Detroit that has, as a wall system, a single wythe of 6 inch brick masonry with sheetrock installed on 1 5/8ths furring strips. So, as you might imagine, air and water runs through the building. Can we build a rain screen from the inside or clad the outside? Or gently push it in the river. I heard an architect say he had seen other buildings constructed this way so I was wondering if anyone had any sources for ideas on how to approach.

Thanks for any help.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By julie klump | Nov 3 09
1 Answer

Reuse of roofing framing material

Can you reuse the existing roofing framing material (of the first floor) for the new roof for the second floor.
Can you lift the entire roof to the third level and support the roof by placing the new walls underneath?
Anybody can do things like this? Thanks! Toki

In General questions | Asked By Toki Sylvester | Nov 3 09
2 Answers

Insulating a concrete workshop floor

My cellar workshop has a concrete floor and fairly low headroom. If I used inch blue board under 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood, how much warmer would my floor be. Assume average winter floor temp of, say, 40 degree F. House is old contstruction. Furnace is new, forced air with some vents in cellar, so I do have some heat. Cold floor is murder, however.


In General questions | Asked By Heath Boyer | Nov 3 09
4 Answers

How to waterproof an old foundation?

Wet basement foundation wall need to be waterproofed from the exterior.

In General questions | Asked By Theodore Nemeth | Nov 2 09
1 Answer

How to start green building projects in India

I want to start green building projects in India

In General questions | Asked By manjsh bansod | Oct 28 09
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