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9 Answers

Advice on double stud wall retrofit

I am planning to retrofit double stud walls in about 40% of my house.

I have detailed what I plan to do here (in great detail):

That's my site, my plan is to document in detail my energy upgrades to help others and thus get a multiplying effect. If you have improvements for that page I can be reached at mark at netzeroenergy.org . I've already got to net-negative, but I'm not changing the domain name!

In Green building techniques | Asked By Mark Bartosik | Jun 13 09
6 Answers

Can you justify cathedral ceilings?

We are building a house with a 28x42 footprint. The kitchen, dining room and living room are open plan. Aesthetically a cathedral ceiling would look best and make the room look bigger. But how can I justify a cathedral ceiling due to energy loss, even with insulation? Or am I making too big a deal of this? Heat will be via woodstove and/or hydronic radiant heat (propane based) coming from cement floors.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Galia Berry | Jun 10 09
3 Answers

Insulating a crawl space

I understand the value of a sealed crawl space.

We are currently remodeling a home that has an existing vented crawl space.
The space is very tight under the home and the exterior skirting is not in great shape.
It would be very difficult, and not in the budget, to insulate the exterior skirting.
We have just enough access to foam the underside of the floor and not enough access
to apply poly on all of the ground and up the skirting.

The City inspector is “happy” with whatever improvement we can make.

In General questions | Asked By Joel Katz | Jun 15 09
1 Answer

With respect to exterior masonry chimneys, how do you insulate them to improve the overall thermal building envelope?

Without a fire going, the poorly insulating brick will suck heat out of the house, and when there is a fire going, insulation will allow more of this heat to flow into the house as opposed to merely heating the outdoors.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By David Bearg, PE, CIH | Jun 12 09
2 Answers

How can I quantify the heat loss of brick masonry fire place?

I am trying to convince the owners of a small 800 sq ft cottage that the existing brick fire place should be removed as it will always be an out of control heat and cold conductor along with moisture transference and hard to seal air gaps in damper and contact with the wood structure. Fire places are now illegal where the house is anyway so it will never be used as one.
A blower door and infrared shows the air infiltration but not the daily, seasonally, hot and cold and moisture fluctuations.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By terry nordbye | Mar 31 09
1 Answer

Are there any "greener" fire retardant coatings for solid wood?

I'm using solid wood as an interior surfacing material. I'm looking for a "best in class" fire retardant coating for situations that require a Class A or Class B fire rating. Are there any products considered to be less hazardous for the person applying them as well as better for the environment?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Erika Hanson | Jun 4 09
1 Answer

exposed foam in attic

In the photos of the Lemonister retroft it shows exposed foam in an attic used for storage? Doesn't the Mass building code require that exposed foams be covered with a thermal barrier?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Gerard Michney | Jun 8 09
2 Answers

What green materials are recommended for the ceiling of a screened porch?

A deck being converted to screened porch. Client wants green products as possible, including porch ceiling.

In Green products and materials | Asked By tiffani irwin | Jun 8 09
4 Answers

Dow Tuff-R vs, Sturdy-R

I am planning on wrapping a home with rigid foam before I apply exterior siding, actually cement fiber. I will use a air space between the foam and the siding via strapping.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Steve Greenberg | May 27 09
1 Answer

Do you have any information comparing the energy efficiency of conventional homes to "Green Built" Homes?

I am currently working on a home that will be both Leed Platnum and NAHB Emerald. The construction financing is now being secured, and we are working with an appraiser. He would like to have more infomation about the enery comparisons to conventional construction, I know there have been some statistics done in Seattle but have not been able to find them.
Do you have any information energy comparisons, or other statistics such as length of time on the market and sale price that would help the appraiser to value home correctly?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Garrett Strong | Jun 4 09
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