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2 Answers

NESEA Open House turnout?

Anyone host or attend a NESEA Green Buildings Open House event today? We did with one of our clients - the turnout was much better than expected, and I heard similar reports from other sites in southern Maine. Hopefully a good indicator of rising interest in energy efficient buildings.

In General questions | Asked By Dan Kolbert | Oct 2 10
13 Answers

Looking for a window resource

I'm researching windows for our new home and don't feel "equipped" to respond intelligently when talking to suppliers/contractors who don't necessarily agree with my ideas. Our home is a passive solar design and we hope to build the structure close to Passive House specifications.

Here are some of the questions/comments I have heard:

-"Why not go with Andersen, Marvin, or Pella? They have local sales and service..."

In Green products and materials | Asked By Michael Schonlau | Oct 3 10
8 Answers

Latest news about hot window reflections causing problems

Many GBA readers have probably been following the story about how sunlight reflecting off windows can melt vinyl siding.

A recent news story highlights the latest problem from window reflections: sunlight reflecting off the windows of a new high-rise Las Vegas hotel is reportedly melting plastic garbage bags and causing severe burns to hotel guests sunbathing at the hotel pool. That's scary.

The news story has a catchy headline:

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Martin Holladay | Sep 30 10
5 Answers

EEBA conference...?

Just came across info on this conference, and wondering if anyone here has comments on the organization or the program.


In General questions | Asked By David Meiland | Oct 1 10
11 Answers

Unvented cathedral ceiling

I've read some of the other threads about this but since they didn't quite answer the questions I had, I posted this.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John W | Sep 27 10
11 Answers

Aluminum Siding

I'm wondering where aluminum siding fits into green building?

On the plus side aluminum is long-lasting, recyclable, weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and easy to install.

On the minus side I suspect it has high embodied energy, and many may not like its looks (though surely it's no worse than vinyl).

In Green products and materials | Asked By John Hess | Sep 30 10
6 Answers

Should we use fiberglass blue board?

We are building a really tight home... It will be net zero and LEED Platinum. Our architect and builder have different views on whether to use the fiberglass blueboard or not (one says it retards mold, but the other says that it’s a non-issue and will cost us an extra $10K unnecessarily). Would love to get your opinion and reasoning. Thank you!

In Green products and materials | Asked By Karen Miller | Sep 30 10
6 Answers

Chainsaw retrofit: a time-lapse video on YouTube

I recently received an e-mail from superinsulation pioneer Harold Orr. The e-mail included a link to a YouTube video showing time-lapse photography of the first day of work on a chainsaw retrofit in Saskatoon.

The video is a lot of fun to watch. As far as I can tell, they actually used a chainsaw to cut off the roof overhangs. (It looks like a Poulan chainsaw.)

Here's the link:

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Martin Holladay | Sep 29 10
14 Answers

How many people e-mailed you the Times article today?

I'm up to 3 so far and the night is young.

In case you haven't seen it - http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/26/business/energy-environment/26smart.ht...

In PassivHaus | Asked By Dan Kolbert | Sep 26 10
21 Answers

Controlling Humidity in unfinished block wall basement by using sealant

I have an 1100 sq ft basement in Atlanta GA and I am looking to reduce the need for my current dehumidifier. The house is about 26 years old and it is a two story with front and sides brick. I have a 65 pint dehumidifier unit that I currently empty every day. I wanted to use a product such as "dry loc" on the inside of the block walls in hopes it would reduce the humidity permeating from the block walls. I have routed all the gutters away from the house and sealed all the air leaks in the walls with mortar and concrete sealant.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Scott Razzino | Sep 26 10
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