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3 Answers

What is the most current "best practice" solution to the type of underlayment between SIP and the selected siding.

The standard 7/16" OSB sheathing on the SIP panel is bound to be moisture sensitive. What is the most effective underlayment or barrier to ensure adequate air flow between the selected siding and the SIP unit? Also: Which siding options (vinyl, cement board, etc.)can be fastened effectively to the OSB, given the absence of studs in the structure, which, if they existed would provide addequate support for applying almost any type of siding.

In Green building techniques | Asked By norman solomon | May 5 09
2 Answers

anyone have a good detail for insulating a knee wall?

anyone have a good detail for insulating a knee wall?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By mike keesee | Apr 30 09
1 Answer

Is ginkgo heartwood rot/termite resistant?

I have some ginkgo tree that was felled naturally, it has been milled and air dryed for over a year. Can I use it for a fencing project? Is sassafras rot resistant?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Stefan Rumancik | May 1 09
2 Answers

Vegetative roof assembly details

I am searching for the drawing details for a vegetative roof assembly. Are there any drawings on the site that I can use. I searched through the roof assembly details and I did not find any. Am I looking in the right place? Thanks for your help.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Edward Palma | Apr 30 09
0 Answers

I am searching for living gable roof best practices or materials for steeper sloped roofs.

I am looking for green or living roofs techniques for residential housing with steeper slopes of 4:12 to 6:12. I am aware of what is available for commercial buildings, however most systems are designed for 2:12 slopes or less. I am looking for best practices or products that incorpernate a steeper slope application. I am building in the midwest,climate zone 5.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Brian Fitzgerald | Apr 30 09
4 Answers

Reducing heat loss and moisture in a stone basement

I'm more concerned with moisture than I am with heat loss. I have a full basement in my 140-year-old house. The floor is crumbling concrete; the walls are limestone up to grade and brick above that. I've gone around the sills, doors, and windows with spray foam and taken care of much of the air infiltration. I still need to deal with getting gutters to drain farther from the foundation and I could stand to do some grading around the house. The yard is pretty much flat but it wouldn't be too much trouble to drain gutters to nearby hills. The soil is coarse sand.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Rob Wotzak | Apr 25 09
2 Answers

Are there any high-efficiency oil burners that will burn pure biodiesel as well as the biodoesel blends?

Are there any high-efficiency oil burners that will burn pure biodiesel as well as the biodoesel blends?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Edward Palma | Apr 25 09
2 Answers

Advice for a Green Electrician?

I got a question from an electrician the other day, "What can I do to be a green electrician?"

Off the top of my head, I said:
1. Become well acquainted with energy saving switches for lights, fans, and heating/cooling equipment. Also learn about wireless switches for remodeling and programmable thermostats.

2. Learn how to pull wire through SIPs and ICFs as well as how to deal with spray foam insulation in framing cavities.

3. Don't complain about doing things differently. Look for opportunities to learn new tricks and set yourself apart from Bubba.

In General questions | Asked By Daniel Morrison | Apr 26 09
4 Answers

Need a green Kazoo

Remember Kazoo from the Flintstones cartoons? He hovered over Fred's shoulder and helped him out with advice. That's what I need now, but in the form of a green building expert. My family and I are planning to build a new home - what we hope will be the home are children grow up in and move out from. We're looking at the long haul, so we want to make some good choices when it comes to our building envelope, heating and cooling, renewable energy, and various other "foundational" building aspects.

In Project management | Asked By Michael Schonlau | Apr 15 09
3 Answers

Open Cell vrs. Closed, where to draw the line

Here in NC we generally spray 8" to 12" of open cell insulation, generally Demelec or Icenene, on the underside of our roof deck. I am constantly asked about closed cell vrs. open cell and what are the considerations that would make one or the other preferable.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Michael Chandler | Feb 7 09
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