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1 Answer

Finger-jointed poplar: offgassing?

About to trim out an entire house. I have the option of clear poplar and finger jointed poplar. My house is tight, and I have been careful about not ousting mdf for off gassing reasons. The finger jointed poplar is nice because it comes in 16 foot lengths, and it is a little cheaper. I imagine a little greener because it is helping use up scrap wood. My question... Is there any concern of off gassing, similar to mdf?

In General questions | Asked By Dean Sandbo | Mar 22 17
9 Answers

Canned spray foam: a reliable air seal?

Simple question, folks ... Canned spray foam is widely used to seal between a window frame and it's rough opening and around all sorts of envelope penetrations. But are canned spray foams open or closed cell? Does this vary by product? And if they're open cell (my hunch based on stated R values), then are they reliable air barriers if they're less than 3.5 to 5.5 inches thick? See ...


In Green products and materials | Asked By William Costello | Mar 19 17
5 Answers

Tankless water heater AFTER my tank?

I have a Rheem Marathon and do not want to replace it. However, we occasionally run out of hot water when we have company. This is rare, but inconvenient. Here is my quandry:

In General questions | Asked By Emil Mackey | Mar 21 17
5 Answers

HVAC ducting - Climate Zone 7a

The house is 40 year old bungalow with heated basement. It has an older 80% efficiency forced air natural gas furnace with an input BTU/hr 88,000 and output BTU/hr 71,000 with 1400 CFM.

The living room is 268 sqft and is ~24% of the total volume of the main floor, which is open plan so it is connected to the dining room (268 srft) and kitchen (137 sqft), each being ~12% of tot vol, respectively. The living room is at grade level with 9.3' high ceilings, compared to the rest of the main floor that has 8' height ceilings and is ~2' above grade.

In Mechanicals | Asked By user-6759891 | Mar 19 17
10 Answers

Whole House Fan with Blown in Cellulose Insulation

I have been working on installing attic baffles in my attic in preparation to blow in cellulose insulation to a height of 18" to achieve ~R60 for the majority of the attic. Per my calculations and manufacturer specs, my attic has 14 square feet of net free exhaust area 50 feet of ridge vent and 18 soffit vents.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Josh Z | Mar 18 17
10 Answers

Saving a wet crawlspace

Hello All.

I am a long time fan of Fine Home Building, and have been a practicing contractor for the last 5 years here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have been asked by a client of mine to try and address a moisture issue in the crawl space of their home here in Halifax.

In General questions | Asked By Nick Rudnicki | Mar 19 17
1 Answer

T&G cathedral ceiling air barrier question

We are located in the Finger lakes region of NY and are considering T&G cathedral ceiling. Roof assembly would be Zip Roof Sheathing, un-vented roof with 7" of closed cell foam (R-49). I found a company that uses Lapolla Foam Lok 2000 4G foam with climate-friendly blowing agents. Based on this assembly, I am assuming that I would not need a dry wall layer under the T&G; am I correct?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Nina Saeli | Mar 20 17
8 Answers

Starting point for affordable triple-glazed windows?

Hi guys, we are building in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 1250 square-foot oneday retirment house with a small loft. We haven't solidified any details yet but are shooting for a pretty good house.

In Green products and materials | Asked By John Williams | Mar 18 17
19 Answers

Solid Concrete vs Cement Block Foundation

My husband and I are starting construction on a home in the Central New York Finger lakes region this summer. We plan to GC the project ourselves. We are seasoned project managers (40 years between the two of us) just none of it in construction. We have some type of experience in just about every facet of interior finishing, but not much regarding the building assembly and foundation. There are a ton of decisions to be made, and being the detailed/anal retentive person, I am trying to learn what I need to know to make those decisions wisely.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Nina Saeli | Mar 13 17
11 Answers

Carapace Heat-Line freeze protection for off-grid water lines

To answer Malcolm's question (in my other thread about multipoint foundation systems) about how to go about freeze protecting the water and sewer pipes that will be servicing my off grid cabin I think the solution is the "Carapace Heating Water Pipe".


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Scott Wilson | Mar 12 17
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