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4 Answers

What type of rigid foam is best for under siding?

We are removing the existing siding down to the diagonal board sheathing. We are making some necessary repairs at this area where windows have leaked, then covering with Grace Vyncor env-s self-adhering housewrap. This seamed to be a good choice to seal all the gaps between the boards. All penetrations are flashed to this level. Then we plan to install 1" foam panels with seams taped, 7/16" Zip panel strips for a rainscreen, then LP Smartside lap siding. We plan to use foil faced poly iso board. Is this a good choice?

In Green building techniques | Asked By mike labesky | May 26 15
4 Answers

Prepping a basement foundation for finished basement down the road

We are looking to finish the basement of our 100yr old house in a few years. I know there are some potential moisture issues with the rubble foundation. We usually experience some flaking during the spring thaw. My thoughts on repairing the foundation is to have the interior and exterior reparged / repaired before we even consider any waterproofing.

One that is done, should we give it a year before we invest in waterproofing or can we do that after its hardened (after 28 days)?

In General questions | Asked By Mike Tew | May 26 15
7 Answers

New high-rise condos

I read about a large scale high-rise condos being built in downtown Phoenix. What I was surprised at was there is nothing mentioned about energy efficiency. We are talking Arizona and no solar panels are being used to offset the electricity. There is no LEED certification being sought. Nothing about how energy efficient the building will or will not be.


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Peter L | May 24 15
6 Answers

Loud popping in ceiling or attic since newer insulation and roof

We live in the northwest. In the winter there is no noise. As soon as it starts to warm up there are very loud popping noises that sound like they are coming from the attic or ceiling. Wondering about heat in the attic. Workers said there is a lot of insulation - not sure what kind.

Any ideas what to investigate?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By M Miles | May 20 15
3 Answers

Passive solar orientation and shade-free zone


I am writing to double-check my thinking on our passive solar building orientation and a shade free zone.

Next week a surveyor will stake out the building layout for our 1,100 sq foot passive solar home at 46 degrees N in Minnesota.

The structure's southerly, solar-gain wall will be oriented at 210 degrees (30 degrees W of true south). Solar studies I have done show that we will get good sun light penetration into the structure during the winter with this orientation.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Randy Bunney | May 13 15
8 Answers

Critique for gut-job re-do — insulation


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brian Greul | May 11 15
2 Answers

Pan heater on Mitsubishi minisplit?


I have installed MSZ-FH09NA/MUZ-FH09NA. The supply house told me these units do not come with pan heater which should be used in cold climates like NH. However, my unit is raised 16 inches of the ground and it's located under our porch and it's protected from snow.

Do I still need to install these pan heaters or I can go without them?


In Mechanicals | Asked By Alex Frost | May 24 15
1 Answer

Adding a porch to a TJI Klingenberg wall

I'm trying to detail adding a porch with roof to a wall with 9 1/2" TJIs (full of cellulose) outside the 2x4 structural wall. The Tji's are not structural but I hesitate to bring the structure through the insulation layer to lag into the 2x4 wall. The loads are not huge but include snow load. The porch is only 7' deep. any suggestions?

In PassivHaus | Asked By Robert Swinburne | May 24 15
4 Answers

Oversize HVAC

Hi all,

I am building a home to be as energy efficient as my budget allows, so it will be air tight with higher insulation etc. The home is a total of about 6000sf and is a ranch with basement in the midwest. I am now looking at my HVAC bids but noticed that some of the bids have over sized HVAC systems. The bids include a 5 ton ac 20seer unit, a 110k BTU 98% furnace, ERV fresh air system, and humidifier/dehumidifier.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By D L | May 23 15
3 Answers

Membrane in unvented roof

I am installing 1x6 T&G boards above my 2x8 rafers in an addition cathedral ceiling project. I plan to follow with a layer of 5/8" plywood (for roof structure), and 6 inches of polyiso above that.

In General questions | Asked By Harold Orozco | Apr 30 15
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