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4 Answers

Are all subfloors safe for your health?

A mold remediation company put down Fiberlock IAQ 6000 (mold resistant coating) a week ago and I've been having throat irritation ever sense and found out there are 2 carcinogens in it. So, I'm thinking of just having the Subfloor replaced when I have the hardwood floor reinstalled. See attached pic.

I'm very sensitive to chemicals... Are certain subfloors safer than others? Thanks!

In Green products and materials | Asked By Masb H | Apr 19 17
14 Answers

Fujitsu Heat Pumps cause weird sound in breaker box and exhaust fan


Weird issue I'm experiencing and this obviously isn't an electrical forum but I wondered if there was enough mini split installations here that someone else may have experienced this...

The weather is turning warmer in Zone 4A so I am turning out my Fujitsu mini split heat pump A/C for the first time since our house has been under construction, and I noticed a weird sound coming from my whispergreen bath fan. It is hard to describe, but it is like an electrical hum similar to a flourescent light ballast. The sound gets louder when you actually turn the fan on.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Clay Whitenack | Apr 17 17
27 Answers

Cedar shingles directly over rigid

Has anyone experienced any issues w/ installing cedar shingles directly over 1" rigid and nailed back to 1/2" sheathing behind the rigid? Any movement to the shingles? Is it necessary to install a building wrap or felt b/w the shingles and rigid assuming the rigid has taped seams?

Dow recommends wood sheathing or furring strips over the rigid, but not sure if this is necessary with 1" of foam.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Chris | Apr 14 10
6 Answers

Lime in hydronic system

Our low-temperature 9-year-old hydronic heating system, which uses city water in a closed loop with panel radiators, has been accumulating some kind of minerals in a sand-like form. They particularly collect inside the mini flow-meters built into a recently-installed Viega manifold, sometimes clogging them. Possible solutions I've considered include:

1. Flushing the system thoroughly.

2. Using some of the magic chemicals sold for hydronic systems, including cleaning solutions and lime-scale/corrosion prevention solutions.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Charlie Sullivan | Apr 17 17
7 Answers

Vaulted ceiling air barrier

I'm having the shell of a house built for dear old Mom, and have to stay within the building program of the contractor until everything is dried in.
The main area is vaulted with scissor trusses and I saw how Hammer and Hand in Portland placed a strip of plywood on top of the top plates, sheathed the ceiling in OSB and taped the seams for an air barrier.

In General questions | Asked By Mark Walker | Apr 11 17
6 Answers

Neoprene vs. EPDM sill sealer?

I've been looking comparing the two types of rubber to use for sill sealer. Everyone seems to recommend EPDM gaskets from Conservation Technology. All I need is a flat tool (without the raised edges that Conservation Technology offers).

Are there any drawbacks to neoprene?

Where are some other places to buy?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Grey Wolf | Apr 17 17
23 Answers

"Utility Score" is now showing up in Colorado MLS searches

Finally there is a pretty good way for house hunters to evaluate the energy efficiency of homes that are on the market.

I love the fact that the rating is in dollars per month, the only metric that is meaningful to the average homebuyer. Smaller homes have a lower bill, as expected.

Do any other states have this yet?


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Kevin Dickson, MSME | Apr 8 17
3 Answers

Moisture barrier between crawl space and seasonal living space

Our 50 year old 3 season cottage (Kincardine Ontario) on the shore of Lake Huron is uninsulated and closed from mid October to mid April. In the summer time it is pretty much wide open except when the rain and wind are blowing sideways.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Grant Robinson | Apr 13 17
22 Answers

Remodel in southern NH

Having started down this path in RI a couple of years ago and pulled the plug we're now about to purchase a 1600 sq/ft gambrel style home in southern NH and do some remodelling.

It's a 1986 construction, 2x6 exterior walls (presumably with batt insulation), original wood framed double pane windows, vinyl siding, oil fired baseboard heat, no A/C, electric hot water. I'm planning a phased remodel, starting with re-doing the kitchen and half bath on the 1st floor as soon as we get the keys.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Ben Balcombe | Mar 6 17
3 Answers

Permanent wood foundation (PWF) backfill height?

All the documentation I've found on PWF basements never shows insulation under the slab floor. The allowed back fill heights are always referenced to the bottom of the bottom plate of the wall which coincidentally is the bottom of the slab.

If under slab insulation is installed after the perimeter PWF walls are in place, the slab will be raised by the thickness of the insulation. With under-slab insulation is the backfill height the height above the slab bottom? or the bottom of the bottom plate?

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Jerry Liebler | Apr 17 17
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