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3 Answers

How does ambient temperature affect wetting/drying cycles?

Hello GBA pros & community! I've been a lurker around here for awhile, but this is my first post. I'm enclosing a timber-frame in southeastern Manitoba (climate zone 7A), and plan to build a vented roof assembly with dense-packed cellulose insulation. For reference, the specific assembly I have in mind is as follows, from the inside:

-timber rafters
-1x6 T&G pine ceiling
-ice & water shield (interior air-barrier, class I vapour retarder, and temporary rain protection for the timber-frame)
-18" deep non-structural 'trusses' dense-packed with cellulose

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Benjamin Pries | Mar 22 17
8 Answers

Reclaimed and factory second rigid foam

I have seen a couple of recommendations here and there on obtaining reclaimed rigid foam. One post actually mentioned the Syracuse area, close to where I live, so I checked craigslist as they suggested and sure enough there was--new, reclaimed and factory second rigid foam.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Nina Saeli | Mar 16 17
4 Answers

Therma-tru Door Configuration

I've seen recommendations for Therma-Tru doors with their Multi-Point Locking System as a reasonably priced energy-efficient 8' entry door.. For anyone who has gone this route, would you be willing to share how you configured your doors? They have a lot of options for sills, corner pads, weatherstripping, etc. I'm curious what other folks have purchased, and what seems to have worked well.

My house will be in zone 5 near Rochester, NY. My doors will be in-swing to keep snow from blocking the door.



In Green products and materials | Asked By John Ranson | Mar 24 17
14 Answers

Saving a wet crawlspace

Hello All.

I am a long time fan of Fine Home Building, and have been a practicing contractor for the last 5 years here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have been asked by a client of mine to try and address a moisture issue in the crawl space of their home here in Halifax.

In General questions | Asked By Nick Rudnicki | Mar 19 17
1 Answer

Taping a SIP seam that lands on a rafter

I attended a home show recently and spoke with a SIP manufacturer (a reputable one) and asked them how they handle the internal taping of two SIP seams that land on a rafter. For structural purposes, obviously, one would want the seams of a SIP to land on a rafter.

They said, they typically do only an external spline on these seams and then drill holes every 6" and shoot foam into the cavity (from the exterior) and then I would tape too.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John Brown | Mar 26 17
1 Answer

Energy efficient attic exhaust fan?

Where could I find an energy efficient roof exhaust fan. I have power in the attic so no need for solar. The attic temperature in the summer is well above the outside temps. I presently have ventilation along the ridge and some under the eves.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By housenerd | Mar 25 17
5 Answers

Replacement boiler sizing based on past usage

I'm looking for some reassurance and validation before I pull the trigger on an expensive purchase.

I currently have a 40+ year old, 137,000 BTUh oil boiler that is getting long in the tooth due to substantial corrosion. I have done many efficiency upgrades to my home. I am very interested in replacing the boiler with an electric boiler as the boiler I have now short cycles since I have improved the efficiency of the home so much.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Efficiency Fan | Mar 23 17
7 Answers

PV panels on the roof or in the yard?

I am in the process of designing a new house and I am trying to decide whether or not to place the PV panels on the roof or in the yard. I would assume it is more cost efficicent to have the panels installed on the roof by avoiding pouring the concrete pad and having the power trench ran to the panels. I have not started getting price quotes for either system as of yet but I am hoping to get into that soon. I would just like to make a decision as to where I want the panels to go first. One side of the roof of the house will be facing southwest.

In General questions | Asked By user-6801629 | Mar 24 17
2 Answers

ERVs and dusty homes

Do ERVs work well in dusty homes?

I'm building in the country in a windy field. I have have 200lbs of pets, and they kick up a lot of fur and dust. The return on the forced air system at my old place clogged up quite quickly, and that was with a big, deep filter.

I'm concerned that the little filters (or the cores) in an ERV or HRV will clog up and make the airflow imbalanced. If I would end up with a chronically imbalanced system, would I be better going exhaust only?


In Mechanicals | Asked By John Ranson | Mar 25 17
4 Answers

2 layers vs 1 of outsulation?

Greetings from Fort Worth, TX!

We are finalizing our house layout and I have been looking into various wall systems. I've about settled on 2x6 advanced framing dense packed - Zip Wall or OSB with Wrap - 2" foil faced iso tapped.

This should give me roughly a R-25 wall.

My question is; not including labor, material cost is roughly 50% higher to do two layers of 1" vs 1 layer of 2". If I have a WRB and air barrier under the foam is it really necessary to have two layers?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Adam Fuller | Mar 24 17
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