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6 Answers

Whole house dehumidifier - where to install?

I am currently building a 2 story, 5400 sq ft home in Alabama where humidity is often high. We will install a whole house dehumidifier ("WHD") as part of the HVAC system. We will have 3 HVAC units (2 and 3 ton down, 2 ton up with variable speed air handlers and 2 stage compressors). The installer is proposing to install one WHD (for entire house) on the larger of the downstairs unit which is also the unit that will control the kitchen and great room areas. The master bedroom/bath and another downstairs bedroom/bath will be on the other HVAC unit (no dehumidifier).

In Mechanicals | Asked By Richard Marks | Feb 14 17
1 Answer

Can anyone comment on the performance of the Rehau 4700 Geneo insulated uPVC window and door extrusions?

Can anyone comment on the performance of the Rehau 4700 Geneo insulated uPVC window and door extrusions that are manufactured by Wasco Windows in Wisconsin? They are apparently PassivHaus Certified. Are also triple glazed.

I am planning on building a Certified PassivHaus as well as Net Zero. Also want to use Quadblock ICF for the construction of the envelope.
Part of the design will have a full basement and two doors connecting to the garage. House is located in Ontario , Canada.
Any comments?
Thanks, Andy

In PassivHaus | Asked By Andreas Voura | Feb 15 17
26 Answers

Getting an accurate price to build

Greetings! This is my first post on the forum; thanks in advance for the help. We are in the early stages of planning our new custom home (in Tucson, AZ, similar climate to Phoenix, so hot and dry with cooler nights). I'm just a person (not an architect, builder, or real estate professional), but have done a lot of research and have done a lot of DIY remodeling in the past.
We've met with two builders so far and neither interaction was the great. I'm looking for advice on how to salvage either relationship or how to avoid these mistakes for the next builder I talk to.

In Project management | Asked By Lisa Mason | Feb 12 17
6 Answers

Question on ballpark renovation costs

I know it varies and there are a lot of variables, however.....
Anyone give me a ballpark cost to totally gut my 1 1/2 story , 2 bedroom cape cod style house? Everyroom except the only bathroom, upstairs?
It is 850 square feet, and I am looking to have all drywall replaced, baseboards, trim, ceilings. In the kitchen, when gutted, I might as well have new cabinets, counter, and back splash, with middle grade cabinets, no granite, etc.. currently there are only 7 uppers, and 5 lowers (cabinets).

In General questions | Asked By Dave Mac | Feb 14 17
2 Answers

Open cell vs. closed cell for hot roof in Florida

I just bought a 25 year old home in Jacksonville. 2 Story framed home off grade. We are considering replacing the fiberglass insulation in the attic with spray foam on the underside of the roof sheathing. My goal is to move make the attic more of conditioned space because 1) the air handler and all the A/C ducts are in the attic 2) We're just finishing install a number of recessed cans in second floor ceiling.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Paul Tasillo | Feb 14 17
11 Answers

Questions about furnace air returns

Regarding furnace air returns.
1. Can I get central air installed, have a gas forced air furnace?
2. Would I benefit from fresher air in the home if I had an air exchanger installed?

House built 1920, had coal furnace, converted to gas, had the big octopus in the basement with gravity heat.
Because of that only one duct upstairs in hallway,
None in 2 bedrooms, doors were kept open.
Only one return in living room floor.

Have had forced air furnace for 17 years, live in a electric municipality where electric rates are low, 20-30/month.

In General questions | Asked By Dave Mac | Feb 12 17
10 Answers

Metal standing-seam hot roof

Hi I'm building a new home for our family and wanted to run our roof design by you as my concern is moisture/ condensation. Essentially we have 2x12 members on a low-sloped 2 5/8" over 12 large 3500 square foot roof. I'm planning on insulating with 7" of closed cell (More if recommended) and no vapor barrier because of closed cell not needing it. The roof deck will be covered with Ice and Water HT and then have a standing seam metal roof installed on top of the ice and water. We are located in Massachusetts. One debate is do i use CDX , OSB Standard or advantech.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Michael Carreiro | Feb 12 17
4 Answers

How do I insulate an unsheathed exterior wall that has 6" stone veneer?


I am in the process of renovating a 1920 bungalow in Kansas City, MO., zone 4 or 5. I wish to make it as tight and efficient as possible, maybe even net-zero with a 6.3 KW grid tied PV system. I have it gutted now as the combination of neglect, a failed tile roof and unique original construction shortcomings made saving any of the interior impossible.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Jim Gottsch | Feb 13 17
14 Answers

GBA blog dated 2015: "How to Insulate a Foundation"

I've read many articles from various reputable sources as well as this one from GBA http://bit.ly/2lAt69b and I have a follow up question...

Martin, you've recently replied to my retrofitting basement questions regarding insulating a 1974 bungalow in climate zone 7a, so thank you.

In General questions | Asked By Todd | Feb 10 17
1 Answer

Stone veneer or XPS?

Question I am building new house and have XPS 2" on exterior on foundation wall running below grade and above grade was wondering if anyone can give me some Technique
Was thinking about using a stone veneer on the concrete that is above grade anyone that I ask says need to remove the xps from the foundation wall on exterior to attach stone veneer question is there a way to attach stone veneer leaving xps on wall Thank you

In General questions | Asked By Boris Rubinstein | Feb 14 17
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