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2 Answers

Minisplit heat pump condenser in the attic?

Can I put the condenser in the attic?

In General questions | Asked By Anthony Musso | Jan 20 14
4 Answers

Is whole house radiant floor heating effective in the real world?

Is whole house radiant floor heating effective in the real world?

Calling out to homeowners with radiant floor heating...

I am looking at constructing a new home in New England, specifically the metro Boston area. A large house approx 4,500 sq ft on 3 floors, I would like to use radiant floor heating throughout, mainly for comfort but secondarily for hopefully lower energy bills.

The house would be well insulated and my concern is that I am hearing of issues of radiant heat and well insulated homes.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Pawan Bajaj | Jan 19 14
24 Answers

How can I best retrofit and insulate an existing cathedral ceiling?

Hi Gentlemen/women:

Thanks for this excellent blog. I have a 22 year old home with a "great room" and cathedral ceiling. From inside it is v-groove pine, probably no taped sheetrock beneath but I wasn't around when it was built, and 12 inch fiberglass with kraft paper. (It has the built up/down rafters you have mentioned). There is a vented area above fiberglass, probably about an inch and a half (soffit and roof vents; there are a couple of dormers). One can see ice and icecles on the roof, and the place takes alot of wood (and propane) to heat. Oh, I'm in northern Vermont, zone 6.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Howard Gentler | Jan 4 14
2 Answers

Partial retrofit?

First, thanks to everyone for all of the advice and knowledge I've received here. This site and the forums are excellent.

I am the homeowner - knowledgeable, some prior construction experience, but not expert.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By J Eringis | Jan 15 14
9 Answers

Minisplit air handling

I have a new home now for 8 months that has 3 stories and 1 mini split unit on each floor. I have noticed that there is an abnormally large amounts of dust in the home. I had an idea that this dust was from not having enough air movement in the home. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions when using mini split systems?

In Mechanicals | Asked By Jon Lane | Jan 15 14
4 Answers

Moisture above roof sheathing

We just removed some very old insulation from between the rafters of our attic ceiling. Between the sheathing boards there is moisture (beads of water) on the underside of the tar paper (see photo). The board shows signs of moisture damage. In other cracks in the sheathing, the tar paper is completely dry. It was 30-32F at the time, attic is unheated (but obviously slightly warmer than outside temp). This morning there was frost on the roof.

In General questions | Asked By Hari Kamboji | Jan 18 14
10 Answers

Seeking advice on siding and moisture...

I recently noted moisture on the interior of my plywood sheathing in cold winter weather (doing a wiring repair that had me access the interior wall). This is probably not surprising. I am in cold zone 6 and have standard wall structure of about 35 years ago; -sheetrock, 3.5" fiberglass with either kraft or foil facing stapled on to studs, plywood sheathing, a building paper/wrap (Tyvek, I think), and then cedar shingles at 5" exposure, stained. It did not appear the sheathing was much along toward rotting though, fortunately, but that was just one area.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Howard Gentler | Jan 17 14
0 Answers

Cellulose for Sound Proofing

Our small house will have the kids bedrooms directly above the living area and our bedroom. I'm considering cellulose between floors for sound proofing. I will have one mini split head down and one up. i do plan to leave the doors open during the day. Will the cellulose have a negative impact on the ability of the splits to condition the whole house? Without the cellulose between floors, I assume air infiltration might help evenly distribute the conditioned air. Will I be making a mistake with the cellulose?



In General questions | Asked By Andre Jones | Jan 18 14
0 Answers

Best externally vented microhood for an electric range?

I want an externally vented microhood for my electric range. I know the Broan 40000 series is a recommended under cabinet model, but can you recommend a microwave/hood combo?



In Mechanicals | Asked By Andre Jones | Jan 18 14
4 Answers

What is best most reliable whole-house tankless water heater?

What is the best most reliable tankless whole-house water heater?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Lissette Rodriguez | Nov 29 13
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