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1 Answer

Can this product be used over an exterior brick wall?

I am planning an expansion of my bedroom and there are two existing brick covered wallls and I will be adding two conventional SIPs walls and a SIPs roof.to complete the room with the exisitng walls. The walls to be covered are 16 feet and 22 feet. I haven't measured the height yet.

In Green building techniques | Asked By JOHN HAWTHORNE | May 9 14
1 Answer

... quiet floors ...

Home Depot just substituted our order of 1000 sq ft of db4looring with a product called Floor Muffler and told my sub there is no difference. I looked up the MSDS and find that 100 sq ft roll of db4looring weighs 75 lbs while 100 sq ft of Floor Muffler weighs under 4 lbs. Yes, less than 4 lbs. I did a double take too.

In Interior design | Asked By flitch plate | May 9 14
1 Answer

Cascadia vs. Geisler windows: How should we decide?

Geisler is less expensive but made in Poland so warranty response could be very complex. Cascadia is made in British Columbia and I live in Washington state. Any opinions on quality/experience with these companies?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Jacque Hyler | May 9 14
2 Answers

Rigid foam on the exterior of a house

If I am planning on using 2 inches of foil faced polysio on the exterior of a house am I better of using two layers of 1 inch foam so that I can stagger the seams?

Thanks for your comments

In Green building techniques | Asked By Randy Mason | May 9 14
2 Answers

Is this insulation plan any good?

Here's what my builder is proposing:
R-21 High Density batts covered with .003 plastic for all 2x6 sidewalls.
R- 49 17” fiberglass blown in house ceiling.
R-15 for garage stud walls.
R-19 7’’ blown in garage ceiling.
R-21 Kraft batts for basement stud walls.
Cell foam around all penetrations and box seal.
Tyvek building wrap exterior walls.

I think the 3 mil plastic on the exterior walls is a vapor barrier required by code.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By tim evans | May 9 14
27 Answers

Recommendations for insulating existing space over garage with a cathedral ceiling

I live in Massachusetts (Zone 5A) and have some space over the garage that I would like to finish as an office. The space has a sloped roof with 2x8 rafters, with soffit vents and a ridge vent (but no existing insulation). I'll be adding some 5 foot kneewalls and a ceiling, leaving about 4-5 feet of cathedral ceiling between the two.

What are my options for insulating the space? I have looked at closed cell insulation but quotes have come in at about $5-6K to insulate the entire roof deck (no venting). So I'm looking for cheaper alternatives.

I am thinking this (outside in):

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Andrew K | Oct 4 13
0 Answers

Aquapol for rising damp

Has anyone know if the product Aquapol works for rising damp?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Gayle Pound | May 9 14
27 Answers

Best options for replacing oil-fired steam radiator system in a 1850s home?

I just purchased a large multistory brick home built around 1850, located in Frederick, MD, and would like to replace the existing oil-fired boiler steam radiator system and electric AC system with a better arrangement to save money and safety.

There are two electric units currently; one in the basement serving the first floor and one in the walk-up attic serving the second floor. So far we are considering two new 16-SEER, 5-ton heat pump units but I am curious if you had any better suggestions. Any insight and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Joe Schmo | Apr 30 14
3 Answers

is there something i can insulate my floor with?

Our house is pier and beam. I am about to refloor a room with pallet planks. I was wondering if there was something i could lay between the subfloor osb and the new flooring i will be installing that will act as an insulation.

In General questions | Asked By Colton Cantwell | May 7 14
26 Answers

Any good heat recovery options for dryer and range hood exhaust?

I saw mention of this in another question/answer session, but would like to hear more.
Any way to use Heat Recovery Ventilator for dryer exhaust?-Thanks.

In PassivHaus | Asked By matt berges | Nov 26 10
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