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6 Answers

Vapor-open insulation systems?

We have are trying to insulate a historic masonry townhouse and extererior insulation is not an option.

In PassivHaus | Asked By Daniel Herskowitz | Jul 13 13
3 Answers

EPDM Tape Gaskets

I'm looking for a recommendation from GBA readers on a single sided tape gasket (probably EPDM?) to be used in the airtight drywall approach. I like Conservation Technology's drywall gasket but I figure an adhesived backed gasket would go up quicker than stapling. Does anyone have a suggestion of a high quality, durable air sealing tape gasket?


In Green products and materials | Asked By Brian Beaulieu | Jul 23 13
13 Answers

Does anyone know a builder who can build this for me?

Since this is a green building forum I thought I post here

See pic below.
the bricks used are 'thermo blocks' however I can live with regular cinder block too.
basically we want 5-6" slab on each floor and a concrete pillar structure. unlike the example pic below, 2 floors is enough

Does anyone know a builder? Area: MD-VA-DC

Thanks a million!

In Green building techniques | Asked By Don J. | Jul 22 13
6 Answers

Energy conservation measures

Sir i am using eQuest simulation model and the building to which i am simulating is building block of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNICAL TRAINING RESEARCH CENTRE, SEC 26 CHANDIGARH IN COMPOSITE CLIMATE ,

SIR i want some recommendation regards the roof coating and insulation and also the change of glass i can recommend for it.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By ritu goyal | Jul 23 13
3 Answers

Application of redwood rainscreen (horizontal) on painted brick


My husband and I are researching the application of a rain screen (the horizontal siding you see in all the modern homes these days) on existing painted brick. Our home is made of solid brick and cinder block. It is painted a hideous color and we are in the process of having part of it stucco'd and a smaller portion that will go around a front door 'rain screened' with either a grade A redwood or Ipe.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Lisa Prescott | Jul 22 13
7 Answers

Gas cooktop: OK with exhaust-only ventilation?

First, I'm talking about a new house being planned for Zone 4 Marine climate. We're just about there with the design. My wife wants a gas cooktop. I want a simple energy-efficient house. It will be around 1850 sf, 3 BR, 2 BA. I'm not planning on being obsessive with the air sealing: probably will be ~3ACH50. Posts by Martin Holladay, Riversong, and AJ Builder, all people I trust, convince me that an exhaust-only ventilation system with Panasonic fans can work. And, of course, there are the houses by Carter Scott, as written up in the latest FH. Now comes my wife's beloved gas cooktop.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Gordon Taylor | Jul 22 13
2 Answers

Flooring on top of under-insulated slab

Our new home will have 2" of rigid foam under the basement slab and a poly vapour barrier. We are using cork plank flooring for 90% of the floors and tile in the washrooms. Given that the concrete itself contains moisture and the cork manufacturer states a vapour barrier must be used over concrete what is the most cost-effective method to install the flooring? I am considering a dimpled membrane like Delta FL and installing the cork directly over top or possibly 1" rigid foam and again installing directly over top.

In General questions | Asked By Shaun Malmo | Jul 23 13
7 Answers

Is radiant cooling a more efficient alternative to forced air?

I am planning to build a home in Phoenix, Arizona, and have been looking into creating ceiling tiles that act similar to radiant floor heating. From the information I've gathered humidity is a main reason against it. However Phoenix is very dry with a low dew point.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Daniel Houston | Jul 15 13
6 Answers

Supply-only whole house ventilation

All the whole house ventilation systems I read about are exhaust only. I am thinking about supply-only ventilation. Is there any reason not to do it this way?

In Mechanicals | Asked By Mark Thomas | Jul 1 13
7 Answers

Fasteners for mineral wool to foundation walls?

I am planning to insulate the exterior walls of a building with a walk-out basement. The building will have wood studs for the first floor and concrete walls for the basement.

Originally I was planning to use ICFs below grade and foam board above, but became concerned about possible damage by carpenter ants and the need to install gypsum board on the interior.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Stephen Martinson | Jul 16 13
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