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5 Answers

Is exterior insulation a bad idea for us?

We are doing a renovation where we have sprayed closed-cell polyurethane insulation into 4x4 stud cavities and sheathed the house with plywood. Now we're about to put 2" of rigid XPS insulation on top of the plywood. Is this a bad idea, or perhaps useless?

In General questions | Asked By Eric Trout | Mar 14 16
1 Answer

Steel roof is leaking

I posted a question earlier on how to clean and what products to use .I believe my answer was a little lacking, I'm not looking for a contractor just advise on what products to use it's not like i'm an invalid so anyone got any ideas henry solarshield has been used in the past looking for a better product

In General questions | Asked By Steven Montgomery | Mar 14 16
4 Answers

Detached garage ventilation?

I have a detached garage in climate zone 4A -- 3200 ft. elevation just outside of Asheville, NC

The garage is insulated / drywalled and has a very nice finished room above (hardwood floors, beadboard walls). Both rooms are insulated, but neither is conditioned.

The garage has windows on 3 sides and the finished room has windows on 2 sides.

I had always left the garage windows opened year round and finished room windows closed year round (unless occupied).

I have been told that I should keep the garage windows closed, particularly in the summer.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Andrew S | Mar 12 16
7 Answers

Wind-driven rain is penetrating through the sill during construction

Our windows have been installed with sills wrapped in tar paper and peel and stick, flange caulked and corners sealed and entire flange tuck taped. Exterior building wrap not yet installed as our sheathing inspection has been delayed. Over the past couple of days of strong wind/rain storms, water is penetrating through to the interior sills. Before we go any further, is this likely an issue with how the windows have been installed or will proper exterior rain screen solve this issue???

In Green building techniques | Asked By Frances Bucinel | Mar 13 16
7 Answers

Housewrap question.

I am in the process of building an all brick house and had intentions of buying a radiant barrier (Wraptor Plus) house warp for my house in Northern Arkansas (zone 4). The product I wanted was unavailable locally so I ordered it from a building supply store out of state. I made a mistake and ordered the wrong product (regular Wraptor), so now I have a cheap woven house wrap instead which is not what I want to install. The data sheet on what I have is at this link: http://www.insulationsolutions.com/content/pdfs/wraptor/data-sheet.pdf

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By J Lane | Mar 13 16
12 Answers

Heating and Insulation: A million different answers to the same questions

Hi all- I recently purchased a small Tudor (1300 sq ft.) built in the late 1920s on Long Island. You probably know where this is going, mostly un-insulated house with oil fired steam heat in need of upgrading. I'm luckier than most in that I have a heating contractor in the family who is going to help us with a gas conversion and switching away from steam. Everyone has a million different answers to the same questions all with different biases and I'm having a hard time sorting through it all and was wondering if you lot could help illuminate a solid course for me to continue on.


In General questions | Asked By James Iovino | Mar 8 16
5 Answers

My siding is melting

My siding is melting from my neighbor's powerful windows. I heard that there is a solar screen that he can put up to block the UV ray that is coming from his window. Can someone who heard of this horrible, horrible effect on homeowners tell me what is the best ones to buy?
I need all the information before talking to him: cost etc.



In Green products and materials | Asked By Gerri Holder | Mar 12 16
3 Answers

Sealing kneewalls

Problem with water and mold on roof plywood of room over garage, with roof /soffit vents and ducting over fiberglass rafter insulation.

Room over garage has foam insulation in ceiling and 6” fiberglass insulation in 8” thick kneewalls.
Solution discussed was to add foam-in polyurethane in kneewalls and floor beneath them to seal the triangular side spaces from moisture.

In Green building techniques | Asked By George Baum | Mar 10 16
14 Answers

Best details for thin stone veneer exterior wall

We are renovating part of our exterior and will clad it with thin stone veneer. However, the more I read, the more confused I am in determining the best exterior wall construct. We would like to add 1.5 inch of insulation to the exterior in order to eliminate any thermal bridges (placing all insulation to the exterior is not an option at this point due to design decisions along the way). The needed wall construct seems complicated and expensive and would like some advice on how to simplify it.

exterior to interior construct in toronto or zone 5.

stone veneer

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By christine charette | Nov 7 12
23 Answers

Foam and insects

I am involved with two projects right now that have carpenter ant infestations - and in both cases they are in the foam. One is particularly difficult to fix as it is a flat roof with tar and gravel above and a wood T & G ceiling, making it hard to get at the nests. The owners tried for a season to deal with it themselves resulting in the colony splitting, so there are now multiple nests across the whole roof. The processional exterminators have told us it may take more than a year to eliminate the problem - during which time the damage will continue.

In General questions | Asked By Malcolm Taylor | Feb 25 16
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