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7 Answers

What is the most cost-effective way to build a cement wall in a basement and achieve a good R-value?

I have build with ICFs. It is the cost. Wondering what else is out there. Not interested in rammed earth or framing with PT materials for exterior walls

In General questions | Asked By Dan Easton | Feb 22 13
7 Answers

Toilet vent pipe placement

Is there a way to vent the toilet pipe out through the wall and up instead of piercing the roof?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Matthew Michaud | Feb 24 13
0 Answers

I am looking for a contractor in the Hartford CT area for a deep energy retrofit. Any suggestions? Thanks.

The proposed DER is on a single family residence in West Hartford.

In General questions | Asked By Spartan Giordano | Feb 25 13
6 Answers

Green appraisal valuation for single family homes

Tampa, FL
Marc Rutenberg Homes, Zero Energy America and Zero Energy America Village

Is there new legislation for single family homes in Florida or Federal concerning appraisers giving fair value for net zero, energy and water conservation, green building products?

Is there a green/renewable energy Mortgage available for single family homes including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, FHA, conventional conforming and conventional jumbo loans for both rate and closing costs?

In General questions | Asked By Ronald Schulte | Feb 22 13
7 Answers

WRB detail with exterior foam and strapping


In GBA Pro help | Asked By Jeff Nelson | Feb 19 13
24 Answers

EPDM gaskets instead of ZIP System?

I was wondering if anyone has tried using EPDM gaskets for air sealing exterior OSB instead of taping the seams? EPDM is cheap, easy, can be put up in the rain, super durable, etc. I am going to lunch or I would explain more of my strategy...

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Spencer Burnfield | Feb 14 13
6 Answers

Flash and batt closed cell with initial flash of open cell

Ok. I'm building an addition. This is in Cape Ann MA. North of Boston. North facing roof 4 pitch that ends in a sidewall. It is a hot roof. it was flashed with 3" of closed cell foam this past october. The foam failed and is now being removed. It pulled away from the roof sheathing and at the rafter tails. Not everywhere, but there Is no Pattern to where it shrank. Some places it shrank 1/8" others 3/4". The installers want to now flash the rafter tails with open cell because they think the sheathing is cold and the open cell will adhere.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Nick Kent | Feb 22 13
1 Answer

Finding the cold and hot spots in the envelope with an infrared thermometer

I asked a few weeks back for advice on an affordable infrared detector for finding cold spots to pinpoint infiltration problems, heat loss and insulation effects. I found a mid-range infrared thermometer: "IRT207 Heat Seeker." You can pick it up for under $30 at Amazon. I have had mine for two weeks and it is getting a workout as I caulk and seal prior to insulating.



In General questions | Asked By Oak Orchard | Feb 21 13
6 Answers

Rigid board insulation for an unvented cathedral ceiling: fill the void?

Hi there, first post.

I'm building a tiny cabin, Pacific NW, right on the boarder between zone 4/5, 40miles
east of Portland.

I have vaulted ceiling/gable roof. No interior walls in yet.

I have enough rigid board insulation to fill the void (iso). The sheathing was sealed to the rafters with adhesive sealant when laid down. Blocking at the soffets was sealed with silicone. There is rolled mineral roofing over that, all edges sealed with lap cement. All this was done with the anticipation of filling the void with pink fiberglass rolled insulation, with drying to the interior.

In General questions | Asked By Hamlet Jones | Feb 21 13
3 Answers

Joint compound over poured concrete wall

I would like to plaster then texture over old uneven concrete. I saw a product called plaster-weld. Can I use the plaster weld over the poured concrete wall and then just layer on coats of joint compound to get a textured even finish, then seal with a primer and finally paint it? When they formed up the basement walls years and years ago, they weren't concerned with even finish. I can send you a photo if you need one. We get very little moisture in basement. Thank you in advance.


In PassivHaus | Asked By Chris Sutherland | Feb 21 13
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