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1 Answer

Torrgler Steel Door!

I thought this was pretty nifty when barn door hardware now looks cliche.

Q: What part makes the satisfying "click" sound?


and another


In Green products and materials | Asked By Hal Sartelle | Mar 8 16
3 Answers

Looking for information regarding my research

Hi there,

In Green products and materials | Asked By Desmond Bast | Mar 8 16
1 Answer

How to detail windows and doors with 4" exterior foam and brick...

Have not been able to find straightforward answers about how to detail and finish around windows and doors with 4" exterior foam and brick. If anyone could point me to some articles/images that would be greatly appreciated

In General questions | Asked By Kellen James | Mar 8 16
9 Answers

No wall insulation…now what?


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By William Honan | Sep 15 15
4 Answers

Blueboard replacement

I have severe MCS, so am allergic to just about everything.

I have a 3' hole in my familyroom/kitchen ceiling that I need to repair. I know that it would usually be repaired with blueboard, but blueboard and it's adhesives are toxic to me. Does anyone know how I would patch that hole in my ceiling?

Thanks so much for any input. I am like a "deer in headlights" over any home improvements, as it seems that I have had issues with everything that we have done in the past, and I cannot leave my home for much more than a week.
thanks, Kate

In Green building techniques | Asked By Kate Nicholes | Mar 7 16
11 Answers

SIPs and timber frame notch system - does this create a significant thermal bridge?

We are seriously considering a home from Trinity Post and Panel (www.trinitypostandpanel.com) and are impressed by their energy efficient patented system. It consists of a SIP panel inserted into a notched timber frame. We are looking for some opinions from outside sources on their concept. Specifically, would the large timber (seen from both the inside and the outside of the home) be a significant source of thermal bridging?

I should note that we live in Northern Canada and experience true northern winters (-40C, snow etc) and our home is expected to be about 2000 sq ft.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Rebecca Borton | Feb 24 16
4 Answers

Hip roof insulation

Have read your commentary about insulating an attic with hip roof. You recommend a sealed condition attic, ie. spay foam.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By George Thomas | Mar 5 16
13 Answers

Need to correct moisture/mold problem on cathedral roof

Have a room over garage center with closets on both sides between the closet kneewalls and the eaves. Insulation over the room section is 6 inches of foam slabs sealed by "Great Stuff" spray-in foam. Above this ceiling foam and under the roof plywood, there are 1 inch x 20.5 inch unobstructed foam encased ducts between the rafters for venting to the roof peak vent. The side sections outside the knee walls are insulated with rolled fiberglass fiber with durovent ducts above the insulation. There are substantial soffit vents at the bases of the durovent ducts.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By George Baum | Mar 3 16
9 Answers

Mini-splits cause settling & cracking of drywall?

I am pretty committed to the idea of Mini Splits for various reasons I've read about on this site, but our contractor is putting up resistance, saying that we need to have heads in the bathrooms, otherwise temperature differentials will lead to settling and cracking of the drywall, which I have been completely unable to substantiate in online research. Is there any truth to this?

In Mechanicals | Asked By Joseph Yount | Mar 7 16
3 Answers

Blower door test and HVAC ducts

We had our house blower door tested recently. I didn't think about it at the time however we have a geothermal heat pump. The geothermal HVAC unit sits inside the walkout garage and ductwork runs into the conditioned space of the home being tested.

During a blower door test, how significant would the leakage be if any from air being pulled through the cabinet of the geo unit? Do you normally seal of the ductwork at the unit for the blower test?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jeremy Kovac | Mar 8 16
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