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11 Answers

Paint choices


In General questions | Asked By Lucyna de Barbaro | Mar 5 16
7 Answers

What is the best airtight LED retrofit for can lights?

I couldn't talk the builder out of can lights on the top floor, so I thought I could fix the problem once he's all done.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Kevin Dickson | May 20 16
6 Answers

Installing LP Smartside over 3" foam

Question: I am putting an addition on my house and have a question about fastening the LP Smartside.

My wall details are as follows (from inside to outside).
* 5/8" sheetrock
* 3/4" plywood
* 2x6 wall with r-19 or 21 fiberglass insulation
* 3" foam
* Furring strips, probably 2x4 - has to be at least 1 1/2 thick per LP
* LP Smartside

In Green building techniques | Asked By brett mattson | May 19 16
1 Answer

Efficient house build blogs that I'm not following?

Hi all,

Besides the houses blogged about here at Green Building Advisor, what other house build blogs can you recommend? Particularly interesting in blogs about pursuing net zero, superinsulation, energy-efficient remodels, and all the passivhaus/passive house stuff.

Thanks in advance!

In General questions | Asked By Matt Gauger | May 21 16
5 Answers

Exterior paint: linseed oil or latex?


I'm repainting my old farmhouse, which tends to have peeling paint issues. (1859s balloon framing with clapboards, wall repainted five years ago is starting to peel).

I've read a lot about Albeck and other linseed paints. I didn't see much here about these alternative paints.

Does anyone have thoughts about what the best options are for exterior paint?

I'm in zone 5 mid coast Maine.

Thanks for your help,


In General questions | Asked By Ilmari Polojarvi | May 21 16
8 Answers

HRV selection

Finishing up a zone 5 pretty good house ~4000 sq foot home with a wall stackup of (exterior to interior) 2" XPS (taped/staggered seams) -> 1/2 inch plywood -> 2x4 wall with R-15 roxul. Heating with traditional forced air. We have separate ducting for an HRV pulling air from bathrooms and mostly returning in bedroom closets and a few other spaces. The original plan was to use a Fantech 2005R 82/204 CFM with approximately 75% apparent sensible effectiveness.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Michael D | May 20 16
7 Answers

Who should fix this one?

My wife sent me a text today, as I am out of town, showing our garage door completely smashed in. We had a concrete contractor at the house today and at least two loads of rock brought in. The concrete guy said it was like that when he arrived, just after the first rock truck. The rock trucking company also has not claimed responsibility. Any thoughts on how I should resolve this? The rock was ordered by the concrete guy and not me for clarification.

In Project management | Asked By Mike M | May 21 16
6 Answers

Choosing window brand — Fiberglass frame, double and triple pane

I am preparing to build a "pretty good house" in Gloucester, Massachusetts, climate Zone 5/coastal. I have gotten quotations on Marvin Integrity casements and awning windows, but did talk to the reps at the Building Energy 16 conference in Boston from Comfortline/Fiberframe and Accurate Dorwin. I do want to install good performing fiberglass windows, but also want to have a reasonable budget for the windows for the project. Does anyone have experience with these manufacturers to compare the performance and pricing of the three?

In Green products and materials | Asked By JAMES KREYLING | May 20 16
4 Answers

Exterior foam and residing...with Roxul?

This is a follow up to an earlier post, from which I got great input, but I think this alternative idea needed another post. After reading about Roxul (and not yet being locked into anything about my previous plan), I wondered if this scenario would be workable, and/or what problems might be most in play.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Howard Gentler | May 20 16
2 Answers

Missing kickout flashing

I don't have kickout flashing on any of my wall/roof intersections. In fact, I've never actually seen a house in my area that has kickout flashing. My house does have the last (or I guess the first) piece of step flashing sticking out in front of the siding. The area I'm most concerned about has a downspout emptying just above the wall. I think I should extend it further so it doesn't dump right along the wall.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Michael Geoghegan | May 20 16
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