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1 Answer

Climate Zone suggestion

Given the importance of climate zone to the nature of this forum I would highly recommend that it be a required drop down field in the "Create Community Question" pages.

In General questions | Asked By Edgar Pankey | Mar 27 17
7 Answers

Second generation Whirlpool heat-pump clothes dryers: Any good?

I would like to install a ventless dryer. The Whirlpool HybridCare duets are the only large ventless dryers on the market. The discontinued WED99HEDW model got a lot of good reviews. The new models don't have many reviews yet, but the reviews they have aren't good.

Here's my question: Is anybody out there actively building the new models into new homes, and are you getting callbacks about their quality? Does anybody have a new model HybridCare, and has it been reliable?


In Green products and materials | Asked By John Ranson | Mar 26 17
1 Answer

Exhaust vent outdoor opening size?

Okay, this is a nitpicking detail, but what does this part of the IRC mean?

R303.6 "Air exhaust and intake openings that terminate outdoors shall be protected with corrosion resistant screens, louvers, or grilles having an opening size of not less than 1/4" and a maximum opening size of 1/2", in any dimension."

Does this mean that the holes in an exhaust vent have to be smaller than an 1/2" circle? That doesn't line up with most of the vents that I've seen on the market, especially dryer vents.


In Building Code Questions | Asked By John Ranson | Mar 27 17
1 Answer

Log-in problem

I signed up for the GBA Prime service this morning. However, when I try to read the restricted articles, the pop-up for registering comes up but does not respond to the "Already Registered? Sign In" prompt.

So I can't sign in. Please help.

Mike Guthrie

In General questions | Asked By Michael Guthrie | Mar 27 17
2 Answers

Still okay to leave Tyvek exposed during construction?

In this older thread, the consensus seems to be that tyvek lasts just fine if left exposed for a few months, based on manufacturer's recommendations and past experience

In General questions | Asked By John Ranson | Mar 26 17
5 Answers

Second guessing ERV/HRV install

Planning for new construction in the Finger lakes region this year. Both our architect (recommends ERV) and a local insulation contractor (recommends HRV) are advising us to install a stand alone ventilation system as we will not have an HVAC/duct work. After reading some of the articles on this site; I'm not sure how necessary it is to take on that expense.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Nina in CNY | Mar 26 17
3 Answers

HVAC systems

Hi all,

Last week I asked my first question about how to improve my building envelope and reduce mech system costs. using coolcalc.com, I simulated a number of manual J scenarios, I think I have the envelope options down to 1-3 things and will await results from my energy consultant.

The question now remains as to how to best heat & cool my home. On that post, many people suggested Chilltrix, but one poster suggested Implementation risk. They didn't really explain what they meant by that.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Matthew Hicks | Mar 25 17
3 Answers

How does ambient temperature affect wetting/drying cycles?

Hello GBA pros & community! I've been a lurker around here for awhile, but this is my first post. I'm enclosing a timber-frame in southeastern Manitoba (climate zone 7A), and plan to build a vented roof assembly with dense-packed cellulose insulation. For reference, the specific assembly I have in mind is as follows, from the inside:

-timber rafters
-1x6 T&G pine ceiling
-ice & water shield (interior air-barrier, class I vapour retarder, and temporary rain protection for the timber-frame)
-18" deep non-structural 'trusses' dense-packed with cellulose

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Benjamin Pries | Mar 22 17
8 Answers

Reclaimed and factory second rigid foam

I have seen a couple of recommendations here and there on obtaining reclaimed rigid foam. One post actually mentioned the Syracuse area, close to where I live, so I checked craigslist as they suggested and sure enough there was--new, reclaimed and factory second rigid foam.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Nina Saeli | Mar 16 17
4 Answers

Therma-tru Door Configuration

I've seen recommendations for Therma-Tru doors with their Multi-Point Locking System as a reasonably priced energy-efficient 8' entry door.. For anyone who has gone this route, would you be willing to share how you configured your doors? They have a lot of options for sills, corner pads, weatherstripping, etc. I'm curious what other folks have purchased, and what seems to have worked well.

My house will be in zone 5 near Rochester, NY. My doors will be in-swing to keep snow from blocking the door.



In Green products and materials | Asked By John Ranson | Mar 24 17
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