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3 Answers

Location: Massachusetts

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Steven O'Neil | Aug 19 11
3 Answers

I am not sure how long this product has been out but it looks to offer some great glazing options for those of us looking for high SHGC's and low U values.


In General questions | Asked By Garth Sproule | Aug 20 11
1 Answer

GacoFireStop open-cell spf claims to be used w/out additional ignition barrier in atticks.

In General questions | Asked By john hyer | Aug 20 11
4 Answers

We are trying to add insulation to a 2800 s.f. federal style timber framed home built c.1800 on a stone foundation that may be as old as the 1630s. The property is located within the city limits in Boston and is protected by Historic Landmark status, which means we need to preserve any exterior features that are original to the house, or interpreted to be consistent with the era. There is much more flexibility with the interior.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Gregory Caplan | Aug 20 11
6 Answers

Does anyone know if problems with closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation can occur when the installer does not clean out the line and shoots one right after/on top of the other?

The reason that I am asking is that my family and I are experiencing severe off-gassing due to another Demilec disaster. We have been in our home for 1.5 years now and my husband is severely allergic to the spray foam insulation. I get bad headaches almost daily. We are wondering if anyone knows about this?

Both Demilec and the installer are not helping at all. Also please view the link below.

In General questions | Asked By ROBERT L NISWONGER JR | Jul 19 11
11 Answers

This section


seems rather low on detail. Diagonal metal strapping: let's discuss it. I certainly understand its point, but please explain its successful implementation.

Looking elsewhere on the internet, in this article by Martin

In General questions | Asked By Minneapolis Disaster | Aug 19 11
20 Answers

FYI: I'm a consumer but really value your site. I've found out so much on here and hope you might help me with my query:

We have just done an energy audit on our house using the local Green

In Green products and materials | Asked By morgan martin | May 15 11
4 Answers

I recently had my attic roof deck spray foamed with 6" of BASF spray foam insulation. My house smells like rotten fish. How can I get rid of the odor?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By marty donnelly | Sep 3 10
2 Answers

Some follow-up questions re bathrooms I am currently redoing. I have gutted 2 bathrooms - 1 above the other and on the upstairs bathroom will be putting on the floor Schuter Ditra and tiles (which is waterproof membrane.). The floor will also have an electric radiant floor mat. For the downstairs bathroom, I want to isolate the noise from the upstairs bathroom and provide some insulation for the radiant floor heating. I also want to to put some sound isolation into the wall with the shower plumbing to somewhat lessen the noise.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Richard Cohn | Aug 18 11
7 Answers

Hi all,

Any solutions for tight-sealing gaskets, weatherstripping, etc. for operable, close-able panels?

It crosses my mind, for this new construction I'm working on, referenced in another thread, that I might like to have an openable panel for cross-ventilation when needed, without the heat penalty of having another window.

So, for example, if I build an approx 2'x3' removable-or-hinged insulated panel with an insect screen, and I want it to seal tightly when closed, where do I look for products to give me a good seal?


Minneapolis Disaster

In General questions | Asked By Minneapolis Disaster | Aug 17 11
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