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6 Answers

Damaged earthen floor -- repair or replace?

Hello all-
I had an earthen floor installed in the cellar during a renovation/rehab of a multi-family townhouse. The major components of the earth floor (substrate, vapor barrier, tamped earth, etc.) were completed many months ago but the tamped earth was not sealed and finished.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Jennifer Shaffer | Feb 17 12
14 Answers

Applying Stucco over Foil faced foam

I am building a new home in Park City Utah at 7500 feet with an average winter high in the mid 30’s and lows in the high teens to low twenties…low humidity. I am planning to use 2” Hunter XCI
Polyisocyanurate foam core panel bonded to an impermeable foil facing material with a foil face providing an R value of 14.1. The foam is installed over tyvex and the interior walls will use a bib R23 system.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By dennis levine | Feb 15 12
7 Answers

Window question

We are considering the following two options most seriously for the east, west and north sides of our straw bale home:
1. Northerm quad pane PVC with low E x 2 coats plus argon gas or
2. Cascadia or Clarity fiberglass frames, triple pane plus low E x2 and argon.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Vicky Poulsen | Feb 14 12
7 Answers

I have a metal roof. Can I put rigid foam board and new metal over that?

I don't want to throw away the metal that is on the roof now, but want it to be more efficient. So I want to put rigid foam board and new metal roof over the old. Can that be done?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jo Flores | Feb 16 12
8 Answers

Master Green Builder of the Year

Kudos to Michael Chandler
Named Master Green Builder of the year by the NAHB

In General questions | Asked By John Brooks | Feb 8 12
4 Answers

200 + year old home with no insulation in walls

I will be removing the exterior sheathing and addressing air sealing & insulation from the exterior. Interior walls (plaster &wood lathe) are in good shape and the windows are not being replaced. I live in the Seacoast of NH. I plan to install plywood sheathing, typar, rain slicker (rain screen), combination of vertical grain siding &shingles. The part i can not make my mind up on is the insulation. I would rather not install exterior insulation although i realize that is preferred. I am not looking for passivhaus standards just to make the best of the space i have.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By terry grube | Feb 10 12
14 Answers

Insulating a non vented vaulted ceiling.....?

i am hoping to get some feedback on the issue I have found in my house while redoing our dining room. The electrical issues that can be seen in the photo's are one of the reasons I pulled the drywall to begin with and are being corrected. My dilemma at the moment is how to properly insulate this area of the house.

In General questions | Asked By J Loc | Jan 16 12
1 Answer

Home Air quality test kits... any good?

I am looking to get some insight to what is floating around in our home. We are planning on having a baby soon and after some remodeling and asbestos removal, I want to make sure everything is ok.
To have a pro come out and test, can get very costly and so I have found a few companies that offer home test kits. These 2 companies that provide testing kits had the most information available.




In General questions | Asked By J Loc | Feb 15 12
9 Answers

Renovation, exterior Rigid while dealing with setback codes

Hello all,

I'm still working on my garage plan. We now plan to add a room above our garage.

I was looking at wall builds and like the exterior rigid build the best for durability and thermal bridge advantages. However, this is going to be a room over a garage "renovation", and under building codes, my renovation/addition cannot be any further into my sideyard setback (it already is grandfathered in).

However, I suspect that they would not tag a couple trim "details" encroaching.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Garret Olson | Feb 14 12
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