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4 Answers

Can I insulate the underside of an addition that has a 2x8 framed floor that is elevated above dirt?

The room was previously insulated with fiberglass Kraft faced with the paper facing up,towards the living space. It was held in place with chicken wire. The rodents loved it. I was thinking of putting u faced fiberglass back and then 2" tongue and groove polystyrene . The frame is about 2 feet above grade and is open on 3 sides. The fourth side being the original foundation. It is basically framed as you would frame a deck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In General questions | Asked By Sal Monti | Aug 13 15
8 Answers

Lindsay Windows?

Has anyone had any experience with these windows? They seem very solid and have great efficiency ratings depending on the type. The prices so far are about 1/2 of what I've been quoted from Intus, and slightly cheaper than Softlites. They are on par with Anderson 400 series prices.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Mike M | Aug 7 15
7 Answers

Ideal indoor relative humidity for building and occupants?

Realizing that this is a worn out topic, but wondering if anyone out there has a target indoor humidity level that is both safe in terms of moisture issues for the wall system and comfortable for building occupants.
Twice this week, as a builder, I've spoken with people who complained that their high performance homes are too dry in winter, causing sore throats and dry sinuses, to the point of attempting to meddle with their HRVs; dialing them back or turning them off.

In General questions | Asked By Dylan Kinsey | Aug 11 15
27 Answers

How to seal ventilation baffles in rafter bays?

If I use the "Smartbaffle" in my rafter bays, I would tape across the joints where two baffles meet, but do I need to seal the edges against the rafters also? What would be the recommended/cost effective way? Tape, caulk (messy), spray foam cans like great stuff (would add up with 54 or so 25ft long rafter bays from soffitt to ridge.


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Joe Watson | Aug 5 15
4 Answers

How can I stop snow from blowing into my soffit vents and up the attic vent chutes?

We live in Maine, next to the ocean, northeast exposer. When we get blowing snow, it comes up under the eaves, through the soffit vents, up the vent chutes and onto the insulation in the attic. How can we stop this problem? Should we cover the vents and/or stuff the chutes with plastic on the NE side?

In General questions | Asked By Lynn Braff | Jan 30 15
1 Answer

Feasibility of exterior insulated stucco panels

In the process of trying to finalize the wall design that would allow 2.5" exterior rigid "outsulation" over CDX sheathing. Planning for final stucco/stone veneer exterior. The issues that have been discussed on the board are surfacing. Two that concern me the most :

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Sal Lombardo | Aug 13 15
2 Answers

UPVC vs. fiberglass windows

Hello all. Building a new home in the Philadelphia area.

Looking for windows. Was considering fiberglass, but have been reading online that uPVC may be just as good but cheaper.

Can anyone comment on the pros and cons of each material?

Thank you.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Boris Rubinstein | Aug 12 15
3 Answers

Drywall ceiling

I nailed by 28 inches in the drywall ceiling because of weird joist distance.
The interval of nail is 28 inches and 20 inches..
it will be fine?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Mansig Yoon | Aug 10 15
1 Answer

Soffit vent is blocked. Weird. I don't know what to do.

We live near Chicago and recently bought a 55 year-old, ~1200 sq ft ranch house with a relatively low roof. We are trying to install more insulation in our attic (there is currently ~3" of blown-in insulation). In the process, we found all kinds of references that you should not block the soffit vents, need to maintain air flow, etc.

In General questions | Asked By Mansig Yoon | Aug 12 15
15 Answers

Approximate cost

I'm looking to install Geothermal heat/ac in a commercial building in north NJ. I need the approx cost for a 12,000 sq. ft. single-story office building. I was inform 6 units, 4 wells but no specifics were given. I know its not all the info needed but i was hoping to get a high ballpark figure.

Thanks, Rich

In Green building techniques | Asked By Richard Hussey | Aug 10 15
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