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4 Answers

Im installing 2”xps against concrete basement walls using insulation adhesive and foaming gaps. However, bracing the rigid panels while the adhesive sets up is proving time consuming. Can I use a concrete screw and washer to brace the panel? Best practices appreciated.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Frank O | Jan 23 12
7 Answers


This may be a little odd question for you experts here but I'm making house vs condo considerations and the major factor is the heating costs which are included in the condo maintenance

In General questions | Asked By sam dhak | Jan 20 12
59 Answers

I stumbled on this interesting image a while back.
I noticed that the caption refers to "heat bridges from structure and roof fasteners"....
The fastener locations are obvious....
But the linear pattern does not look like a structural pattern(series of wood or steel rafters or joists).
It looks more like a pattern of rigid insulation and the voids between the insulation.

I think the pattern is more likely related to 3-dimensional Air flow as mentioned in this Insight

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John Brooks | Dec 23 11
2 Answers

As the question implies I wonder if any one here has any thoughts on this ventilation system I have come across on a particular site in Ireland. Here's a link to it http://www.viking-house.ie/fine-wire-hrv.html

Here's an extract -

In PassivHaus | Asked By Tim O Brien | Jan 20 12
2 Answers

I am currently on a design build project of a 1200 sq ft Net Zero Energy home in Santa Cruz, CA area.

We are about to insulate with a closed cell foam product called Spraytite 178. i have been informed of the issue of soy and plant based foams vs. non soy based for a number of years and want the best product for my project/ customer. I am wondering if, in your opinion, there is a significant advantage to any other closed cell foam in my locally available market ?

Thank you!
Michele Landegger

Boa Constructor Building and Design

In Green products and materials | Asked By Michele Landegger | Jan 23 12
1 Answer

What will we run out of first - words or resources?


In General questions | Asked By Ben Wilson | Jan 23 12
18 Answers

My house is on a slab. A room addition was added to the back of the house. This left my washer and dryer in the middle of the house. Right now we have the flexible hose running into the attic. I know this is not the way its supposed to be. I have no idea how to fix this problem. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. I asked about moving washer and dryer into the back of the house. I was told that the water line is the problem with that. You cannot tap into it. The pipe is not big enough. Help!

In General questions | Asked By Kay Payne | Jan 17 12
2 Answers

We are building a new house in California and need a lot of doors and cabinets. The price delta between the "regular" products and low-VOC products are huge.

1. Are there online or local stores in California that sell reasonably priced good quality zero/low VOC doors and/or cabinets?

2. If the zero/low VOC products are above my budget, is there a way to reduce the VOC such as applying some sort of sealer? I figure I probably will run into the same issue with buying furnitures also.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Rian Bart | Jan 22 12
1 Answer

The HVAC system is in the attic.....not efficient. Is it reasonable to spray foam the attic ceiling below the slates, and seal the attic? I'm trying to make the home more comfortable and save money on

I have not got a definitive answer from my builder, and I don't want to regret something down the road.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Charles Garbett | Jan 22 12
3 Answers

I have an open stone fireplace. When it was built the builder made it so that there are open vents on the bottom in the stone and the inside of the fireplace is lined with metal which at the top where there are more vent holes there is a metal insert with 3 circular vents. The idea is that the cold air goes up and then out through the top. For this to be efficient I think I should use a blower. What kind would work? Any suggestions at all would be great. It is our main heat source for the house. I thank you for any help in advance !

In General questions | Asked By Denise Predovich | Jan 22 12
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