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7 Answers

Exterior wall profile - Mold on insulation

Hey All

I live in Oklahoma, east of Oklahoma City about 90 miles, so I'm in the brown 3A climate zone.
I think I mostly have my issue figured out, but need some clarification. I started a remodel in the back bedroom, removed the sheet rock, and found my pink insulation has mold spots. My exterior wall profile goes: exterior paint + 4x8 wood panel siding + black roof paper (I think, it's like felt) + pink insulation + clear plastic interior sheet + sheet rock + interior paint.

In General questions | Asked By John | Dec 17 15
8 Answers

Interior and exterior rigid foam

Hello, Wade here from Fairbanks, Alaska (Zone 8) with a rigid foam insulation question.

Currently working on an addition to a current single bedroom house. The current structure will remain the heart of the new home, and I will extend a wing off each end of the house.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Wade | Dec 8 15
1 Answer

Insulating a vented crawl space without encapsulation?

The house is along the jersey shore and had water in the crawl space during hurricane sandy but is usually dry. It is a vented on three sides and has never had insulation or moisture barrier on the ground. it has a dirt floor and is approximately 2 and half feet deep. The house was built in 1971 and shows no signs of mold in the crawl space. There are no ducts in the crawl space but there are some water pipes and the baseboard heating pipes between some joists.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Scott | Dec 18 15
1 Answer

Floor register location in relation to the return register

Hello all,

I have been working really hard to finish up a Florida renovation, but I have ran into another small hurdle. I have floor register (2-1/4x14) that will be installed over hardwood flooring and high wall return register(10x10) in each room. One room in particular, a 13'-9"x 9'-10" room, the 7in duct is positioned to a have the floor register directly across from the return register.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Jimmy Miller | Dec 18 15
0 Answers


Anyone have experience with Jeld-Wen Clad Double Hung Triple Glazed windows?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Bob Irving | Dec 18 15
3 Answers

Cabinet recommendations?

Does any one have any recommendations of formaldehyde free and low/no VOC painted cabinet brands? Thank you!

In Green products and materials | Asked By Carolyn Farrow | Dec 17 15
7 Answers

Insulating a basement — minimum thickness of rigid foam?


Thanks in advance for reviewing my question. I am getting ready to finish my walk out basement so I've been doing my research on the proper techniques. I've never had a water issue in this basement (in the 2 years I've been there and previous owner did not for the 5 years he was in it and he was the builder of the house in 2008). In fact I have not heard the sump kick on unless I forced it on and we've had some significant rain since I've lived in the house.

All that being said I still want to be safe than sorry. So far my research has told me to do the following:

In General questions | Asked By Aaron | Dec 17 15
3 Answers

How to find a local energy consultant

I'm in the planning stage of building a house and I want to hire a consultant who can advise me on the best solutions for insulating, heating, cooling and ventilating the house. I don't want to depend on contractors because of their possible vested interest in their recommendations. How do a find such a consultant? I live in SE Michigan.
Kevin Miller

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Kevin Miller | Dec 17 15
4 Answers

Tax credits extended in new Federal budget?

Does anyone know if the solar or geothermal tax credits set to expire next year got extended in the proposed Federal budget?

In General questions | Asked By Coop Mag | Dec 17 15
3 Answers

Would R-15 rigid insulation used above roof sheathing over conditioned attic be part of R-38 required for zone 4 by IRC or ..

... has to be in addition to required R-38 by IRC ?

Thank you,

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Tomasz Lopinski | Dec 17 15
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