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13 Answers

Please review my floor plan

See attachment for proposed floor plan. My dear, dear wife likes most of it except the location of the pantry/utility room. I've tried to move the flexroom to the area behind the garage (see second attachment), but I end with with a smaller closet and bath in the master. She urged me to ask other people...so people...I am askin'. What's your input on that or anything else you see?

In Plans Review | Asked By Andrew Bennett | Mar 14 15
10 Answers

Insulated slab details for zone 7 walkout

My build is in Kenora Onrtario Canada (zone 7). The basement is a walkout; I need to incorporate a sewage lift station under the floor to pump (shower/toilet/sink and washing machine) water up to my septic
I need to know how to detail the insulation and poly layer under the concrete.
Do I insulate the sides and bottom of the hole the tank (110 gallon) goes into; if so do the joints have to be taped like building an foam box; I can't have the sewage freezing in the tank! Is that even a concern?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By tim brown | Mar 5 15
4 Answers

Building envelope


We live in southeastern Wisconsin and are currently a year into a complete gut/remodel of a home built in 1963. We have the interior complete and are living in the home (family of 4).
We are about to have the siding installed (LP Smartside lap siding) and have a few questions/concerns.

- 2x4 wall construction (16" centers)
- interior spray foam closed cell urethane on all walls with no interior vapor barrier
- attic insulated with loose fill blown in fiberglass insulation R-50 with interior vapor barrier

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Kevin Steltenpohl | Feb 16 15
2 Answers

I am insulating my cottage

I am insulating my cottage. I need to know if I need to seal all the cracks completely in the outside wall? It is wood Dutch Lap siding.

I want to use 2" blue extruded (XPS) board, and 4" fiberglass insulation with vapor barrier, for a 6" wall. And also, what about the seams in the 2" foam boards? The interior wall will be 1/4" OSB with knotty pine 1/4" paneling. Is the vapor barrier on the fiberglass enough?

In General questions | Asked By larry rummel | Mar 13 15
4 Answers

Can I still use polyiso to insulate a rim joist that is irregular?

I am about to jump into insulating rim joist in the my crawlspace, but as I am cutting pieces for it, I am starting to realize that foam often will not be 100% flush with wood and in some spots there will be resulting small cavity behind. Will that create a problem or is little bit of cavity behind fine, as long as I make sure all pieces of foam are foamed in just right?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Apollo S | Mar 13 15
18 Answers

How would YOU insulate my new house given the conditions?

This is my first post on GBA but I think I've read every article on the site in preparation for building our new home, located in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada (40 minutes north of the Minnesota border, Climate Zone 7). I've learned a lot here, but like other posters have suggested, I might be MORE confused than when I started!

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Nik Fiorito | Mar 11 15
1 Answer

700 square foot attached garage — heater choice?

Hello everyone. My name's Ryan Picha. I've read a lot of posts on GBA, and it's great how much everyone helps others with their problems and questions.

My question: a 700 square foot attached garage in Minnesota. New construction rambler with walkout. 9 foot ceilings, fully rocked and insulated. About 700 square feet.

I want to keep it at 45 degrees or so in the winter. What would be the best way to heat my garage? I have natural gas.

Thank you everyone for your time.

In General questions | Asked By Ryan Picha | Mar 13 15
2 Answers

Looking for a local designer/ builder in southern Rhode Island

A local designer/ builder in southern Rhode Island, by Todd Buckley.

My wife and I are interested in renovating a 1986 built passive solar house but cannot find local builders that can meet our needs. Do any of you know of someone like you that works in South Kingstown, R.I.?

In Project management | Asked By todd buckley | Mar 12 15
5 Answers

Vented/unvented attic?

Am building our SW facing energy-efficient home (1850sf+/-) shortly: Reddiform ICF for all outer walls from footings to roof, stuccoed, 3" Dow SM under basement slab, all joints taped, infloor hot water radiant, engineered 20" wood floorjoists which are topchord bearing on LVL ledgers for clearspan basement, with extra horizontal strongbacks to make a truly monocoque floor system, stapleup radiant tubing, 7.5/12 roof trusses 16" o/c with 4' overhang, single attached unheated garage, hardcoated windows = 6.4% of wall area, 2 freestanding see-through gas fireplaces (supplementary heat & estheti

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Edward Skakie | Mar 11 15
17 Answers

Special surge protection needed with LED-bulb lighting?

I have a couple remaining questions in my aim to do good research before investing in LED replacement bulbs for my incandescent bulbs.

I can buy a very good quality 60w edison-base incandescents for under $4 each. A comparable 800-lumen LED of good quality, with a 5-year warranty, will cost me roughly five times as much. I do not want the supplier to skip-out on making good on the warranty due to a factor (excuse?) such as "do you get voltage spikes in your neighborhood?" Obviously, replacement of each LED, if it's out of my wallet, is a bigger deal than with conventional lighting.

In General questions | Asked By Joel Russ | Apr 17 13
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