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0 Answers

Enter your best project in Guild Quality's Green Project Contest

The contest: GuildQuality will feature pictures and brief descriptions of our readers’ best green building projects ... on [the GuildQuality] website, and readers will vote on their favorites.

How to enter: Before February 15, email marketing at guildquality dot com at least one and as many as nine pictures of your company’s best green building project, along with a 50 to 200 word description of the project.

In General questions | Asked By Carl Seville | Feb 1 12
10 Answers

Will building paper over foil faced polyiso negate the radiant barrier?

I'm planning an exterior renovation in S.C. (hot, humid zone 3). I'll be installing 1" of foil faced polyiso on the exterior. I plan to seal the seams, but am considering a belt and suspenders approach to the drainage plane. I don't know that I trust the tapes and sealants to hold up under such extreme conditions, so I'm considering installing a house wrap over the top to allow better flashing integration, especially in the area where a gable roof ties directly into the side of the home.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By J C | Feb 1 12
64 Answers

Do I really need 4 minisplits?

My wife and I own a lot in a development in the Pacific NW (Zone 4c), and we are planning to build our retirement house on it. We have never built a house before. Our projected house (which we designed ourselves) is 1,833 sq. ft. on one story, a modified California-style bungalow, as simple in geometry as we could make it.

In General questions | Asked By Gordon Taylor | Jan 23 12
11 Answers

Propane fired vs Heat pump HWH

Has anyone seen any direct comparisons/reviews of using propane fired HWH (tank & tankless) vs a heat pump based HWH?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jim Orasky | Jan 31 12
8 Answers

Fixing an old cathedral ceiling

I will pose my questions here, and if needed the story and all details I know will follow. Currently my roof over just my living room, it was an addition, is a vaulted cathedral ceiling. It goes as follows, shingles>plywood>3/4"stryofoam material (seemed like actual styrofoam, definitely not foam board)>T&G.

That is the original layout, I have since added R-30 between rafters under original T&G and was going to do a new T&G ceiling on top of that, as that was what I was told to do by my roofer. I was not aware of the gap to let roof breathe for cathedral ceilings.

In General questions | Asked By Kevin Baughman | Jan 31 12
39 Answers

3-D Networks, Premature Shingle Failure and Ant Farms

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John Brooks | Dec 17 11
3 Answers

Is Spray Polyurethane Foam prudent in this application?

I am renovating a 115 year old building in Denver, Colorado. The structure is triple-wythe solid-bonded very soft masonry. (See the attached photo.) I'd like to apply Spray Polyurethane Foam on the interior side of the wall and then overframe and drywall. (I can't do anything to the exterior because the facade is landmarked.) I have two concerns:

1) That moisture which enters the wall from the exterior will not be able to get out and could cause laminar separation of the masonry due to the freeze-thaw cycle.

In Green building techniques | Asked By aaron tweedie | Jan 19 12
3 Answers

Dense pack 2x4 walls with cellulose

My question/concern is regarding the best approach to take given the following information. I have a 1950's era home built with 2x4 walls. I discovered there is no insulation in the walls, but there is what appears to be a radiant barrier made up of two layers of foil with pleated paper between.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Cameron Clark | Jan 30 12
7 Answers

Using SPF in a plastered wall.

Can you give me the pro's & con's of having SPF used in any already plastered wall? These wall would either have very old insulation or none at all.

In General questions | Asked By David Nehring | Jan 30 12
3 Answers

An air exchanger type product from Musty Basement Solution

There are several air exchanger type products on the market. The one I am most familiar with is Musty Basement Solution, and happy to sing its praises.

A friend of mine raise a concern regarding if the machine pulls hot air out of the building thereby wasting heat. My question is, if that is true and if so how much heat is lost, and how would that loss compare (objectively) with the gains?

In Green products and materials | Asked By John Trumbull | Jan 27 12
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