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2 Answers

I bought my home 10 years ago. The dining room was added to the original home, off of the kitchen. The outside concrete foundation on the dining room portion, outside exterior is starting to dust/crumble off, exposing the chicken wire mesh that was used under the concrete. It looks as though a poor grade of concrete was used, the rest of the house is in excellent shape.

In Project management | Asked By Deborah Stueve | Jul 29 11
3 Answers

I live in zone 2A. I am building a raised home for myself. It has a galvalume roof laid on top 2x4 strapping which is over 3/8-inch sheathing with a radiant barrier underneath.

It is an equal span gable, 8/12, with living upstairs. A ridge vent sits on top of the roof.

I was planning to insulate the roof with foam inside the knee walls up until the ceiling levels out at 9 vertical feet. I figured on the 2" airspace.

I want to use open cell foam with damp spray cellulose. Is this a good system for Louisiana north of Lake Pontchartrain?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By dwight foreman | Jul 28 11
6 Answers

This is a new two bedroom home to be built in northern NH, Climate 6A, that has been designed with a fairly flat roof system.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Norman Mancusi | Jul 28 11
3 Answers

I have never liked duct board or ducts lined with fiberglass. The idea of the porous insulation on the interior just doesn't seem like a good idea. The porous surface seems like it would affect air flow ( I understand properly sized this shouldn't be a problem), collect more dirt than metal, delaminate and come apart over time, and are very hard to clean once dirty.

Just wondering on everyone's opinion on ductboard and fiberglass insulation installed inside the ducts. I can't seem to locate many good study's relating to duct board verse metal ducts.


In GBA Pro help | Asked By terry grube | Jul 28 11
3 Answers

We recently had record dew points in Minnesota (86 degree) and I had several callbacks from homeowners who all had the same issue with water dripping from their bath fans, range hoods, and self-vented gas fireplaces. I attributed this to condensation from the warm moist air traveling down the ducts and hitting the cold surfaces of the fans/hoods/fireplaces.

Homes are spray foamed with Icynene (walls/lids) and have HERS scores in the low 50s. Any insight how to prevent or at least help the homeowner manage? The dripping stopped when we operated the bath fans.

Thanks for any insight here.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Scott Busyn | Jul 28 11
8 Answers

I am a residential designer with a client who wishes to have a metal roof. The question is what are the pros and cons of standing seam metal roofs vs other, less expensive types?

In General questions | Asked By Timothy Smith | Jul 26 11
7 Answers

We have a classic, small (24' X 24') 1932 beach cabin in Ocean Park, Washington, and it's time to replace the existing composition roof.

The second floor has a 5-in-12 gable roof, constructed with 14-ft. 2 X 4s, 24 inches on center, which are attached at their lower ends to the first-floor ceiling joists. Ceiling height is low, at just 80" at the peak. There is no ceiling insulation on the second floor, and we would like to maintain the open beam look.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Doug Caldwell | Jul 25 11
15 Answers

I have a circa 1900 house on the Pacific NW coast built with old growth Douglas fir, post and beam construction, fir subfloor, (new) oak strip tong and groove flooring with penetrating wax oil finish.

The 1st level floor was very cold last winter! I have a forced air furnance in the basement floor vents on the 1st floor and attic vents on the 2nd floor.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Dan White | Jul 18 11
1 Answer

Does anyone have a source for composite decking that does NOT have an embossed wood grain pattern? Looking for no pattern or a machined groove pattern or similar.

Fiberon used to have a nice looking no pattern composite, but it has been discontinued.


In Green products and materials | Asked By Chris Harris | Jul 27 11
10 Answers

We own a circa 1920s renovated farmhouse in eastern Nebraska. Over the years we have been making improvements to the home's performance. This summer we finally knocked a hole in the second-story ceiling to get a look at the attic space for the first time. The second story was always bitterly cold in winter and extremely hot in summer.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Kristina Thompson | Oct 2 10
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