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4 Answers

Old radios and asbestos

Last week my wife Jessica brought home a neat old radio and turntable in a cabinet.
Her idea is to turn this old cabinet radio into a vanity.

During my inspection of the cabinet I noticed what appears to be an asbestos "heat shield" stapled to the cabinet above some vacuum tubes.
The asbestos does not appear damaged.
There are no plans to repair the radio into working condition so I would like to remove the asbestos if we will be using the cabinet in our house.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Lucas Durand - 7A | Nov 15 12
9 Answers

How much closed cell spray foam do I need?

I'm building a home in northern Wisconsin on the southern edge of zone 7. I'm planning on R40-45 in the walls (double stud) and R60-65 in the ceiling (parallel chord trusses). I had planned on using dense pack cellulose but there are lots of valleys and no good way to ventilate them. So I'd like to have "the appropriate amount" of closed cell spray foam applied to the inside surface of the exterior sheathing (1/2" walls/5/8" roof OSB) and fill the rest of the wall/ceiling cavities with dense packed cellulose.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Roy Brohaugh | Nov 14 12
0 Answers

Bringing HVAC contractors up to speed

Are the HVAC contractors in your area behind the times when it comes to house-as-a-system thinking?

Did you ever wish that your HVAC sub understood why his company should get ready for the 21st century?

If you can motivate your HVAC contractor to watch a short slide show, you might suggest this web page put together by Mike Rogers:

In Mechanicals | Asked By Martin Holladay | Nov 16 12
1 Answer

Paint -- combination primer and top-coat?

Paints are now offered in a combination primer / top-coat in one can.

What's the science behind this? More resin or pigment or both?

Is there a downside to using this vs. the traditional primer and then top coat later?

In General questions | Asked By john walls | Nov 15 12
6 Answers

Polyiso HD cover board to insulate a basement floor

I need every inch of height on my basement ceiling, so I was wondering if either 1 or 2 layers of roofing type polyiso HD cover board would work as both the insulation and sub-tile floor? A couple of companies make such cover board and both claim an R value of 2.5 for only 1/2" thickness. All input is appreciated.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brian Winke | Nov 14 12
61 Answers

Tongue and Groove Ceiling w/ 6mil VB - Enough?

I am building a bonus room over my garage... above the room is attic space with no current insulation. I have already installed a 6 mil vapor barrier to the joists and then put up the tongue and groove beadboard ceiling. I plan on blowing in R49 fiberglass insulation in the attic. I'm in Nashville, TN.

Will this be adequate to prevent mold and moisture issues in the attic? What about efficiency?

I did not want to put drywall between the joists and the ceiling panels since the overall ceiling is rather low and every 3/4" matters significantly.

In General questions | Asked By Collin Peterson | Nov 8 12
3 Answers

Insulating an attic ceiling

I live in Raleigh NC Zone 4. I am finishing off my attic and have a few questions about insulating between the rafters. I have continuous soffit vent and ridge vents at the top. The rafters are 8" and I am planning on attaching 2x2 furring strips to the end of the rafters to get 8 3/4" of depth to work with. I unfortunately purchased my insulation products before I found out that insulating the roof line wrong will cause much trouble. I have purchased xps rigid foam and R-19 fiberglass batts. I only need to achieve a R30 at the roof since this is finishing off an existing space.

In General questions | Asked By David Jastrow | Nov 14 12
15 Answers

Please help with poor man's insulation technique?

I know closed cell spray foam would be the best for this application but I simply can't afford it. I live in Chicago and am trying to finish my attic as a conditioned space I have a dog house dormer that has 3 1/2 " walls and I already have some r 15 fib batt ins.that I would like to fill the vertical space with. The roof of the dormer as well as the rest of the roof will accommodate 6" of extruded polystyrene which I also have on hand will this work? I know it isn't the best way but do I have any potential problems?The main roof is a hip roof. Please answer.It's getting cold here.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Richard Briede | Nov 5 12
1 Answer

How to build a wood floor over a new slab

I am building a "healthy home" based on Building Science/ Bau-Biologie principals. I'm trying to follow them to the greatest extent possible, however I'm stuck on one problem:

We poured the slab, 18", 9 months ago. The bottom floor (on the slab) is a walk-out basement. Since the slab is new, it still has a lot of moisture (I bought a meter and am measuring it). I have radiant heat in the slab, and have cranked it up for two months now, though there isn't much of a difference in moisture content per the meter readings.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Michael Rosenthal | Nov 14 12
2 Answers

Retro Renovation website announces its Blogger of the Year

The Retro Renovation website has announced its 2012 Blogger of the Year.

Thanks, Pam!

In General questions | Asked By Martin Holladay | Nov 14 12
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