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2 Answers

Rigid foam on the exterior of a house

If I am planning on using 2 inches of foil faced polysio on the exterior of a house am I better of using two layers of 1 inch foam so that I can stagger the seams?

Thanks for your comments

In Green building techniques | Asked By Randy Mason | May 9 14
2 Answers

Is this insulation plan any good?

Here's what my builder is proposing:
R-21 High Density batts covered with .003 plastic for all 2x6 sidewalls.
R- 49 17” fiberglass blown in house ceiling.
R-15 for garage stud walls.
R-19 7’’ blown in garage ceiling.
R-21 Kraft batts for basement stud walls.
Cell foam around all penetrations and box seal.
Tyvek building wrap exterior walls.

I think the 3 mil plastic on the exterior walls is a vapor barrier required by code.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By tim evans | May 9 14
27 Answers

Recommendations for insulating existing space over garage with a cathedral ceiling

I live in Massachusetts (Zone 5A) and have some space over the garage that I would like to finish as an office. The space has a sloped roof with 2x8 rafters, with soffit vents and a ridge vent (but no existing insulation). I'll be adding some 5 foot kneewalls and a ceiling, leaving about 4-5 feet of cathedral ceiling between the two.

What are my options for insulating the space? I have looked at closed cell insulation but quotes have come in at about $5-6K to insulate the entire roof deck (no venting). So I'm looking for cheaper alternatives.

I am thinking this (outside in):

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Andrew K | Oct 4 13
0 Answers

Aquapol for rising damp

Has anyone know if the product Aquapol works for rising damp?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Gayle Pound | May 9 14
27 Answers

Best options for replacing oil-fired steam radiator system in a 1850s home?

I just purchased a large multistory brick home built around 1850, located in Frederick, MD, and would like to replace the existing oil-fired boiler steam radiator system and electric AC system with a better arrangement to save money and safety.

There are two electric units currently; one in the basement serving the first floor and one in the walk-up attic serving the second floor. So far we are considering two new 16-SEER, 5-ton heat pump units but I am curious if you had any better suggestions. Any insight and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Joe Schmo | Apr 30 14
3 Answers

is there something i can insulate my floor with?

Our house is pier and beam. I am about to refloor a room with pallet planks. I was wondering if there was something i could lay between the subfloor osb and the new flooring i will be installing that will act as an insulation.

In General questions | Asked By Colton Cantwell | May 7 14
26 Answers

Any good heat recovery options for dryer and range hood exhaust?

I saw mention of this in another question/answer session, but would like to hear more.
Any way to use Heat Recovery Ventilator for dryer exhaust?-Thanks.

In PassivHaus | Asked By matt berges | Nov 26 10
13 Answers

Interior rigid insulation for a “flow-through” assembly?

Hi everyone,

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Nicholas Brown | Apr 4 14
5 Answers

New home design


I am planning the construction of a house close to the beach. The house will be located in Delaware near the beach shore. The front of the house is pointed sw and back of the house is ne. The house will be built on piles. The ground floor has garage, closed deck (unconditioned) and a mud room that has stairs that lead up to the first floor (conditioned). The first floor has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with a gathering room. The 2nd floor has 1 master bedroom and master bath. There is a kitchen, living room on the 2nd. The house is 46 x 60 and is mostly a rectangle.

In General questions | Asked By LUKE BURTELL | May 7 14
5 Answers

What's the best foundation for a desert home?

We are planning to build a home on our property in the Chihuahuan Desert in West Texas and are kicking around foundation ideas. Wondering if we should consider concrete slab, pier and beam, or something else. What's best for high temperatures?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Vicky Marshall | May 5 14
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