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5 Answers

Dryer ducting — materials requirements

Hi all,

I've been finding so much mixed information regarding this all over the net. Some places specify only rigid galvanized steel is approved for in wall and attic, other places I find aluminum or galvanized is approved.

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Joe G | Sep 22 14
1 Answer

With DriCore, why is the 1/4 inch gap around the perimeter necessary?

Just watched the install guide for Dricore. I'm finishing my basement. Right now it's bare concrete. It says in the video to leave a 1/4 inch gap around the perimeter. However it doesn't give a reason why. Here is what I was originally planning on doing. I have true foam type two rigid adhered to the concrete walls with seams taped and spray foam to fill in the corners and bigger gaps. Next the plan was the install the dricore tight against the foam. exterior walls are to be studded up on top of the dricore 24' oc with r20 batts between the studs.

In General questions | Asked By Mark McKenzie | Sep 23 14
2 Answers

French drain


I had a question about the gap at the wall with the french drain. We are concerned about radon, and if we do not anticipate any water entering the basement again after install of the drain, can we not have this gap at the wall?
Can this simply be cemented over? Contractor said it could.

In General questions | Asked By Dave Mac | Sep 23 14
2 Answers

Tyroc subfloor

Hi would like opinion on Tyroc subfloor for use in basement and if it is better than some of the others subfloors on the market Thanks

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Brad D | Sep 21 14
14 Answers

Insulated slab detail "problem"

We are to build a Passive House in PA, and have "borrowed" a technique from another PH in Virginia, where part of a typical EPS under slab was substituted with a layer of perlite bags placed over just 4'' of EPS. I believe it also allowed us to reduce the slab thickness to 4'' (in the center).

In General questions | Asked By Lucyna de Barbaro | Aug 22 14
3 Answers

A layer of 1" XPS foam between fiberglass batts?

I live in MN and am working on a complete interior remodel. The exterior walls are 2"x6" w/ R19 fiberglass batt insulation, some with Kraft back & some with poly on the interior side. I would like to try & at least double the R value, but due to other design constraints would like to keep the additional interior intrusion to a minimum (exterior insulation is not possible).

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Joshua Streblow | Sep 19 14
4 Answers

Thinking of going solar

I have reading alot about solar systems. I live in a 40' 5th wheel RV. Now This is what I was thinking of buying.....

6 - LG 305 watt solar panels ( 305 watt output each total 1830 watts ) ( around 75 amps output )
Magnum 5000 watt 24 volt inverter
Schneider (Xantrex) XW-MPPT-60-150V Charge Controller
4 - 6 volt 480ah Royal AGM batteries.
( Plus 3 - 30 amp fuse boxes and a junction box for the solar panels

My question is..............

I am Trying to figure out how many hours per will I be able to runs some devices on solar

In Green building techniques | Asked By Ron Davis | Sep 19 14
4 Answers

Would Tyvek on top of rafters and under roof sheeeting meet R806.4 for non-vented attics?

Wish to have a non-vented attic but desire blown insulation. It appears R806.4 does not allow this. Would Tyvek remove requirement for spray insulation against roof sheeting?

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Elmo Saunders | Sep 22 14
5 Answers

Help with basement design

Hello All,

I am working on refinishing a play room in the basement that was recently damaged from water coming through the slab because my gutter was not hooked into the corrugated pipe that takes water away. So I now I want to refinish a playroom for my 1 year old son in the basement, making sure the health and safety is the priority.

In Green building techniques | Asked By leonid grossman | Sep 21 14
21 Answers

Liability insurance - what would that cover?

1. Does liability insurance cover issues related to removing improperly installed open-cell foam in an attic on the underside of a roof (i.e. all those horror stories about roof rot, or open-cell continually off-gassing or smelling weeks after it was installed, etc..)? Or is that a different type of insurance?

2. Should I specifically ask for the details in the Liability insurance to find out specifically what it covers, is that something contractors should be willing to share?

In General questions | Asked By George G | Sep 12 14
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