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1 Answer

Restored steel casement window solutions?

After doing some thermal investigation, I have restored a bunch of late '50s steel casement windows for use on an addition. I had found a place, Innerglass, that made interior, spring loading, storm windows that sounded like they would take my casements from beautiful to practical.

However, recently I have read about "magnetic bellow" design window inserts, so I am looking for advice.

I live in central Illinois. Lots of the casements will be facing south. I know these windows arent the smart choice, but I really like them.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By sarah mccutcheon | Nov 14 12
4 Answers

Will vapor barrier paint on the ceilings prevent most of the air and moisture migration from the living space into the attic?

My house (currently being constructed in SW Colorado) will have Sheetrock walls and ceilings throughout. Will vapor barrier paint on the ceilings prevent most of the air and moisture migration from the living space into the attic?

There are several dropped ceiling soffits wrapped in sheetrock. If I paint these per above, and fill the inside cavity with the same blown-in insulation used throughout the attic (R60 cellulose), will I need to do any further sealing of the soffits?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Donald Bradley | Nov 18 12
1 Answer

How much blown-in cellulose can you put on top of a 5/8" drywall ceiling?

I have trusses on 24 inch centers and plan on at least 12 inches of cellulose. When do you have to use something stronger like OSB and how is it finished?

In Green building techniques | Asked By larry ogden | Nov 17 12
1 Answer

Is N type mortar a good substitute for lime based mortar?

I have an old brick house built in 1915. In some places the bricks are so water damaged that they are deteriorating and turn to sand when touched. I'm about to get a lot of brick work done to the house.

1- I'm getting the front wall pointed--these bricks are actually in okay condition but they absorb water which is ruining the interior plaster walls.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Mary Farrah | Nov 17 12
1 Answer

Is there a detail drawing on how to install cast natural stones over 2 layers of 1 inch rigid foam with 1x4 vert. fur strips?

i have a split level home and under the cantilever portion of house was going to install the stone rock. the rest of the house has fiber cement siding .with two ,one inch layers of rigid foam

In Green building techniques | Asked By richard friend | Nov 17 12
1 Answer

Hot water heaters in series, but first tank has other parallel feeds

I am getting a home built that has two separate water usage areas separated by a wide living area. I am likely going to go with propane tank style heaters since the tankless units (and their installation) cost so much. I want to do a 40-gallon over the master and kids bathroom. Then another 40 gallon on the opposite side of the house for the kitchen, laundy, and guest bath.

What I want to do is fill the one over the master with hot water coming from the kitchen tank. However, the kitchen would also supply, in parallel, all of its own dedicated taps (kitchen, laundry, and guest).

In Mechanicals | Asked By Dustin Gohmert | Nov 17 12
7 Answers

Foam Board insulation between attic joists?

Hello, First thanks for providing this site, and the Q/A forum. I spent the last week reading through all of the blogs, and think I have a much better plan for beginning to insulate/ air seal my 1930's craftsman/ cottage house.

I have the ability to get free / very cheap 4x8 foam board insulation. ( not styrofoam, either pink or blue iso board) I'm not exactly sure on the type(s) at this time.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Casey M | Jul 29 11
9 Answers

Comparison of insulation price per sq. ft. per R-1

One would think there should be a chart that compares the range of cost between different types of insulation (per sq. ft. per R-1). However, I haven't come across any reference.

Does anyone know a range of the prices off the top off their head for various types of wall insulation (polyiso, EPS, XPS, cellulose)? I know prices can vary wildly within a city and what volume your are purchasing, but I'm guessing that there are some rules of thumb that builders tend to go with.


In Green products and materials | Asked By Kristopher Steege-Reimann | Nov 15 12
9 Answers

Best hot water heating system for off-grid year-round cabin (zone 4c)


Newbie here so please be gentle!

My husband and I are currently renovating a 1950's 1 1/2 story 750 sq. ft. cabin in coastal BC for use on most weekends and holidays. It's off-grid, but has access to the community's diesel-powered 15 kW generator. The fuel bills for electricity are enormous and I doubt the generator will be around 10 years from now, so I'm trying to minimize electricity use when looking at what to do with the cabin.

In General questions | Asked By Cynthia Bendickson | Nov 15 12
6 Answers

Backup heat for small building?

I believe you may have answered this question in an article but darn I can't find it.
So, need to ask.

I have a new small <800 sq. ft. structure, one story, built to Energy Star 2012 standards in zone 6. Mostly open design.

Building has an insulated crawlspace with rat slab (as of this week the insulators have not come, so exposed studs to work with, but i need to decide).

I plan to use a small wood stove for primary heat (it is piped for outside air intake).

In General questions | Asked By brenda field | Nov 12 12
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