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7 Answers

Cathedral ceiling exterior insulation retrofit

Climate zone 5A . I need to replace my roof and want to add exterior insulation over a cathedral ceiling.

I am pretty sure there is poly in the ceiling and am worried about trapped moisture. How should a person handle a retrofit when there is drywall, poly, fiberglass batt insulation, roof deck and shingles.

In General questions | Asked By Robert Hronek | May 5 13
4 Answers

Rim joist air-sealing options

We are using 2" of exterior polyiso foam with air-barrier established at the Zip sheathing. Our first choice in regards to the basement rim joist was to use closed-cell spray foam. Now I understand that we should avoid this "foam sandwich" but open-cell is an option due to its vapor permeability properties. Then I read more about foam and am a bit afraid of spray foam in general.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Troy Stevenson | May 4 13
7 Answers

What climate zone am I in?

My house will be located in bristol county, zip code 02717. Am I climate zone 5 or 4 marine?
I ask because I'm trying to determine what thickness of exterior rigid foam insulation to use.
I'm thinking of using 2x6 walls fiilled with dense packed cellulose, covered with plywood, then tyvek, then 1 inch of xps foam.

Going off this http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/calculating-minim...

I'm either ok or under what I need to avoid the dew point issues.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jason carreiro | May 5 13
1 Answer

Soy foam insulation smell

We recently had soy foam insulation applied to our dining rom and living room wall and a garage wall. We had situation where the original siding of the house on the garage level was not properly secured to the framing and there was air coming from outside the house getting trapped between the wall directly above it (dining room/living room) causing the sheetrock or dry wall to smell. We removed the sheet rock and insulation. There was no mold or any rodent infestation but the wood was old and smelled.

In Project management | Asked By Stephanie Ciletti | May 6 13
4 Answers

Coating for a galvanized roof

I live in South Louisiana and I have a galvanized rusty roof that I have to live with.

What is a good coating that I can use.. Thank you.

In General questions | Asked By mark bradley | May 6 13
6 Answers

Question about the Panasonic spot ERV

I work for a non-profit organization weatherizing homes. I live in the deep South, so ERVs provide good potential benefits in this region.

We've recently installed two of these units but were disappointed in the cfm reading we got. the unit is advertised at 40 cfm, however using the flow pan and manometer the highest reading I could get on this unit was around 11 CFM.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By jamar lambert | May 6 13
10 Answers

Conversion of delivered energy to primary energy

I am looking for the factor that allows me to convert delivered energy (electricity in kWh) to the primary energy.(kWh) value. Location is British Columbia where most of the electricity generated is hydropower if this would have an impact on the ratio of primary energy to delivered energy. Many thanks.

In PassivHaus | Asked By Manfred Winter | Apr 30 13
1 Answer

I would like to insulate the attic rafters but I would like to keep the rafters visible for a decorative look

Are insulation boards available with a wood look to them? I saw something on the internet that had that look but have not been able to find what i saw

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By jorge romero | May 4 13
1 Answer

Question RE: Installing polyiso around a stovepipe

I am doing a weatherization project on my house where I am installing polyisocyanurate below the ceiling rafters. I have an existing stove pipe and chimney in place for the fireplace that came with the house. I want to get rid of the fireplace and install a wood stove. The existing stovepipe/chimney are double walled and I think the interior pipe is 6" (not sure) and the exterior is 10" or 12" (unsure on that too).

What specials precautions must I take to install the polyiso around the stovepipe?

The polyiso is 14 feet above where the top of the stove would be.

In General questions | Asked By Kevin Lauscher | May 4 13
4 Answers

Where to place snow guards?

Part of my retrofit included a standing-seam metal roof, the type
with snap-together panels. I've read some of the folks' prior
experiences with metal roofs and snow, and spent some of my first
winter watching the big cornices slowly form over the edge and
then thud down -- in the back of the house, onto the basement
bulkhead and outer edge of the little matching rooflet over the
heat pump [and boy, am I glad I constructed *that* to be strong],
and shoveled most of what fell farther away from the house so it
wouldn't form a huge mound and then melt toward the basement wall

In Green building techniques | Asked By Hobbit _ | May 2 13
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