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4 Answers

Retrofit unvented catherdral ceiling

Hello and thanks in advance for help ...

I am in zone 5 (by your map) Ohio and have a typical cathedral ceiling room addition from the late 70s. T&G knotty pine, followed by 6" fiberglass in 2 x 6 rafters and then the roof plywood ...of course now rotten and was previously replaced!. I am a senior lady trying to get the contractor to do it as correct as possible this time. None of the carpenters seem to know what to do with my situation so I have had to do the research.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Arlene | Nov 13 15
3 Answers

Home certification for DIY improvements?


I am based in Illinois and have a energy star certificate program available to me,(http://www.illinoishomeperformance.org/) but it requires that the contractor do the work I would rather do myself for 15-20% of the cost.

Is anyone aware of a low cost certification where I can do the work myself?

I am hoping a certification will help me get a better appraisal/sales value in the future which is a long term goal of making some of the changes. This for an existing home 67' and the projects will mostly focus on sealing and insulation additions / improvements.


In General questions | Asked By John Reuter | Nov 13 15
10 Answers

Advice for keeping snow off a minisplit?

As I am getting for another bad New England winter, I clearly remember my last one, when we just got minisplits installed. It was daily duty to shovel them out. One installed on the North side would get bunch of wind-swept snow off the roof above and so would the one on the East side.

Unfortunately, I did not know it was possible to mount them on the wall, so they are sitting on concrete pad HVAC people installed it on. Maybe I wold put lattice on the side where prevailing winds are from and try to keep snow off it that.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Apollo | Nov 12 15
21 Answers

HVAC concept selection

I am considering HVAC options for a house in Michigan (climate zone 5). I would appreciate advice from this forum. Am I forgetting some important issues? Is my assessment of the advantages and drawbacks of various options faulty? The house is 2300 ft^2 above grade plus a finished basement (including bedrooms). I calculate a design heating load of about 30k btu/hr using Marc Rosenbaum’s spreadsheet. Regardless of which heating and cooling option I choose, I will be installing an HRV or ERV.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Reid Baldwin | Sep 17 15
27 Answers

Roof construction for a low-slope roof?


In General questions | Asked By Kevin Hoene | Sep 21 15
8 Answers

I need to use ^more^ electricity

Hi. I'd like some advice or suggestions. I'm in the lucky position of having to use more electricity. I have a solar pv tracker that generates about 5500 kwh/yr and I live in Vt where I cannot accumulate electricity $ credit for more than a year. My house is a New England Cape and I've done some energy conservation and efficiency measures during the last 15 years. I currently use about 4400 kwh/year and I hope to reduce that number over the next year. I already have an electric oven, stovetop and dryer. My oil boiler system (Energy Kinetics) is less than 20 years old and in great condition.

In General questions | Asked By Andy Friedland | Nov 8 15
2 Answers

Barn renovation — floor insulation dilemma

I am renovating a historic post an beam barn in VT. We are turning the structure into living space. This has lead us to relay and mortar the stone foundation. Spray foam the outside of the barn and add an additional layer of siding. The space is roughly 1000 sq ft.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Christopher Cullen | Nov 12 15
8 Answers

Does the floor mortar bed and wall tile mortar contain asbestos?


I live in a home in Montreal built in 1959. I started to gut the bathroom and then remembered once reading something about asbestos in building materials. Should I be concerned about asbestos in the mortar beds under the floor and walls? There is also a layer of mortar over the drywall and on metal mesh that is behind the mortar beds.

Dan Montagano

In General questions | Asked By Dan Montagano | Nov 7 15
18 Answers

Hot water recirculation tempering questions

I am currently living in my house's finished basement while I am renovating the upper floors. I just passed rough-in inspection for the upstairs baths and kitchen, and I mentioned to the inspector that we were sometimes running out of hot water for our shower when the basement slab hydronic heating had been running for any extended time.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By brint rr | Nov 11 15
7 Answers

Tiny House wall envelope condensation worries


I have been reading on this forum for the last 2 weeks and found it very helpful that is why I want to ask a question to this knowledgable crowd.
My problem is this:
I am will start building a tiny house on wheels next week. the trailer has been delivered already and i am finishing the rough construction plans. the build will take place in perth, western australia which has a climate similar to your zone 3 or mediterranean, in other words. i might also move the house to a slight cooler area from here later on but it will hardly ever see frost.

In General questions | Asked By Andreas Mueller | Nov 11 15
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