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9 Answers

Condensation on framing members?

If I have a 9" wall cavity and place 2" of poly-iso on the interior side of the sheathing and then fill the rest of the cavity with dense pack cellulose, do I risk condensation on the studs? In other words, will the dew point reach through the poly-iso and into the cellulose part of the cavity along the low r-value studs? I plan to use Intel membrane on the interior to stop as much air exfiltration as possible while allowing some drying to the interior in summer. The space will generally be air conditioned in summer, which should help inward drying.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Joseph Carry | Aug 11 15
4 Answers

Will semi-transperant stain on rough-cut siding last and protect?

I am in climate zone 4C and am planning on installing rough cut fir reverse board and batten siding on the home I am trying to build. I am relying on the reverse board and batten as a rain screen.

I am planning on staining both sides of the boards and battens as they are installed with a semi-transparent gray stain to give the fir a aged look.

I have heard that semi transparent stains will only last a few years. Is it silly for me to waste time and money to stain the back of my siding if the product will not last very long?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Kail Zuschlag | Aug 11 15
2 Answers

How to reduce the power consumption in our office

I have been working as a research paper writer in one of the leading online research writing service website named [web site name deleted by GBA editor] for the past 5 years. Due to global climatic change, our company has been facing a huge power cut problem and fir generator itself for the last year a lot money has been spent. So, I request you all to suggest us a best solution for this power cut problem. I request you all to suggest us a best alternative power production method or source which should be in a minimum and manageable amount.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By elias williams | Aug 12 15
9 Answers

How much foam to put under a basement floor?

I'm trying to determine how much foam to put under my basement floor in a house design, and I'm having a surprisingly hard time coming up with a clear answer. This is climate zone 7, and the ground temperatures down deep are somewhere around 40-45F. Most homes here do 2" of foam. My house design is a walkout basement, so one side of the house would be close to the ground and the other 3 sides would be under about 8 feet of soil. ICF walls.

In General questions | Asked By Nick Hall | Aug 10 15
3 Answers

Mitsubishi mini split questions

I am replacing an old heat pump in my Boston area condo unit (middle floor and attached units on each side). I wanted a hyper heat ductless mini split (Mitsubishi FE series) but it only goes to 18k btu. Would I be better off with this or with the GE series which is sized correctly (24k btu)???
The contractor wants to leave in the old (1985) heat pump as a back up. Does this make sense?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Ann Shef | Aug 11 15
3 Answers

Need some advice on flashing a window in relation to the housewrap and exterior foam

Need some advice on flashing a window in relation to the house wrap and exterior foam.

Purchased a house that was a foreclosure and had been empty for several years. Just started the remodel and when replacing a rotted window we found termite damage. So we took the wall down to the studs and started over.

New OSB sheathing, Tyvek, new construction window flashed with a slopped sill and tape flashing. Basically followed the steps for an ‘innie” window.

In General questions | Asked By Daron Davis | Aug 5 15
3 Answers

Recommendations for range hood and bath fan venting in soffit?

I am building a home in climate zone C4 and am trying my best to limit penetrations in the metal roof. I have been thinking of trying to vent both a bath fan and range hood fan out my roof soffits. I am also planning on using continuous soffit vents. Does anyone have any advice or do's and don'ts around this?

I was thinking of stoping my continuous soffit vents for the 2' truss bay that I install the exhaust vents in. Am I thinking of this right? Or is there a better method?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Kail Zuschlag | Aug 9 15
2 Answers

What screws to use for vinyl siding with 4" polyiso exterior sheathing?

I've put the cart ahead of the horse on a reno I'm doing it seems. I have installed 4" of polyiso rigid insulation over the exterior of my house and will be covering that with vinyl siding that I already have waiting for install.

In General questions | Asked By Tim Hawn | Aug 12 15
8 Answers

Do I need to remove our unused chimney?

There is a short unused brick chimney in our attic. It has been closed off for years & does not go thru the roof. We had a metal roof installed and they did not put soffit vents back in...only vented at ridge cap....now I have a huge condensation issue. I have had blown in insulation removed and am having soffit vents installed...my husband says the chimney is adding to the problem due to bricks holding moisture. I think if we stop the condensation with proper ventilation that the bricks will not draw much moisture from the cold air.

In General questions | Asked By Melody Fronsdahl | Aug 10 15
5 Answers

Lunos E2 HRV

Does anyone have experience in Canada getting permission from local building inspectors to install the Lunos e2 HRV's? We have been shut down now for months trying to get sign off on them for 540 sq ft micro-lofts we are building in Halifax (urbanrenewable.com). Locating tangible evidence the units have been installed elsewhere in Canada will establish credibility. We have performed a blower door test and engaged local mechanical engineers to vouch for the equipment based on the data established in the test, however, we are still facing opposition from compliance.

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Kerry Lynch | Aug 11 15
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