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5 Answers

Hello all,

In Green products and materials | Asked By T Vermont | Dec 14 11
5 Answers

Last winter I ordered window inserts to beef up my double-pane, double-hung windows and I think the results were good. In the late spring I also installed double honeycomb cellular shades to abate summer heat (inserts in storage at this point).

The window inserts I use are from [insert name of company here]. They come with a heavy gauge film mounted on a frame and a foam gasket around the frame for fitting and airsealing. Essentially, they are seamless interior storm windows. The insulating shades are a close fit within the window frame.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Christopher Ring | Dec 14 11
6 Answers

I have a cape and have torn off the roof, added eaves and overhangs, moved the thermal boundary from the knee-walls to the gable walls and now am tweaking my approach on the roof/rafter bays.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Robert Post S.E. Pennsylvania Zone 4a | Dec 14 11
8 Answers


I've ordered a fixed triple glazed window through the person who will be installing it, and it has finally arrived. However, the size that has arrived is not the size I ordered (in writing).

In addition to the issue of whether or not it'll fit into the RO, there's the other issue, that at widths greater than 55" (I'd ordered 55") the thickness changes from 3mm to 4mm (I think I have that right).

In General questions | Asked By Minneapolis Disaster, 6B | Dec 13 11
1 Answer

I think that Martin should put his musings into a printed form...it would make a handy reference book. Who else here would support this idea?

In General questions | Asked By Garth Sproule 7A | Dec 13 11
4 Answers

I live in Iowa and my attic insulation requirement is R-49. I currently do not have enough insulation and I'd like to take it up. I have been told to use fiberglass or cellulose depending on who I'm talking to. I'd prefer to use cellulose, but I have concerns about too much weight on the ceiling that would cause it to sag. I would like to foam the floor of the attic and put blown-in cellulose over top. I think this would provide the best air sealing and insulation performance. I'm confused about what type of foam to use.

In General questions | Asked By Jason Schaffer | Dec 13 11
1 Answer

Hi, I was wondering if there would be enough of an advantage to make it worthwhile to install some elevated collar ties above the ceiling joists in my attic to give me about a 20" deep cavity to cover in Insulweb and then dense-pack the floor with cellulose?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By chris steiner | Dec 13 11

We are planning to install formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation batts with 1 1/2 " insulation baffles in an attic that will have ridge and soffit vents. Need FSK [foil-scrim-kraft] faced so that it can be left exposed. Worried about flame retardants, as they build up in the body and do not flush out (store in our fat tissue).

Any idea how to find out what flame retardants are added to FSK facing? Is each product different?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Jas Thurber | Dec 13 11
5 Answers

I have a two story home that I would like to conduct a deep energy retrofit as part of an extensive remodel. The home was built in 1964 and is located in Cincinnati (zone 4A). There is currently no insulation or poly vapor barrier in the walls. There is 1/8" thermoply sheathing.

Right now, the plans are to remove the brick and vinyl siding. The 2x4 walls will be dense packed cellulose in the 2x4 walls and covered with 1-2" of polyisocyanurate sheathing. Fiber cement siding will be placed over the assembly on furring strips.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Brad Stoppenhagen | Dec 11 11
5 Answers

Hello, I recently completed a home energy audit and a few questions arose during the process...
- I was advised to raise the water temp in my standard 50gl electric water heater. My water source is a single user well that gets softened then carbon filtered...what's the Min temp I can set?
- Is it best to turn the mini's off during the day and let the house temp go down OR simply leave the mini's on at a lower temp and adjust for comfort when occupied?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Frank O | Dec 11 11
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