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4 Answers

Bathroom remodel plans call for 3 sconces next to medicine cabinets (two 60-watt bulbs each in frosted glass fixtures)

Plans also call for two 4" cans 5 feet behind sinks for lighting by the closet. The contractor wants to add two recessed 4" cans above sinks (on dimmers). We also have a large skylight in the room. Advice? Thank you!

In Plans Review | Asked By Suzanne Taylor | Aug 4 14
1 Answer

If necessary, could the Zip System 5/16th sheathing survive a New Hampshire winter without siding?

We need some honest opinion and some guidance.

We are building a small summer home in northern NH. We had a family member pass away and have had to take time away from building in order to put some family affairs in order. As a result we won't be able to complete all the work we need to complete before we leave in a week.

We don't think we have time to put up siding before we go.. However, the sheathing is mounted and taped on the house. (The roof is shingled already.)

Left as such, would the Zip System sheathing survive a New Hampshire winter without siding to cover it?

In General questions | Asked By chase orton | Aug 4 14
2 Answers

Minimum thickness of roof foam


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jeremy Shima | Aug 2 14
3 Answers

Attic fans

I live on Long Island in NY state close to the ocean and have two fans in my attic -- they have been there since I bought the house and I have already replaced them once BUT after reading your 10/12 article re these fans, I'm wondering if I should disconnect them. My attic floor is insulated with blown in cellulose and I have soffit vents and four normal passive vents already in the roof. I do have my air-handler in the attic along with soft duct work to various top floor A/C outlets. My home is 73' x 31'

In General questions | Asked By Dan Donovan | Aug 4 14
0 Answers

Attic fans with a hip roof

Sorry if you think I didn't understand your very clear article --- my mistake, since I did not mention that my roof is a "hip" roof and I heard that could make a difference since ridge ventilation may not function with a hip roof. I'm thinking that my four passive vents along with the natural vents created by two non-working attic fans may be enough? Just wanted an opinion re a 73x31 hip roof.


In General questions | Asked By Dan Donovan | Aug 4 14
19 Answers

Attic ventilation questions

Hi Guys,

So after getting a $310 bill from the folks at Duke Energy last month, I decided it was time to figure out a more efficient way to cool our home. I've since asked them for their free energy audit to identify areas where I can save energy.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jeff Lever | Jul 29 14
2 Answers

Air space or rigid foam to insulate on exterior of block wall that will have furring strips for vinyl siding.

I've been googling and cannot find info close to my situation. So I am hoping to get some ideas here. I have purchased an old building with block walls and no windows. It is the corner eyesore but is useful as a secondary shop for me, plus it zoned as commercial property, which you never know when having a commercial address can be beneficial. Anyway, I only plan to use it as a workshop, so optimal heating isn't crucial. However, being an eyesore, and my experience with painted exteriors in Michigan, I plan to vinyl side the building, which will include furring strips.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Eric Wheeler | Aug 3 14
5 Answers

Help with knee wall insulation project

Hello, I am looking for some help with an insulation project for a knee wall in my old Bungalow style home. I am in Michigan so the winters can be very cold and summers hot/humid. I am currently insulating the knee walls in the upstairs area where our bedroom is. The bedroom gets extremely hot in the summer due to the knee walls, but somehow stays relatively comfortable in the winter.

In General questions | Asked By Matt Warner | Aug 3 14
6 Answers

Triple pane IGU question

I'm looking at two manufacturers of uPVC windows. They use different frame profiles that are nearly identical, the colored foils are from the same supplier, the spacers and glass are slightly different but overall the specs are nearly identical. The price quotes are very close but structured differently so it's difficult to compare apples to apples. The biggest difference is their approach for higher alltitude installations. One uses a pressure release tube that is pinched at the final destination and only the units requireing it are tempered SG.

In General questions | Asked By Chuck Jensen | Aug 1 14
4 Answers

Exterior rigid insulation - semi-permeable EPS with poly vapour barrier

We are currently working on two residential projects where we have specified exterior rigid insulation over a 2x6" wood framed wall. Both projects occur within Climate Zone 5 but they also have very different amounts of annual rainfall (260mm in the interior of British Columbia vs 1650mm closer to the coast). The wall assembly looks like the following in both cases with the minor difference of the insulation in the stud cavity.

Exterior Wall Assembly
- Cement Board or Cedar Cladding
- 1/2" Plywood Strapping - Rainscreen

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brett Sichello | Jul 31 14
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