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0 Answers


I found a reference to a composite building product called Newwood, made using a lot of content from recycled plastic bags. Probably similar to several other mixed wood/plastic products out there, but seems to be marketed as a direct substitute for plywood.

Lots of testimonials on its weather resistance, but nothing about structural strength.

Anyone used this stuff in a real-life application?

Something like that might be nice as flooring over a basement slab, come to think of it... no moisture issues, in theory.


In Green products and materials | Asked By Hobbit _ | Jul 13 13
1 Answer

What are the best synthetic slate roofing products?

Must be durable and class A fire rating. Freeze-thaw resistant.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Michael Sanner | Jul 12 13
12 Answers

What product is great for daily use on shower walls that are ceramic tile to reduce soap scum build up and mildew?

Is there a product that is safe to use on ceramic tile on the walls in the shower on a daily basis after taking showers?

In General questions | Asked By Theresa Thompson | May 18 13
8 Answers

Retrofitting loose-fit batts in cathedral ceilings

What is the best method to retrofit loose batts that don't fill rafter cavities? Should we slice pieces of unfaced fiberglass, or blow in loose fiberglass fill? I am concerned that loose fill might plug the ventilation space, and also that the vapor barrier would continue to have substantial gaps.

The kraft-faced 10" batt fiberglass insulation between 2x12 7:12 pitch 24" o.c. rafters is poorly fit, due to variation of the rafter spacing; some of the batts have up to 2" gaps for the entire length. I guess it was deemed good enough in the 80's.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By brian rawlinson | Jul 10 13
13 Answers

Construction Software

I'm wondering if forum members can recommend a free or inexpensive CAD software for helping me visualize and plan a house building project? Ideally, I'd like to work on everything from site design, to general construction plans, to wiring, plumbing, heating details, etc. I've played around with Google SketchUp some. The price is certainly right. Are there better programs, suitably intuitive for an amateur?

In General questions | Asked By John Hess | Dec 5 10
3 Answers

1920 brick rowhome -- bathroom gut rehab help.

EDIT from original post:

Hello again from Philadelphia, PA. We've gutted to the brick wall on four sides of the only full bathroom in the house. (On the first floor no less!) This was an add on to the original structure with brick on 3.5 walls. Two of them are party walls attaching to neighbor's structures. The exposed wall has one jalousie window which I am replacing with a new Marvin Infinity fiberglass double hung window.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Michele Kohler | Jun 9 13
0 Answers

Zip-R Wall Section

We are building a new home in Zone 5(IN). We are considering the use of Zip-R sheathing with the 1" foam section. The majority of our walls are 2x4 framing, but there are a few sections that are 2x6 for bearing. What would you recommend for the cavity insulation? Right now we have flash and batt plugged in (.5"CCF + R-13or R-19 batts depending on wall thickness). Does the "flash" and Zip-R foam act as one layer to alleviate concerns about dew point inside the wall in the 2x6 area?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brad Gustin | Jul 12 13
20 Answers

Hybrid heat pump water heater questions & recommendation

I am building a home in the central VA area and have some questions regarding the optimal water heater set up for my situation. I have a wife and 2 kids. We all like relatively hot showers. We tend to shower/bathe in AM, do laundry a few times a week usually in mid afternoon on weekends and evenings on weekdays, and run the dishwasher late at night around 9-11pm. Essentially we dont have much high flow simultaneous usage except AM showers once the kids get older.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Atul Gupta | Jul 5 13
5 Answers

What types of exterior finish are recommended for pressure treated wood basements? How does one do stucco?

I have a wood basement that I built many years ago. The house is built on it and its exterior is mostly finished. However, the basement has been wrapped with tyvec and typar and has stucco wire tacked up to hold it in place. The wrap is showing weather wear. I have been unable to find clear, detailed instructions for diy finishing using stucco. What types of finish are recommended? How does one do stucco?

In General questions | Asked By Albert Reule | Jul 9 13
5 Answers

Airtight electrical boxes

Long time reader......we have 1940's 1.5 story in MN far from air tight but have made some strides with air sealing etc. One thing we have been dealing with in this recording breaking summer of high dew points and humidity is a faint order or musty/cigarette smoke if I put my nose right up to the switch plates and electrical plates. Some being worse than others. Now quick background the prior owners did smoke and inventively I understand much of that smell is probably behind the walls.

In General questions | Asked By M S | Aug 3 11
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