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1 Answer

Best practice for roofing/insulation without a ridge vent?

Hello all,

New user here. Zone 4A. Looking to actually build a "tiny house" of sorts out of a portable building. I've been looking for information on the best way to insulate a roof that will not have a ridge vent.

The portable building has a metal roof over osb with a barrier in between. We're looking to insulate and face with drywall. I have read that humidity will make rot an eventual problem in this situation.

Do you have any suggestions? Sorry for the dearth of details but I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, hench the questions. Thank you for your time.


Ray D.

In General questions | Asked By Ray Ducette | Apr 3 16
2 Answers

How to properly insulate/ventilate a roof with no soffit venting?

My home has no soffits to vent and I get ice damming every winter. Also, where I have vaulted ceilings, the drywall is cracking. The roof has no vents, and the eaves are not vented, either. What is the most effective approach to alleviating these problems? Is active ventilation with a humidistat an option?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Rick McKenna | Apr 2 16
2 Answers

Best transparent water-based stain for new clear cedar siding?

Does anybody know about SDF enviro stain? How does it compare to other water base stains? Job location is just above Kingston NY, concerned about blackening, or I'd probably go full oil base for penetrating qualities.

In General questions | Asked By Ben Williams | Apr 2 16
10 Answers

Good hot roof?

I have been doing research and reading for the past year on cathedral ceilings and retrofitting additional insulation.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By David Mosijchuk | Mar 23 16
7 Answers

I need to find a good seal for pressure-treated cut ends on my decks

Do they have something I can buy at Home Depot?

I am a deck builder and need to find a sealant for my pressure treated cut ends. I have looked at Home Depot and they told me they don't stock anything that will work. I need something I can brush on right after I make the cut. What do you suggest?

In General questions | Asked By Thomas P. Stinson | Apr 1 16
6 Answers

What is the most durable/appropriate sealant for air sealing on uPVC?

I've got a pretty critical bead of sealant going from my sill pan to the sills of my Intus windows. Just wondering what other folks have found?

In General questions | Asked By Kevin Freeman | Mar 31 16
11 Answers

What is the best air-to-water heat pump for Zone 3?

I live in zone 3 in coastal California where temperatures rarely exceed 100 F in summer or drop below freezing in winter. We have a 3200 sq ft home with existing radiant heat. Seeking advice as to latest/greatest air to water heat pump unit to install along with new PV solar system to heat both domestic hot water and floors.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Larry Minden | Mar 30 16
7 Answers

I am looking at putting rigid foam on an existing house prior to re-siding

I am on the eastern shore of Maryland (Marine Zone 4, I assume) and am looking at putting rigid foam on an existing house prior to re-siding. The walls are 2x4 and have paper-faced fiberglass batts installed in them that will not be removed. Will I have any issues?

The windows are being replaced as well so would it be better to have the foam face the water management plane or a WRB behind?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Mike Labesky | Apr 1 16
1 Answer

I have posted a few questions here and can't figure out how to respond to the responses for further inquiries or clarification.

Is there a way to respond to a response without going back to the post a question page?

In General questions | Asked By Mike Labesky | Apr 1 16
5 Answers

Sealing rigid foam on walls

We are finally starting to put 2" XPS boards on the concrete walls of our basement. We are building a home and are DIYing this project to save a little bit of money. We plan to use PL300 to adhere the boards to the all and will be using tongue and groove boards. We plan to stud in the boards as well with 2x4's (plate on concrete floor will be pressure treated and have foam sill plate under it). We are trying to avoid the use of spray foam if possible, but will use if it is much better.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Carolyn Farrow | Apr 1 16
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