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6 Answers

WRB Placement?

just wondering what else is required to this wall assembly before the installation of a single course brick cladding?


In General questions | Asked By Mark Benerowski | Feb 13 15
3 Answers

All Links Blocked in Q & A?

I was trying to help answer a question, and the spam filter blocked my link, which ironically was a discussion here on GBA

In General questions | Asked By Kevin Dickson, MSME | Feb 12 15
6 Answers

Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence vs. Greenstar Combi 151

Hello everyone,

We are building a new home in Vermont, so very cold weather. The builder gave us a choice of either the Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence or the Bosch Greenstar Combi 151. Our home will be 1,647sf (above grade), 2 story plus basement, 3 beds, 2 and 1/2 baths, plus other normal appliances.

In General questions | Asked By Adan Martins | Feb 12 15
1 Answer

Construction details for Airtight Drywall Approach and exterior wall shower?

I have a tub/shower located on an exterior wall. We are implementing the Airtight Drywall Approach on the rest of the house.

I haven't decided between an acrylic shower insert vs. an acrylic tub + tile surround yet.

Would I be running the drywall behind then proceeding with installing the tub using the drywall surface as the construction plane vs using the stud faces normally? Normally you'd install the tub with a flange, shim the walls above the tub out to flush the flange then cement board + wrb + tile.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Lance C | Feb 13 15
0 Answers

Dampproofing recommendations?

I'm building in a dry zone, no anticipated groundwater, poured concrete stem walls, conditioned crawl space. IRC 2009. Will have carefully constructed foundation drain outside footings. I'm looking for dampproofing recommendations. I'm thinking that Henry Non-Fibered Foundation Coat may be okay, but want to verify that. Alternative might be Deco Seal which is a waterproofing, and that would add a few hundred dollars to the cost. Deco would have slight advantage of being more attractive without black line above the ground.

In General questions | Asked By Dick Lowman | Feb 12 15
7 Answers

Roxul Comfort Board vs. Thermafiber RainBarrier

Any differences I should be aware of before I choose? I am wanting to use mineral wool for exterior insulation on a wood frame, two-story dwelling. Very impressed with Roxul online information, technical specs etc. Can't find much about RainBarrier, other than the company info sheet, but it's 1/2 the price of the Roxul. Thermafiber says that the Rainbarrier HD is the product they have made to be comparable to Comfort Board, but cannot find any comparisons between the two.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Caitanya Joy | Jan 23 15
6 Answers

Thermal separation of sealed crawlspace from room above. Do I need air sealing?

I have posted this before, but I think it got lost during one of the site maintenance periods, since I can't find it.

2/3 of my house is over full basement and 1/3 is over crawlspace. For radon mitigation I am sealing up the crawlspace and insulating the walls with polyiso.

Challenge I am encountering is because cralwspace and basement are connected/vented via two large former basement windows (they did crawlspace for addition), temperature difference between basement/crawlspace and floor above is at least 10 degrees.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Apollo S | Feb 12 15
18 Answers

House fully insulated with 2" rigid foam

I have been an avid viewer of this site for a couple of years now, ever since I knew I was going to be building my new home. This is, however, my first post to the site.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Nick Beining | Jan 13 15
2 Answers

Are tubular skylights / Solatubes thermal chimneys in a house?

My house design has a long E-W axis in order to exploit Southern exposure and this creates a middle of the house, mostly hallways/foyer, which have no window exposure.

A solotube piping some natural lights into these dark areas would be terrific, but what I don't want to create is an attic with r-80 coverage and have most of the heat in the conditioned space bee-lining for the "weak spot" under the solatubes and then race up these chimneys.

Are there any energy efficiency tricks in the grab bag of methods used by Green builders to bring light into dark areas of the house?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Alex House | Feb 11 15
4 Answers

Polystyrene over vapor barrier?

I'm in the process of finishing the inside of my new pole building....
Currently, between the 8' on center columns there is batt insulation installed with a vapor barrier to the inside of the space, then metal panel from the floor up 4', open space up the next 8' (that will be covered with 3/4" MDO) with horizontal nailers spaced 16" apart, then the next 4' up to the ceiling is covered with metal panel.

I'm thinking about adding 1-1/2" pink foam board between the nailers on the outside of the vapor barrier.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Dennis Filer | Feb 11 15
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