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16 Answers

Flooring questions

Hi guys,
I just did the flooring in the basement, and on a different forum in the midst off a question got told off for the flooring I did.

I did concrete slab, 6 mil poly, 1 inch XPS, 1/2 inch OSB.

I was planning to put floor finishings on top. However I was told that it needs to be redone or else the wood will rot.

Does what I did look that bad? Is there a way out of it short of a re-do?


In General questions | Asked By sr kod | Jan 27 15
2 Answers

Densglass & Stucco

Can one apply EIFS or stucco directly to DenGlass or does one need to treat DensGlass like wood/OSB sheathing?

Can DensGlass be used on a soffit with it directly being applied to the OSB sheathing?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Peter L | Apr 19 15
3 Answers

Should I consider using waterproof concrete for my foundation?

I have been looking carefully at my options for waterproofing the basement foundation of my future house in Vermont. I expect that the foundation will experience periods of hydrostatic pressure, so I am looking for the best waterproofing system with reasonable costs (e.g. up to $4000). I will, of course, install footing drains and a free draining layer on the outside of the foundation, and until recently I was planning to use a professionally applied elastomeric spray-on waterproofing product.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Timothy Denny | Apr 19 15
15 Answers

Request for comments on this wall mock-up.

CZ 6B - SW Colorado - 7000'

In General questions | Asked By Chuck Jensen | Apr 18 15
5 Answers

Insulating a parallel scissor truss roof

The new side of my reno and expand project will have a 8/12 cathedral ceiling with parrallel scissor truss. I am planning R80 so 24" of batt or blown insulation in the truss space.

My question is.... since this insulation will be applied from the inside (well after the roof sheathing and then shingles are applied) how do I provide a space between the underside of the roof deck and the top of the insulation?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By AlCocklake | Apr 12 15
7 Answers

Floor Slab: Is a Vapor Barrier Needed with Rigid Foam?

If one is using 3" of rigid foam (EPS) underneath a 4" slab-on-grade, does one still need to install a vapor barrier?

Here is the build-up from the ground up:

4" compacted AB
3" EPS (termite treated)
4" concrete

In Green building techniques | Asked By Peter L | Apr 18 15
3 Answers

Do I need to use concrete screws for plywood over an insulated floor?

i am following your advice on using XPS on concrete basement floor followed by two layers of 1/2 inch plywood. My concrete floor is 15 yrs old will I have trouble with concrete screws in older concrete? Can I just fasten the second layer to the first layer of plywood or can I use adhesive on the first layer or do I need the concrete screws?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Rita Erskine | Apr 17 15
7 Answers

Cathedral ceiling rebuild techniques?

I have 900 sq feet of cathedral ceiling. Zone 7b. Its 2x10 rafter construction. No venting with recessed lights. Mold and moisture remediation will begin in 2 weeks. I've been doing lots of reading on GBA, I love this site and forum. Right now, the rebuild plan is a sealed ceiling with 4" of 2lb spray foam with the remainder of the rafter bay filled with fiberglass batts. All recessed lights will be removed. I'm considering T&G for the interior finish. Will the T&G change my insulation plan? Am I missing anything?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Scott Buchanan | Apr 2 15
2 Answers

White pine

Hi, I'm needing to build a large rabbit hutch with an enclosed run, and I have to use white pine because the bunnies will chew on the wood and it is safe for them.

Some areas will be exposed to the weather and I can't paint it. How will white pine hold up unfinished?

In General questions | Asked By Girene | Apr 17 15
1 Answer

Can isocyanurate paper/fiberglass faced insulation board be used on the inside of a wood stud framed wall?

Have old house with 4" cavity in wood framed walls. Exterior has 1" sheathing board with 6" wood shiplap siding over it. Can we put isocyanurate bd on interior of walls to increase the R-factor before we sheetrock top 4' and wood veneer the bottom 5' of the wall. Is their any increased fire hazard or other concerns

In General questions | Asked By Bill OConnor | Apr 17 15
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