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3 Answers

Best alternative to dense-packed cellulose?

First, thanks in advance to all that may provide a response. I enjoy this forum and all the good feedback.

In Green products and materials | Asked By DOUGLAS EPPERLY | Mar 28 16
8 Answers

Hardwood flooring question

Have about 3000 sq-ft area that needs to be covered. We would prefer Bazillion Cherry but not sure whether we want pre or on site finish?


Pros: Factory durable finish and the beveled edges which is what we like.

Cons: Shorter/inconsistent plank lengths

On site finish:

Pros: Longer plank lengths

Cons: Finish depends on the installer but might not be as good as pre-finish


What finish (on site or pre-finish) and what time of surface finish (oil or water based) do you guys advice?

Would appreciate any and all feedback?


In Interior design | Asked By Beenash Khan | Apr 19 15
1 Answer

Dense netted vs damp-spray cellulose

We finally found two insulation contractors we trust (thank you for all of your advice!). One does damp spray and the other does dense netted. I like the dense netted contractor a bit more than the other contractor. However, I am worried about settling with his product. Can anyone share any experiences? He actually says dense netted is less likely than damp spray cellulose to settle, but I have heard the opposite. Thank you!!!!

In Green building techniques | Asked By CAROLYN FARROW | Mar 28 16
7 Answers

Covering exposed glass fiber insulation in basement ceiling

My new house has an unheated basement ( typically 5-8 degrees less than living space) with exposed fiberglass insulation between the ceiling I-beams. The concrete walls are not insulated.
I do not plan to "finish" the basement but would like to put some exercise equipment down there, and am concerned by the potential health risk from inhaling FG fibers. I am searching for ways to cover the exposed FG without putting up a drop ceiling or drywall.

In General questions | Asked By Chris Simmons | Mar 26 16
4 Answers

Modified Mooney Wall (SPF)?

Is there a way of achieving exterior foam board performance without the faming hassle by using a modified mooney wall?

The challenge of closed cell foam sprayed into interior cavities is that thermal bridging from the studs robs some of the benefit.
Our current project is an elaborately detailed house (lots of dormers and bumpouts) and although we'd intended to go for exterior rigid foam, we're still open to ideas.

Would a modified mooney wall give us the benefits without all the hassle associated with getting the exterior detail 'right'?

We would

In Green building techniques | Asked By Edward Cambridge | Mar 26 16
8 Answers

Overdoing south-facing glazing

My current plan includes roughly 148 sqft of south-facing glazing on a 1400 sqft house. We have some nice views, and some small interior spaces that I want to open up with large windows. The house is in zone 6 at ~45* N latitude.

I have relied on the annual analysis calculator at www.susdesign.com to determine that I want a 3' eave overhang 1' above my 5' tall windows. However, there is a 10' wide glass door that will receive too much sun.

In Plans Review | Asked By Jim Tyler | Nov 4 15
12 Answers

Dry unfinished basement subflooring: What is best method to avoid moisture problems?

Putting in a workout room. Floor is currently poured concrete and level.

What is the best way to mitigate possible moisture issues in the future? Some say 6mm plastic sheeting then underlayment then the click floating floor. To me this sounds like moisture will be trapped under the plastic and against the concrete into perpetuity. DriCORE has plywood on top of 1/4" waffled plastic problem w this is the plywood is susceptible to mold and rot.

What is the best approach. Want to use engineered hardwood or bamboo.

Thank you

In General questions | Asked By Pat Tucci | Oct 31 13
11 Answers

In thickened edge insulated slab, I am looking for info

In most application's, you see the insulation follow the slope of the thickened edge to where the nominal slab is placed. Would there be a problem with insulating/slab seal on the flat then add the rock to build up the slope to where the slab will be?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Marty Munroe | Mar 24 16
6 Answers

Insulation suggestion for an Airstream

I have a 1953 Flying Cloud Airstream that will need some serious restoration. I will be completely removing the inner skins and fully expect to find that the insulation in the Airstream is pink stuff riddled with mouse homes (and poop). I'd really like to insulate it well so as to keep the heat out on sunny days, and the cold out on cold nights, as best I can.

In General questions | Asked By Thea Tapson | Mar 20 16
7 Answers

Vented attic or conditioned attic?

I am building a new home in Arizona , in summer gets to about 115 and winter it can still sometimes get down to freezing , is it better to have insulation on top of ceiling or underside of roof , my thinking is that if I have a vented attic with a radiant barrier to the rafters this provides a large " air " thermal break and has the insulation directly above the ceiling for the winter as well , I have places ( false beams , feature ceilings etc ) where I can run my ducting so that it is still within the conditioned space , is it worth doing

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By David Lowe | Mar 24 16
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