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1 Answer

Best material for insulating a garage door?

Is Prodex Insulation really as good as they claim?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By R H Davis | Feb 8 14
1 Answer

How to stop a cathedral roof from sweating?

I have good venting but it still sweats ........

In General questions | Asked By Gary Bleedorn | Feb 8 14
1 Answer

Can you place Hard-plank over T-1-11?

Felt or Tyvek?

In Building Code Questions | Asked By ray hemming | Feb 8 14
1 Answer

How does one prevent metal floor joists from transferring moisture/cold through a floor?

I'm trying to find any articles regarding how to prevent metal floor joists from transferring moisture/cold through the floor. Vapor barrier? Insulation? Please help! Thanks.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Lara Mitchell | Feb 8 14
1 Answer

Confused about vapor barrier with outsulation

Last year I undertook a whole house outsulation project in Coastal Connecticut climate zone 5 with 1 inch polysio. New vinyl siding and new construction vinyl windows were also installed during the project.

This was passed during our inspection and permitting approval process and thanks to the research on this site was able to undertake the project with confidence.

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Paul Krsiak | Feb 7 14
3 Answers

HRV internal ductwork ....does it need insulation?

I understand that any ductwork connecting to the exterior of the building will need insulation (to prevent condensation). Do I need to insulate the internal ductwork that carries the air to and from my rooms? I was planning on just using 6" vinyl ducts. THANKS.

In Green products and materials | Asked By STEVEN JEWETT | Feb 7 14
5 Answers

How to quiet a tongue-and-groove floor?

Planning on using 2x6 T&G flooring in a timber-frame. Not too concerned about 1st floor, but there will be 2nd floor bedrooms over the 1st floor master bedroom and loft area over kitchen.

Any thoughts as to soften the sound transfer between floors?

In General questions | Asked By John H. Stehman | Feb 4 14
2 Answers

Roxul R-value misprint?

I bought 24 bags of 7.25" Roxul. The bag says R-30, but some of the Roxul had R-14 printed on one side.

It all measured the same thickness. Was this a misprint? Has anyone seen this before?

In General questions | Asked By darren williams | Feb 7 14
1 Answer

Concerning attic insulation

My furnace is in the attic. Also, I live in Oklahoma City.

Should I put insulation between the roof rafters? Does there need to be a moisture barrier against the roof sheathing? How should it be properly installed?

I purchased unfaced insulation. Can I still use this? And what will be the way to install?

I would very much like to hear from you and get the best way to use what I have at this point.
Thank you,
Nathan Adolph

In GBA Pro help | Asked By nathan adolph | Feb 7 14
7 Answers

Can I install 2"-3" of concrete in a 6" exterior wall?

The exterior walls on the house are 6" wood frame. I want to insulate the walls either with 2" or 3" of insulation and leave enough space for 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" of concrete. The concrete will only be poured to about 6' above the floor with the taller remaining space on the 9' walls to be 5 1/2" of blown insulation. Can I sandwich the cement between 1 1/2" sheets of extruded polystyrene? Will moisture weep on the inside surface of the cement in cold weather?


In General questions | Asked By Wayne McConnell | Feb 5 14
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