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7 Answers

Cathedral ceiling, block wall behind stove, ice damming on roof

Glad to be here and have read a GREAT deal and learned a TON on this site already. Fantastic info.

Some quick facts.... (central NY,,very snowy area)
-Home is contemporary style. Very high cathedral ceilings.
-28 yrs old. Roof is 5 yrs old.
-Owned home for 2 winters - same issues each winter
-8" rafters, 1" of closed cell foam boards against sheetrock, gap, then foam baffle against roof. Cool, vented roof setup.

In General questions | Asked By dave clements | Mar 10 15
8 Answers

Large attic (knee?) walls and insulation

Climate Zone: 3A -- Coastal North Carolina
See pictures below

In General questions | Asked By Jon Scott | Feb 7 15
7 Answers

Unvented low-slope roof with exposed beams

I am designing a 2nd-story addition to a home with a simple 2/12 pitch, shed roof to the east in Colorado, climate zone 5. The clients really want an exposed beam look so we have designed the roof with exposed glulam beams at 4' centers. Above the beams we currently plan for 2x t&g decking, 4" polyiso, and another 4" nailbase insulation with polyiso, unvented. Roofing material will be Sarnafil thermoplastic vinyl membrane roof.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Donna Riley | Mar 10 15
8 Answers

Closed-cell foam in an unfinished basement in Climate Zone 4/5 (NYC) -- 2" foam -- Is it enough?

Just been given a quote for 2" CC in our 1480sq ft basement for $1000. I said I didnt want to put any batts etc inside when I frame the walls eventually
Now Martin says R19 for a basement, the installer said "well you lose the dollar/R value, when you go over 2"
I said I wanted 3" for the R19.
Is it worth the extra, Im tossing it up and siding on Martins side of the more the R value the less heat Id have to put into it but also the fact that the 1st floor floors wont be so cold in winter (there is R19 in the floor joists now)
Any feedback is welcome

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Darren Finch | Mar 10 15
11 Answers

Insulation retrofit for radiant floor heat

I've searched this site and found a lot of useful information but no clear consensus on what is the "best" method for retrofitting insulation in radiant floors. The situation is exposed hydronic tubing stapled up to the subfloor with no heat transfer plate. The joist bays are relatively accessible from the insulated basement and crawl spaces. Climate Zone 6.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Brent Mellen | Mar 6 15
15 Answers

Any "tricks" to getting financing for an "off the grid" home?

So my wife and I just hit an unexpected road block in our attempt to purchase our dream house in Maine. We found and off the grid home on six acres in a good location to our respective workplaces but have been informed by our mortgage broker that despite being qualified to borrow far more than the asking price, we cannot take out a loan on the house because no bank will finance such a property! Were talking about a very well made house in a desirable location not some squatters encampment.

In General questions | Asked By chris steiner | Dec 1 11
4 Answers

Alpen Windows

We are planning a new home in Southeastern, Pa. We are located in climate zone 4. I have requested quotes from Bieber, Zola and have found the price too expensive for the budget. I have also received a quote from Alpen Windows. The price is slightly more than half of those that I mentioned. I realize there are major differences and tradeoffs. Does anyone have experience with Alpen Wiindows?

In Green products and materials | Asked By william dempsey | Mar 9 15
2 Answers

Heat pump question

Hey there. I stumbled onto this forum after looking for heat pump information for hours.

In General questions | Asked By Christoph Stevenson | Mar 9 15
2 Answers

I just read the article on attic fans and it does not talk about moisture build-up during the winter months

My home is 10 years old and I am getting moisture in my attic from the cold and warm air. My ceiling is getting water stains on the ceiling. My fire detectors even shorted out because of the moisture issue.
If an attic fan is a bad thing to use what would be the answer to eliminate the moisture build up I get during the winter months in Chicago?
Thank you

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Tom Borsodi | Mar 9 15
3 Answers

Stairway construction and geometry with open back stairs

I'm proposing a 6' wide L shaped open stairs. The treads will be 3.5" thick doug fir glulams. The stringers will also be glulams. I was planning on attaching the treads with angle iron brackets. The treads will be approx 68" wide and will be self supporting from the outside stringers.

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Rick Van Handel | Mar 9 15
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