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1 Answer

How to insulate including vapor barrier in building with metal siding

I am planning on building a home in zone 3A (Dallas) by first erecting a metal building and then framing the inside. Plan is to use R-panel for outside and then 2x4 walls. What is the best way to insulate this including what type and location of vapor barrier

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Greg Trojacek | Feb 6 12
3 Answers

Temperature variation in bonus room over garage

Two-story home is located in Atlanta, Ga, and built in 1984. The house faces west. The bonus room over the garage has a separated roof from the main section of the house which make up most of the angle portion of the ceiling in the room. The roof has ridge venting.

The issue is continually battling temperature variations as I have tightened up the house with air-sealing.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Scott Razzino | Feb 5 12
4 Answers

How to calculate insulated sheathing thickness?

I am designing a new house in Rhode Island. We are using 2 x 6 studs with 4 in. closed cell spray foam insulation in the walls, with 5/8 in Zip sheathing (taped) over the studs, 1 1/2 in EPS styrofoam over the sheathing and an outer layer of 5/8 in. Zip sheathing (taped) and cedar shingles as the exterior. Second layer of Zip sheathing is fastened with long screws into the frame.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jim Mellowes | Feb 5 12
1 Answer

Venmar EKO 1.5 HRV has a plastic smell?

We just received a Venmar EKO 1.5 HRV. It is lined with some sort of plastic foam (styrofoam?) that has a chemical smell. Any one else experience this? Will this smell go away?

In Mechanicals | Asked By Robert Albano | Feb 5 12
3 Answers

What's the difference?

I read on the internet.....Finally, there is a foam in place,cementitious insulation Air Krete that is made from...Yes,Retrofoam made by Polymaster.
My question The salesman told me that Retrofoam excreted gases! I could get Retrofoam cheaper than Air Krete but that it wasn't Green!
Was I lied to?

In General questions | Asked By Connie Lambert | Feb 4 12
3 Answers

HELP-----Recommendations/cautions for air exchangers?

We are building a passive solar house in northern Minnesota, 15 miles from the Canadian border. We are making it as green as we can -with super insulation, Serious windows & Innotech doors. The shell is done & now we are buying a air exchanger --- the local installer has recommended a Venmar H.E.1.8 ------ 115 to 197 cfm rate of airflo, 2 washable foam filters, Limited Lifetime warranty of core (Polypropylene) with 5 year warranty parts & 94% efficiency -- that is the only brand he sells/installs.

In General questions | Asked By Ann Santo | Jan 23 12
21 Answers

1911 Stack Effect Air Circulation

This Cold Storage Haus is pretty cool.
Super Insulated, Thermal Bridge Free, Good Airtightness, Quad Glazing, No-Foam, No-Electricity
Page 99
I think The Air Circulation Stratagem is really cool

In General questions | Asked By John Brooks | Feb 4 12
2 Answers

What were they Thinking?

From the 1911 William Radford book
Page 101

Das HuhnHaus

Some more Old School Technology ....moveable insulation, sunken floors, mineral wool insulation and lots more

high res pdf attached

In General questions | Asked By John Brooks | Feb 5 12
11 Answers

Is 3/4" closed-cell spray foam enough for flash & batt?

I'm building a house north of Pittsburgh, PA in climate zone 6. The house is built with 2x4 walls, 1" blue dow styrofoam sheathing (r-5), and brick outside that. The house is about 3300 sqft. The standard insulation would be r-13 fiberglass batts (which I guess would give the walls a total of r-18).

I already opted to upgrade to geothermal heating/cooling. I was told that I can also upgrade the insulation to a "flash and batt" system for about $3100. They said they'd use 3/4" of spray foam (which would be on top of the blue board sheathing).

In General questions | Asked By Greg Miller | Feb 4 12
4 Answers

Firestop exulation retrofit practical/compliant design

Short version: Do any fiber cement cladding manufacturers honor warranty or otherwise approve mounting on furring strips over exterior fiberglass or mineral wool? Or is there another practical/compliant exterior insulated wall design that resists fire on a tight setback, to the satisfaction of a permitting official?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Michael Gold | Feb 4 12
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