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6 Answers

Concrete admixture for waterproofing?

We are remodeling and converting some of the garage to living space. We are replacing the foundation stem walls and slab. We had some musty odors in the first floor of the home before starting the remodel, and want to be sure to mitigate any future issues (1 1/2 of the walls are below grade, the slab is at grade (hillside lot)

In GBA Pro help | Asked By R W | Oct 17 13
14 Answers

Why are there so few women builders in America?

I wonder why we do not have a much higher percentage of women home builders in our country. I do not lift anything heavier than my phone. I ask women often who is more intuitive, better at design, more trustworthy, more creative, better at budgets. Is it men or women? Building healthy, affordable and safe homes is an honorable and satisfying profession. Maybe we can make a difference by getting more women into the business.

In General questions | Asked By Anders Lewendal | Oct 18 13
1 Answer

Drywall Technique for Pyramid Ceiling---Zone 2B--new construction

I have a small tower with a pyramid ceiling. I plan to use 5/8" sheet rock on the ceiling.
See 2 attached photos.
My questions are:
1) Should I attach the dry wall to the Hip rafters or let the drywall float at that intersection?
I think not attaching to the Hip rafters might work for the lower panels, but I don't think that will work for the upper panels because there wouldn't be much holding them to the ceiling.
2) If I do attach the drywall to the Hip rafter, is it likely to crack or ridge there? Is there a better way to do this?

In General questions | Asked By john walls | Oct 18 13
13 Answers

Exterior door thresholds for thick walls

I need to hang an exterior door in a wall that's a total of 10-3/4" thick, from face of drywall inside to face of exterior trim outside. I need a threshold that spans 11" or maybe a bit more. The door swings in. I usually use Pemko residential thresholds, but the widest I can get is about 8-3/4", using a 5-3/4" threshold and a 3" extender. I have considered making my own, out of rift white oak, or modifying one of the Pemko models that is wood/aluminum by adding more wood to it. Any other ideas? Products out there?

In General questions | Asked By David Meiland | Aug 25 13
25 Answers

If a Passive House is so cost-effective, why isn't everyone doing it?

We build over 1 million homes a year and only a handful are PHPP. Either the cost of fuel is too low or the cost of a Passive house is too high. Apparently, the ROI does not cut it.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Anders Lewendal | Sep 25 13
6 Answers

Window replacment detail question

I I am installing new basement windows, most likely marvin integrity. I can't afford any better windows at the moment, and may even have to settle for vinyl. The basement windows are are clerestory, averaging about 10sq feet each, there are 6 on a 1000 sq foot plate

In Green building techniques | Asked By cory b | Oct 16 13
3 Answers

I am building an EPA Energy Star home, and I believe I need to install EPA Energy Star certified windows

I would like to install triple glazed fiberglass insulated casement windows. I also need to install four triple glazed fiberglass sliders/patio doors for a lake view and deck access. I would like to go with Accurate Dorwin of Winnipeg, Canada, but only their windows are EPA Energy Star certified, not their sliders. Please provide a list of manufacturers including Canadian, who manufacture EPA Energy Star certified triple glazed fiberglass insulated sliders/patio doors? Thank You!! JOE jpoland4@cox.net

In General questions | Asked By JOSEPH POLAND | Jan 8 13
7 Answers

Safety concerns regarding spray foam insulation

I contracted with a company to install new insulation in the attic and crawl space of my home. I hired a local company, and due to ignorance and inexperience on my part I didn't ask questions regarding the product they would use.

They removed the existing fiberglass insulation from my house, and I assumed they'd replace it with a similar product. The installation occurred last Friday 10/5. I came home and immediately noticed a strong chemical smell.

In General questions | Asked By adriana mcgarity | Oct 9 13
4 Answers

Roxul Rockboard 60 vs Comfortboard for exterior insulation - availability

I am in Upstate SC, zone 3 mixed-humid climate in other words - termite and carpenter ant heaven, hence the desire to use Roxul. The plan is 2 inches of exterior insulation with a rainscreen created by 1" furring strips, plywood sheathing and 2 x 6 interior walls insulated with dense pack cellulose.

I am getting ready to order the exterior insulation for the house. I actually wanted Roxul Comfortboard, but haven't been able to find it locally.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Lucy Foxworth | Aug 12 13
1 Answer

Where in Louisiana can we recycle old vinyl siding?

We are doing a lot of vinyl siding tear-offs and would like to recycle rather than go to the landfills. Does anyone know if there is a place and a way to recycle this old plastic?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Home Creations Inc | Oct 17 13
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