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2 Answers

Will blowing cellulose insulation into soffits cause problems?

Sorry for the length of this question. . .I am trying to provide all the necessary background.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By PAT DONAHAY | Dec 29 14
2 Answers

I'm trying to figure out the R-values and specs of these windows

They have been here for the better part of a decade, they are in excellent condition (if dirty) and I have no plans to replace them, but i am curious about any information on their performance.
A photo is attached to this post

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Alan B | Dec 28 14
4 Answers

Remove construction adhesive

Concrete block house exterior redo. The old system went......do you believe this......block, 1x4 spacers, 1" foil faced ridgid foam, t 1-11. Well, the t 1-11 rotted big time. Got it striped down to the

In General questions | Asked By Robert Brown | Dec 27 14
1 Answer

Wondering about using foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam board between studs in a basement sauna project

Wondering about using foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam board between studs in a basement sauna project.
Should I worry about off-gassing?
Is this safe?

In Green products and materials | Asked By John Moffet | Dec 28 14
2 Answers

Round table top made from 4x4 only

My wife wants a round dining table. She wants the table top itself made of 4x4's only. I have complete blue prints on how to assemble it properly. What I need is advice on the type of saw. I don't know of any jig saw or the like that has a long enough cutting blade to cut completely through a 4x4. Only saw I know of that can cut wood that thick is a table saw, which would leave me with hours of sanding. Please advise.

In General questions | Asked By Jacob Seibold | Dec 27 14
1 Answer

Crawl space rehabilitation using vapor barrier, rigid foam board and cellular concrete

Whoever coined the phrase "Do it Right the First Time," had it correct.

I have a technical question concerning how to properly rehabilitate a crawlspace using the correct materials and procedures.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Thomas Trible | Dec 27 14
0 Answers

Acquire Some Reliable Ideas In Business Property Here

Ԝhen yօu make а good investment as considerable as industrial real estate property, үߋu mսst mɑke suгe thаt yߋu are informed cοncerning thе p

In NAHB Class Discussion | Asked By Cheryl Larkin | Dec 27 14
2 Answers

Additional insulation below laminated/floating floor over rigid-foam-insulated concrete slab?

I have a 4" concrete slab insulated with 4" of rigid foam (on the underside, of course). I was planning to install laminated floating floor on top of everything. As I have to install 2x2"s over the concrete in order to hold the laminated floor, a friend suggested to fill the space between the 2x2"s with insulation or, at least, dirt.

The questions are:

In PassivHaus | Asked By Jose Castro | Dec 27 14
6 Answers

Can this really be? ACH50 of 0.62?

With homage to Martin's Christmas poem, I thought I'd share the results of my blower door test and ask... Is this really to be believed?

The interior volume of my home, including unfinished basement, is 53,569 ft^3 as calculated in my SketchUp model of the place. The blower door test results showed 551 CFM at 50 pascals, giving an ACH50 of 0.62.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Kent Jeffery | Dec 24 14
50 Answers

Solar thermal systems for heating water

Jin this is for you and Richard

Let's run the costs and the systems through the paces

so far I hear $16,000 for a Caleffi system and maybe that for labor? $32,000
saves $500 a year

CO2 production unknown to manufacture
Very little CO2 to run the ECM circulators

There are much less costly systems

NYSERDA here in NY is unveiling a new program this January
Will post more about it when they tell us more

Jin, Richard, others... what say you all

In Mechanicals | Asked By aj builder, Upstate NY Zone 6a | Dec 15 14
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