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5 Answers

A fun interview with Joe Lstiburek

Andrew Michler at the Inhabitat website has just published a fun interview with Joe Lstiburek. Read it here: INTERVIEW: Building Science Pioneer Dr. Joe Lstiburek.

Warning to Chris Briley and Phil Kaplan: there's some architect-bashing involved. So, all you architects out there -- if you're feeling squeamish today, don't read the interview.

In General questions | Asked By Martin Holladay | May 17 12
3 Answers

Spiders still in basement 6 months after Ive airsealed and blockfoamed the joist bays

Ok this has me scratching my head where these little ba@#%@ are coming from
I block foamed and sealed each joist bay and sealed along the sill plate
Any ideas as I have all pertrusions sealed so I have no idea where they are coming from, surely they cant live for that long
Any ideas or pointers would be great

In General questions | Asked By Darren Finch | Nov 4 12
0 Answers

Carl Seville is interviewed by Inhabitat.com

Carl's famous! Andrew Michler of Inhabitat.com has just published an interview with GBA's crusty old curmudgeon.

Carl explains his personality to Andrew this way: "I like to complain about things."

Read it here: INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks with Carl Seville, the Green Building Curmudgeon.

(The interview may appear short, but that's just because it has been published on four different pages. You'll have to click through to all four pages to read the whole interview.)

In General questions | Asked By Martin Holladay | Nov 5 12
3 Answers

Proper thermostat programming for one room radiant heating?

This question is in regards to a one zone radiant floor and whether I am programming my thermostat correctly.

We have a high efficiency gas fired hot water baseboard system in all rooms save the bath. Here, our plumber installed a radiant system in the ceiling of the basement under a tile floor. We wanted a warm floor in the morning and evening when we take baths/showers.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jim Smith | Nov 4 12
1 Answer

Do you still tape/seal exterior sheathing with ADA?

The plan is to use the ADA for the interior of the house (Zone 3). The whole exterior of the house will be sheathed with plywood. If using ADA is it still advisable to tape/seal the exterior sheathing?

Do you recommend tape for the exterior plywood or some sort of caulking as it is being installed. In this build the exterior edge of all the plywood will be over a stud (required for shearwalling in this seismic zone). Because the plywood edges will be over studs, it would seem that caulking may work well?

Assuming caulk - is acoustical caulk appropriate?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Jack G. | Nov 4 12
0 Answers

Damp spray cellulose in Los Angeles

Does anyone have a recommendation for a damp spray cellulose installer in the Los Angeles area?

Also, out of curiousity what is the going rate in your neck of the woods for damp spray cellulose (2x6 wall)?

Thanks in advance

In Green products and materials | Asked By Jack G. | Nov 4 12
5 Answers

ICF in place of slab

HI, I am not a builder and I am getting confused. Are these ICF products like Quadlock and AMdeck being used instead of a slab or on top of a slab? I don't want a crawl space or a basement and I want to have decorative concrete floors with radiant heating. I thought that if ICF could be used instead of concrete slab as the foundation, i could have great insulation, places for pipes and wiring, and a decorative concrete overlay with the radiant heat in between. Is this just wrong thinking?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Linda Ingalls | Nov 2 12
52 Answers

Ducting in slabs & passive solar

I'm looking for research that examines the effects of using ducting in concrete slabs to circulate heat. Specifically, I'm interested if there is any added efficiency in passive solar applications where air is circulated through the slab. My impression is that this technique opens you up to a lot of potential moisture/mould scenarios. Does anyone know of any research that looks at the implications of this technique?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Jay | Jul 19 10
2 Answers

Best source of heat? Looking at ductless heat pumps

I live in Long Beach, Ca., on the ocean. We never need AC, but need heat in the winter.

I removed our old furnace and duct work. Our top unit of duplex is approx. 1,700 sq. feet.

Are ductless heat pumps a good option? We have a wood/gas fireplace that heats main living/dining area. We would probably need two heat pumps. There is no attic. Older 1960s duplex.

THANK YOU for any feedback!

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By marianne messina | Nov 1 12
8 Answers

Interior retrofit of insulation in a cathedral ceiling

by Ken Ackerman

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Ken Ackerman | Nov 1 12
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