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7 Answers

Anyone got a detail for using 2" exterior rigid foam w/ stucco cladding?

Working w/ a builder on a 3 story, multi-family where we spec'd 2" exterior foam. The builder is using stucco cladding and to attach the stucco "chicken wire" they are using a metal z-clip that will go behind the foam, defeating the intent of the foam to elimate thermal brigding. Any help appreciated. thanks.

In Green building techniques | Asked By mike keesee | May 4 11
27 Answers

Insulating Brick

What type of insulation and thickness would be best for building a new home and I want to have the exterior brick be the finished interior walls? I live in the Southeastern Region of Missouri.

Thanks for the Help

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Shelly Gresham | Feb 13 13
14 Answers

What exterior foam insulation on retrofit?

My dilemma in my retrofit is this: many years ago, before I was better informed as to where the vapor forms in my exterior walls in my home in Maine, I installed 1 inch of ISO over my dense-packed cellulose walls. I have now been educated to the dramatic thermal inefficiencies in walls stemming from bridging.

I am planning on retrofitting the exterior. I keep coming back to the same prescription: never use two vapor retarders on opposite sides of the walls. The one-inch iso is .03 I believe, and I have been eyeing 2-inch XPS on the exterior, giving an R-10 bump with a perm of .55.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By kevin freeman | Feb 14 13
3 Answers

Is there an electric system that can heat water for radiant floor heat, domestic hot water and air conditioning?

I am constructing a new 1000 sq.ft single story with 6' crawl space. Two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath cottage. I would like to have electric solar panels on the roof to offset 90 - 95% of the load. Does this sound doable? I have unobstructed S SE exposure and can fit approx. 20 panels on the roof. This is on Long Island New York

Thank You

In Green products and materials | Asked By Michael Kinney | Feb 15 13
1 Answer

Spray foam insulation

We will be building a new house this spring and are concerned about using closed cell spray foam insulation as spec-ed by our architect due to potential health risks. Even though the manufacturers say it is non-toxic and safe, there seem to be many people out there who have found otherwise.

Can anyone recommend a product that is safe to use, non-toxic and affordable?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Shepherd Smith | Feb 15 13
9 Answers

Foam board

We've installed foam sheathing on the outside of our house down to the level even with the rim joist. Can we still install foam board on the inside of the house in the rim joist in place of fiberglass?

In General questions | Asked By Aron Robinson | Feb 14 13
13 Answers

Please help me understand this R40+ window design


If you read down the article, they've got a "diagonal" model that is supposed to achieve
R113 something ... WTF????

Why aren't we all using this as walls ?

I don't understand what are the principles behind this sorcery,
how could something this shallow achieve such a R value ?

Would like to discuss your ideas about this design ?
any help finding the patents would be good also :)

IF they can achieve anything over R50 in a window, how come aren't we all working

In General questions | Asked By Jin Kazama | Dec 17 12
15 Answers

What sort of vehicle do you drive?

i would be interested to know what kind of vehicles green builders and contractors drive. i am considering changing the type of truck i have but the options seem somewhat limited....suggestions?

In General questions | Asked By erik olofsson | Feb 10 13
14 Answers

Indirect solar heat gain?

Is there any data on indirect ( reflected ) solar heat gain available ?
I haven't found anything using the search box, and only a few uninteresting papers with google.

I guess it would be very complex to calculate vs direct shg,
but is it influent enough to even bother ??

In General questions | Asked By Jin Kazama | Feb 13 13
1 Answer

Strategy for attaching rigid foam on exterior of brick facade

I am looking for the best way to attach either rigid foam or Roxul Comfortboard to the exterior of a brick facade as part of a deep energy retrofit. The first level has brick facade and second level, vinyl siding. Anyone have experience with this?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Joel Cahalan | Feb 14 13
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