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7 Answers

Varathane over stain...required?

Ok guys. I'm sorry, this is not really a "green" building question, but there is such knowledgable members on this forum I had to ask...I can't seem to find a solid answer anywhere! Plus it deals with VOC's, so thats green based :-)

I have douglas fir 6x6 beam and 1x6 t&g. 50% will be used indoor, 50% will be used outdoor.

We stained the fir with a oil based stain labeled as "interior and exterior". I could not find a water based "exterior" based stain and liked the idea of using the same for all to keep the color matching.

In General questions | Asked By Mark Helmrich | Jun 9 15
3 Answers

Need help choosing ductless HVAC proposal.

I am giving a lot of detail here. I hope the right amount. I'd sure appreciate any help.

In Mechanicals | Asked By DANIEL GOTTSEGEN | Jun 10 15
3 Answers

Is tape permissible between framing and the party wall for air sealing?

We are building a Passive House duplex and have encountered bunch of air leakage around party wall. We don't have to reach Passive House standard for each of the units separately, only as a whole building. But currently, our party wall does not have any air seal crossing between two units. This opens up the possibility of air getting in somewhere at the top end of it (at the roof) and traveling down to edges of the party wall touching the whole building enclosure/exterior plywood. We have difficulty sealing these vertical contact points due to other framing being in the way.

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Lucyna de Barbaro | Jun 12 15
7 Answers

Best Insulation Practices in Quebec, Zone 7

I am helping a friend to rebuild exterior walls in Quebec that currently have little to no insulation. We'll be replacing rotten studs and replacing a bathroom window and want to know the best way to insulate the walls. We are currently thinking about closed cell spray foam, on the interior, and plywood sheathing, tyvek, rigid foam, a 1-inch air-space, then using board and batten fastened to horizontal furring strips (which ride on top of vertical furring strips to allow for air and moisture flow).

In General questions | Asked By Rob Henderson | Jun 11 15
11 Answers

Does anybody know of a window manufacturer who makes/sells double hung windows that are very energy efficient?

We are building a home that has what I would call a farmhouse look. Does anyone know of a double hung winnow that would be considered very energy efficient. We are considering European or European style casement, tilt and turns with simulated divided lights. Truthfully, it would be a lot easier to use a conventional double hung window that would fit aesthetically with this home design. I like the energy efficiency of good casements but with the added expense of adding Simulated divided lights it may be easier to go with double hung windows. We are in climate zone 4.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By william dempsey | Mar 10 15
3 Answers

Choosing a brush/roll on foundation water proofer?


In General questions | Asked By JOE ROBERTS | Jun 11 15
4 Answers

Intus installation

I am considering Intus windows for a project happening soon due to their great U-value and high SHGC numbers. One thing I'm hung up on is how to install them with a 3/4" strapping rainscreen and exterior trim. The supplier said the window is installed at the sheathing layer then the rainscreen and trim are applied over that. That method seems to flash it well at the top but what about the water running down the face of the windows. There are also weep holes that need to stay open on the bottom making sill trim tricky.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Caleb Creaven | Jun 3 15
11 Answers

Double stud wall with flash-and-fill insulation?

I've been busy reading in the Q&A forum for the past year and a half, but just recently started posting some questions as our project nears - hope I'm not wearing out my welcome. Can't believe how responsive its been - thanks Martin. I keep reevaluating our possibilities for our wall and insulation assemblies, though.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brian W | Jun 10 15
2 Answers

Zone 4 interior basement insulation in relation to dimple board

I have an interior waterproofing solution installed and now I'd like to finish my wall. What isn't clear to me is how to account for the couple of inches of dimple board/miradrain material that is showing at the bottom of the wall. Do I merely cut the XPS foam to end above this dimple board? If so, should I be worried about any fiber insulation in the framing touching the surface of the dimple board and should I still seal the bottom of the XPS board? Or do I extend the foam just long enough to tuck into the top of my dimple board? If so, do I use tape at that seam or just leave it open?

In General questions | Asked By S H | Jun 11 15
10 Answers

Housewrap over exterior foam - flashing detail

I read the two articles, one being 'where to place the housewrap' and the other was http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/innie-windows-or-...

The method I will use is an outie window. Not 100% sure, but I will either a.) install house wrap over the foam or b.) have it under and over the foam.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Nicholas C | Jun 6 15
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