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1 Answer

Geothermal closed-loop heat pump vs. lightning

I live in central Oklahoma. My house was hit by lightning and we have hail damage.AC (among other things) is out.

The HVAC guy has experience with the geothermal system, installing, etc, but not with lightning strikes. They have already replaced two circuit boards...still not working.

Catastrophe insurance adjuster has experience with lightning, but not with geothermal heat pump system. His bottom line...can the unit be repaired or will it need to be replaced?

I just NEED coolness. Please help this very hot early 50's wife!!!

Any help is appreciated.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By tami weathers | Jun 18 13
3 Answers

Will permeable pavers be useful over clay?

We need a new driveway and would like it to help with drainage problems. We sit at the bottom of a hill and have a big roof. The old drive slopes and has inlets and subterranean pipes to direct water from hill and downs spouts to street. The underlying soil is clay and I mean clay, as in the clay that is used to make pottery. I don't think permeable pavers would be of any use here as there is very limited percolation into the clay. Am I thinking correctly and if so what would be a good material to use to make the driveway?


In Green building techniques | Asked By barbara matheson | Jun 18 13
3 Answers

Code requires updating windows during a siding repair?

Our condo complex recently had a major repair to one of the buildings due to water damage within an exterior wall. This required removing the brick and replacing the material behind it. The builder said he could not re-install the existing window because it was not up to current code. Can anyone confirm this as a code requirement?

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Gregory Dorsey | Jun 16 13
16 Answers

Make up air for 900 CFM range exhaust hood

We're designing a 3500 sq. ft. new home in Southern California, including a kitchen with a professional range that includes a BBQ grill unit. We've had one before, we used it 4-5 nights a week so it is essential for our kitchen, but they do produce a fair amount of heat and smoke when the grill is on high. So a professional exhaust hood is necessary, and the one we're installing will draft 900 CFM on its highest speed. With new construction standards (Title 24 in California), that amount of exhaust necessitates make up air.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Sean McLoughlin | Nov 8 11
6 Answers

Living Wall/Facade on Exterior Wall

Hey everyone! New here!

Wanted to see what advice I could get as far as planting a green wall on a large sun exposed exterior wall on our new home purchase. Thinking about confederate jasmine. House is located in South Carolina.

Can I get any pointers/pros/cons/advice?


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Justin Goette | Jun 18 13
20 Answers

Best fix for hot water waiting time for tankless water heaters?

We recently underwent a major remodel of our home (four stories, ~ 3200 sq ft), and in the process installed two tankless water heaters in series with a small recirculation pump. We now wait for up to two minutes for hot water in the kitchen and upstairs shower. What would be the most cost-effective and energy -efficient means of correcting this situation?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John Metcalfe | Jun 4 13
14 Answers

I have concerns about replacing fresh air to my central forced air furnace after installing exhaust fan system

Renovated the basement in my bungalow (1425 sqft). I have installed an exhaust system in the basement that has 4 vent diffusers (2 in games room, 2 in the home theater) this is powered by an inline exhaust fan (438 cfm) and ducted to the exterior of the house with 6" ductwork.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By rory kennedy | Jun 12 13
3 Answers

Square timber cabin "efficiency update"

Have a square face (6"x6") existing chinked square timber cabin. (Much to my surprise, it had T-111 over it). Climate zone 7, dry, cold, high rocky mountains (7000ft). My original plan was to insulate/rainscreen over the exterior face, but upon peeling back the T-111 and discovering it was "solid" I am considering alternatives. ... it has a nice appeal. But, energy efficiency is a STRONG consideration. Any ideas on how to preserve the "look" on the outside and maintain a durable, efficient assembly?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Erik Lobeck | Jun 15 13
2 Answers

Building from ICF

Hi all,

I am considering building a single family home using ICF in Chicago suburbs. Can someone recommend a good and experienced contractor to do the job?

Any ideas about the cost premium over the traditional wood framing?

Thanks so much.


In General questions | Asked By mike smith | Jun 14 13
5 Answers

16 inch or 24 inch framing using 2 by 6

My contractor feels more comfortable building with 16 inch centers rather than using advanced framing methods.He claims the house will be stronger ...when I made the point of more insulation area between studs ,his answer was because of the outside foam panels there was no difference with thermal transfer as the studs were now insulated....any thoughts

In General questions | Asked By bob holodinsky | Jun 17 13
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