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47 Answers

How's The Weather?

Queensland is under water, the East coast of the US us being buried again by snow, cancelled flights and power outages.

It's snowing fast and furious here in north central Vermont (that's a 13" ruler on top of my side porch woodshed).

What's the weather like where you are?

In General questions | Asked By Robert Riversong, Master HouseWright | Jan 12 11
3 Answers

Which kind of heating for a garage workshop?

I live in New York and have my woodshop in a 3 car garge (approx 20' by 25') attached to the house. The garage abuts the house on 2 sides. One of the other sides I beleive has basic fiberglass insualtion (2x4 wall) with 2 windows and the entire front are insulated firerglass garage doors. During the winter, it gets so cold in there that I cannot work. I have tried electric heaters, but they must run for hours before it is even close to tloerable and they obviously suck a lot of juice. I also tried Kerosene heaters, but the combination of the fumes and the moisture make it a no go.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Richard Cohn | Jan 9 12
2 Answers

Would soffit vents at the gable end perform as well as standard louvered gable vents?

I've got a very simple, steep pitch, vented gable roof, with soffit vents at the eaves.
I've considered standard gable vents, but want to keep my rainscreen detailing to a minimum.
I'd like to avoid ridge vents.
Does anyone have any advice or experience with soffit vents at the gable end?

Thanks for your help,

In General questions | Asked By Richard Baumgarten | Jan 8 12
2 Answers

Drain Pipes

I was wondering, what would you all consider to be the "greenest" drain pipes? I'm not doing a plumbing job, but I was just curious.

In General questions | Asked By Jay Sheth | Jan 7 12
4 Answers

Does a heat-pump water heater make any sense in this situation?

I'm looking for water heater replacement options. Currently unit is a Takagi propane tankless. It's installed in the unconditioned attic due to space constraints inside the house. As part of insulating the attic with much thicker insulation, I need to move it from its current location and would need to re-run the vent if the unit is reinstalled, necessitating some new parts (this is stainless flue material, and fairly expensive).

In Mechanicals | Asked By David Meiland | Jan 7 12
8 Answers

Roof Underlayment Perm Rating?

I am in my final push of re roofing. Martin, Thank you again for answering my earlier questions.

My cathedral ceiling timber frame from inside out has:

tongue and groove
vapor barrier


tongue and groove
vapor barrier
Metal Roof

We tore the shingles off to find a fair amount of air leakage and are strapping and adding venting to the assembly.

In General questions | Asked By T White | Jan 7 12
3 Answers

Thought y'all might enjoy this:

Goddess knows how this wonderful structure escaped the eagle eye of UK Building Regulation enforcement, but there is mention of beer brewing and that may have helped. Aficionados of creative structural design will enjoy the 'reciprocal roof' - click on 'How' and then 'Roundwood Frame'.


In Green building techniques | Asked By James Morgan | Jan 7 12
1 Answer

How do you remove polyurethane spray foam?

Smell in attic from polyurethane foam soray

In General questions | Asked By Judy Gross | Jan 8 12
9 Answers

Attempting chainsaw/PERSIST retrofit... Help?

In June, I will be attempting a chainsaw retrofit of a 50-year old country cabin that faces ESE.

On the roof, we have vinyl shingles nailed into (I believe) tar papered 1x6 sheathing over 2 x 4 framing, and a chimney protrusion for boiler venting from the basement; that roof is on top of an unconditioned attic with about about 4-6" of blown-in cellulose on top of fiberglass batting on the attic floor. Hangover for eaves and rakes is approximately 18". There's also a dormer on the front for two fo our bedroom window.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Satoshi Yano | Jan 7 12
4 Answers

High end shed: sealed envelope or open to roof?

Building a 12x15 multipurpose shed, most of the time just storing stuff unattended in Central Texas heat (and very rare freeze). Framed brick construction (light colored brick) with white metal roof, one window and french doors. Roof on top of radiant barrier. Attempting to beat the heat (9 mo/year and sometimes beyond 110 degrees), and condensation after fast temperature drops (sometimes >10 degrees/hour). No use of grid power (eventual plan is small solar system for lighting, fan, and radio). 3 months of the year there can be cold weather also, occasionally freezing.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Charles Peterson | May 18 11
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