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8 Answers

HRV or ERV or neither?

we are building a small 600 sq' house in valemount, b.c.. we are planning to make it airtight via the plywood sheathing. should we use an hrv or erv or exhaust-only with passive air inlets? anyone care to recommend a cost-efficient manufacturer? also, interested in a detail of a ground loop for the intake air...thanks
other site info: 800 metre elevation, 5623 HDD

In General questions | Asked By erik olofsson | Aug 13 12
2 Answers

Selecting a back-up heat source for a wood stove

We're planning on building a super-insulated, tight house (hopefully starting construction this fall). There will be about 2000 square feet of living space, all heated by a small wood stove. Between the passive solar we have designed and the available wood on our land, we expect this to be a very low-cost way of keeping warm. But, of course, the bank requires a thermostatically controlled source of heat. We expect this secondary heat to be used very rarely-- it's really just there to satisfy the bank-- so we'd like it to be as inexpensive and unobtrusive as possible.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Randy George | Aug 22 12
2 Answers

Cool Shingles

I need a new roof and my home is located in Pittsburgh, PA. I was browsing the Owens-Corning website looking for a light, EnergyStar color when I stumbled upon their solar reflective "Cool Shingles". I have asked 6 roofers for an estimate and none of them have heard of them, nor are they interested in giving me an estimate on them. Two of the roofers tried to completely talk me out of them even though they admitted to not knowing much about them.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Carol Baer | Aug 22 12
1 Answer

Diagonal Furring Strips.

Hi. I have been searching and searching for information regarding diagonal furring strips. I want to install siding vertically, and am avoiding horizontal installation of the furring strips. I've read that the diagonal strips should be 12 inches on center. Why is this and not the traditional 16 inches when installed vertically?


In General questions | Asked By Ashley Ripka | Aug 22 12
1 Answer

How do I estimate diagonal lumber sheathing amounts?

After drawing some sketches, it appears that I should add 15% to the square footage of my walls to allow for waste created by diagonal end cuts, and unusable short pieces.
Does this sound ok?

I'm sure there's some rule of thumb published in an old carpentry book out there...but I can't find anything.


In Green building techniques | Asked By Richard Baumgarten | Aug 22 12
1 Answer

Which shingle over ridge vent system performs best : Air Vent Shingle Vent II vs. Lomanco Omni vent vs. Ridgemaster?

Single story home with 6/12 pitch roof in Northwest Washington.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By James Cavallaro | Aug 14 12
2 Answers

Is my metal roof ventilated properly?

Is my metal roof ventilated properly? If not, will this correction be expensive?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Jimmy Miller | Aug 21 12
2 Answers

What materials should I use for an indoor pool ceiling?

I have an indoor swimming pool , now it is ready for suspended ceiling work but i need some advice about the materials that i have to use it because as you know it should be resistant to moisture please can you help me with that tell me what should i use( i am from iraq ) the materials that we have here are limited for example we have ( knauf gypsum panel , cement board , p. v .c board , )

thank you

best wishes....

In General questions | Asked By rebaz ahmed | Aug 20 12
1 Answer

Basement walls: Blue foam or just batt insulation?

This basement is a very dry newer house. I live in zone 4, southern Ohio.

Do I put up impermeable or permeable? I'm wanting to finsh the basement.


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By eric bell | Aug 20 12
14 Answers

Best heating method for a small house?

we are building a small house in canada. how should we heat it? some info: 800m elevation, 5620 HDD, -31 degrees celsius outdoor design temperature, 5-10-20-40-60 insulation and airtight sheathing. there is no natural gas supplier but propane and hydro are available. 600 square feet of conditioned floor area with a 4' conditioned crawl space beneath a conventionally framed floor. also, money IS an object... thanks again, you have all been very helpful in the past.

In General questions | Asked By erik olofsson | Aug 18 12
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