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32 Answers

Curbless shower with a PVC liner -- how to terminate the liner at the floor?

I'm installing a curbless shower----Concrete slab-on-grade with a sump for shower.
Using traditional method for shower floor---PVC liner, with pre-slope and top slope mud beds.
2x2 tile on shower floor and 18x18 travertine on bathroom floor.

My question is how to handle the waterproofing interface between my sump and the bathroom floor level (like where the curb would have been).

In General questions | Asked By john walls | Oct 19 14
3 Answers

Basement insulation in Minnesota


In GBA Pro help | Asked By Jason | Jan 20 16
2 Answers

Insulation and air barrier

I'm starting a major remodel on a 1972 ranch home. SInce I am changing room locations and door and window locations most of the drywall on the exterior will be compromised. Using the DIRTFS (do it right the first time) theory I am just going to remove all of the drywall and replace the insulation with rock wool. I just finished reading about vapor barriers,and air barriers here and there is blood seeping from my ears.

In General questions | Asked By Dan Fedder | Jan 20 16
4 Answers

How to insulate a metal roof that does not have any roof decking?

We are building a red iron framed barn house. The house has all roof framing made out of red iron. A metal roof is being installed on the red iron frame work of the roof. The roof does not have any wood in it. All metal trusses. We are installing a metal standing seam roof on the roof and it will not have any roof decking. My question is: how to spray foam insulation on roof with out spraying directly to metal roof pannels? So when I have to remove the pannels in the future due to an unforseen reason I will not have to redo my insulation.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Holley | Jan 19 16
3 Answers

We need help figuring how to insulate our old house

House was built in 1919. It has a 500 sq. ft. footprint with 2 floors + full walkout basement (1,500 sq ft total). Located in Climate Zone 4.

Because of serious structural issues (failing foundation and significant racking), the house was completely gutted. When opened up it was discovered that there is no sheathing on the house. Lapboard siding is nailed directly to studs (5").

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Emily | Jan 19 16
4 Answers

Sweating pipes in the wall

Hi everyone, I'm trying to rig up some temporary water to a shower because my waterlines are frozen again.

The issue I'm having is the fixture has 1/2" PEX to copper crimp on/sweat connections that I have to get off. I could easily use Sharkbite type fittings to reinstall the new line with the only concern being the depth of the 1/2 copper required to "bite" correctly. If this was not a concern I would hit it with my hacksaw.

In General questions | Asked By Mike | Jan 18 16
2 Answers

Condensation between fiberglass and closed cell foam. Should I wait for it to dry out before drywalling?

I recently insulated the second floor of my renovated Cape Cod to create a conditioned attic. My house is in Maryland (climate zone 4a). The roof is a flash-and-batt job: about 2" of closed cell spray foam applied directly to the underside of the roof sheathing and R-30 fiberglass batts between the rafter bays. Most of the walls have R-5 closed cell insulated sheathing on the exterior and R-15 fiberglass between the studs.

In General questions | Asked By Mark Stewart | Jan 18 16
7 Answers

Insulation for exposed basement ceiling

Hi all,

I am building a "pretty good house" in central KY, zone 4A, mixed humid. R30 walls and R60 ceilings. The house will have a full basement with r10 rigid foam on the interior of the walls, running from the floor all the way up until it hits the insulation on the interior of the above-grade walls.

I asked the builder to design a tornado shelter in the basement, and he created doozy. I've affectionately named it my bomb shelter.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Clay Whitenack | Jan 19 16
25 Answers

Cellulose or fiberglass to insulate floors above encapsulated crawlspace?

Year ago I put in some major sweat, blood, and tears to turn most disgusting crawlspace on the East Coast to something I remove shoes to walk on now. Radon levels are down too. I got all 1st and 2nd floor walls densepacked. MIni-splits are doing great. But I have one room above the crawlspace with hardwood and floors are really cold. This also happens to be room my in-laws come to stay (aka "free daycare") couple times each month and my mom-in-law really hates how cold the floors are. Temprature in the crawspace hovers between 47 and 57.

In General questions | Asked By Apollo S | Jan 6 16
2 Answers

Retrofit roof insulation for church

My local church in Chicago was constructed in 1955, its a wood moment frame design with 2" T&G on the interior as the finish ceiling as well as the structure that spans between purlins. We're looking to re-roof, asphalt shingles, this summer. When I was doing a little investigating I noticed there is zero insulation on the roof. The roof is quite steep, any ideas of what we can do on the exterior for insulation. The total roof area is about 10,000 and the pitch is about 14/12.



In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Robson | Jan 19 16
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