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9 Answers

I am looking for some advice on getting a construction loan

I bought 50 acres and have a mortgage on the land. I have spoke with a few local banks and am having trouble finding one to finance my building project. I am looking to be the GC in order to save some money and get things done right. So the bank that doesn't require a ton of money in savings won't let me GC it and the bank that will requires more cash than I have after buying the land. Is there a way to finance a new construction home and GC it with little cash? Or will I just have to wait it out another couple of years...

In General questions | Asked By ADK Creator | Jul 15 16
6 Answers

Basement Insulation - Remodel

I have a question I haven't been able to find a good answer to. I own a home in Minneapolis-St. Paul that has an unfinished walkout basement. Home was built in 1988. Basement was never finished. Basement is drain tiled with sump pit but no pump was ever installed. Nonetheless, the basement appears completely dry.

In Interior design | Asked By John N | Jul 7 16
2 Answers

Egress well draining, poor soil, no drain tile

So I think I have the worst possible situation for an egress window, but I'm hoping to install one nonetheless. I have clay soil with no exterior drain tile around my house and no interior drain system either. Luckily I've never had any water problems in my basement. I run a de-humidifier during the summer, but I've left cardboard boxes sitting on the slab floor for years and they've stayed in perfect condition. Also, I'm lucky enough to have long eaves at 30 inches that cover most of the well, and I have excellent grade-sloping (hillside) away from the well.

In General questions | Asked By Jason Adams | Jul 4 16
3 Answers

CertainTeed MemBrain

Can the MemBrain go over kraft-faced fiberglass? Would this be a double vapor barrier? My wall assembly is aluminum siding, a shiny like paper under the aluminum, 30-lb felt, and then shiplap sheathing over 2x4's . Zone 6A

All the major box stores only carry R-15 Kraft faced FG no unfaced.

In General questions | Asked By MS | Jul 16 16
2 Answers

New home windows

See sketch. Was told indivedual units are design pressure 50 when combined DP 25. Why and what can I do.

In General questions | Asked By Edward Serafin | Jul 16 16
3 Answers

Vertical exterior trim on outside corners on homes with exterior rigid foam

For an article on installing exterior corner boards on homes with exterior rigid foam, I'm soliciting photos or architectural details showing wide furring strips or other techniques to make sure that there is solid backing to allow the attachment of corner boards or siding at outside corners.

You can post your images here, or email them to me:
martin [at] greenbuildingadvisor [dot] com

Thanks very much to everyone in the GBA community for all your contributions!

In General questions | Asked By Martin Holladay, GBA Advisor | Jul 15 16
10 Answers

How efficient are recirculating kitchen range hoods with carbon filters at removing air pollutants from cooking?

I looked at a few of these filters for the recirculating range hoods and they didn't look all that impressive, but maybe I am looking at the wrong hoods. If passive houses are using recirculating hoods how well are the hoods actually working. Clearly there is a tradeoff for energy efficiency and range hood function. Is there any specific data on this? Are there certain types of carbon filters that work better than others? I am not talking about removing moisture or CO from gas ranges but more grease and other pollutants produced when cooking with electric ranges and ovens.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Dillon Vautrin | Dec 16 15
3 Answers

Building wrap: under the exterior foam, or over?

I am building a one story, unvented crawl space, vented attic 1350sqf home in zone 7, Northern MN. Basically going REMOTE. My carpenter and I were looking at the REMOTE manual today, and we noticed Tyvek building wrap was put on the sheathing before the foam was installed. I will have 3 1/2 inches of foam, 2" resting on top and even with the outside edge of my 2 1/2 inch ICF's, (both in and out) and 1 1/2 on top of that extending down under the ground level. All 3 1/2" of foam will extend up to the top of 16" energy heel trusses with blown cellulose in the attic.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Steve Vigoren | Jul 11 16
6 Answers

SIP roof vs Truss roof

Trying to resolve a friendly dispute with a local carpenter friend.

On a 1,500 square foot roof area with 380 square feet of soffit overhang area (24" soffit).

If one would attempt this with trusses, OSB sheathing, 24" soffit overhang framing, sheathing the soffit, installing R-40 worth of insulation (spray foam). What would the ballpark cost of this be?

There is NO dispute on timeliness. The above SIP roof can be installed in 2 days and the SIP overhangs 24" on each side so it's an instant soffit. No way that a truss roof with all the above can be completed in just 2 days.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Peter L | Jul 16 16
2 Answers

Make up air for a Wood Stove in a tight, but not PH, house?

Hey guys,

I've been reading a lot about the troubles of using a wood stove in a house that is well sealed. Namely the troubles of ensuring proper makeup air to avoid back drafting, and ensuring a proper burn. Of course, it gets easier the more the house leaks, with passive house being very prone to issue with a wood stove. My trouble comes from the fact that the articles seem to treat houses of either PH, or not. That seems to leave a lot of shades of grey that aren't being discussed.

In General questions | Asked By Calum Wilde | Jul 15 16
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