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4 Answers

Locked out of details again (or is it still?)! You people should be embarrassed to be charging people money for this semi-functional site. Instead of locking paid subscribers out why not open all parts of the site to everyone until your issues have been corrected. Or reimburse subscribers until site is fixed. Might give you more impetus to fix it.

In General questions | Asked By Rico Ball | Mar 30 14
1 Answer


They are claiming R21 wall by using foil and R13 fiberglass, with an add on this site.

on top of that I cant view any of the member pages I pay to see

In General questions | Asked By Trevor Chadwick | Apr 5 14
21 Answers

We are installing 1x6 T&G Pine on our ceiling. Have recently heard we should install drywall layer first. Is this correct?

In General questions | Asked By Carolyn Wood | Mar 31 14
2 Answers

I work with and electrical contractor who is planning to retrofit an office building with existing fluorescent light fixtures with 4-ft. LED bulbs. What impact will this have on the light bill?

The attempt here is to convert the existing office building into a green building.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John Powell | Apr 4 14
5 Answers

With a latitude of 44 deg 11 min North, and a longitude of 72 deg 23 min West, can anyone tell me what the roof overhang should be on each side of an attempted passive solar home?--(a kit house I can sketch and order from Landmark Kits.) (There will be some kind of porch...along the west side? Haven't figured out the pitch of that either.)

Also, what is a good pitch for potential future fixed solar panels and not having to shovel boatloads of snow? An 8/12?

How many degrees of true south should the home be positioned...and how do you find true south?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Karen Bunnell | Apr 2 14
8 Answers

I was perusing Treehugger.com and came across one of their April Fools articles. ( http://www.treehugger.com/green-architecture/tall-plastic-future-buildin... ) In it there is a UL video showing how much faster modern furnishings (made out of frozen gasoline as stated in the youtube about section) reach flash over compared to old style furnishings made out of "natural" materials. This got me thinking about how air tight homes might perform in a fire. I quickly realized that I am in no way qualified to answer that question in even a theoretical manner.

In General questions | Asked By Donald Endsley | Apr 3 14
2 Answers


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Corey B | Apr 4 14
4 Answers

I am finishing a "pretty good" addition/reno and thought I had used a good, fairly economical tape. I have dozens of rolls applied from sheathing joints to stacked foam and am hoping this is a manufacturing glitch and not a performance issue.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Robert Mason | Apr 4 14
1 Answer

I saw a prototype window a while back... It had 10 or 12 or so layers of glass. Anyone have a link to this article?

In Green products and materials | Asked By erik olofsson | Apr 3 14
3 Answers

Is there a way to make 1" stucco over 1/2" plywood a good assembly over 24" c-c 2x6 framing?

In Green building techniques | Asked By brian rawlinson | Apr 3 14
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