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3 Answers

WRB Behind Cement Board Stucco

Hi everyone, looking for any insight you can provide on this..

Climate Zone 7A – Wall in question faces East (very slightly SE)

We are scheduled to have our stucco install start next week. Currently our front of house is wrapped with Tyvek HouseWrap WRB over OSB sheathing and our contractor will be applying cement board stucco (Durock/Permabase) starting next week.. However, after doing some research I’ve noticed many concerns raised re. Tyvek housewrap behind a stucco application.

In General questions | Asked By Rick Manitou | Sep 9 17
6 Answers

What type of tape can I use around pex pipe?


I am looking for tape that I can wrap around my pex pipe, where they go through the studs. It get's a bit chilly in the winters and want to protect from any potential condensation on the wood.

Pipe insulation is the obvious, but I would prefer to stay with smaller holes.. hence the tape.

I have read from several sources saying that heat tape should not be used on pex pipe, although I am not sure why.

Can a product such as pipe tape (see picture) be wrapped around the pipe (both hot and cold)?

Thank you for your time.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Rocky12 | Sep 8 17
25 Answers

Insulation retrofit

Looking for some advice on a smallish rehab project I am about to start. I've read many of the great articles and Q&A discussions here, so I think have bit of direction...but as I am novice, I am interested in some feedback before I moved forward.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Jeremy Kachejian | Jan 12 17
18 Answers

Critique my Wall, thoughts welcome

So house is framed 16 on center 2x6, all windows have a porch over them 6'.

The OSB was just delivered, and we will be sheething the roof and walls this weekend.

So I can get 2" polyiso cheaper than I can buy 1/2. I was thinking, the following.

1. have already sealed cracks and such with polyeurethane just cause I could
2. Sheeth the wall
3. Seal seams of OSB with polyeurethane, or a good tape (suggestions?)
2. 2" of poly iso on outside of walls
3. 1x4's for a rain screen on top of the poly.
4. Cemplank over that.
5. Inner cavity caulked.

In General questions | Asked By SLEaton | Sep 5 17
3 Answers

Still struggling with insulation

Austin TX area
House 2x6 framing 16 OC. Rafters 24 OC. Built on 18" crawlspace.

The house is a complicated roof structure, with a 12x12 running down the length of the house framed in 2x8. There is then wrap around porches 4x12, a front gable 8x12 framed in 2x6. Then there is a large area of roof that is 2x6 construction, with a third of it being 2x8.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By SLEaton | Sep 8 17
6 Answers

Insulated cathedral ceiling question

I reviewed your article on this topic (http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/how-build-insulat...) but am hoping to get your thoughts about my specific variation in mind.

I'm constructing a small (12x24) guest cabin with a "modern" post and beam frame. The plan for the (cathedral ceiling) roof assembly is v-groove over the rafters then 2 layers of rigid polyiso sheets staggered and taped, house wrap then Advantech screwed to the rafters followed by asphalt or fiberglass shingles over felt paper or whatever material is appropriate for the product.

In General questions | Asked By MF-NH | Aug 12 17
8 Answers

Re-roofing and re-insulating with spray polyurethane foam

I'll try to make this as succinct as possible: I'm having my roof re-done and re-insulated. It is covered by my insurance company (with a few exceptions) as the whole thing is infested with squirrels and their droppings (I got lucky I had coverage for this).

In General questions | Asked By Berning | Aug 29 17
1 Answer

Foundation plan details: Block wall, XPS, and drain tile

Hi everyone,

Hoping I could get a bit of advice on my current exterior wall plan for my split level. I have 2 figures in my drawing. Fig. 1 is for section of the house that has no daylight basement, fig. 2 has a daylight basement. Daylight basement is a little less then 4ft below grade. This is a retro fit job. Inside of basement is already complete. House is running radiant heat.

In Plans Review | Asked By Dan Nospa | Sep 7 17
3 Answers

Soundproofing - adding drywall behind lathe for extra density

Hey GBA people,

I have a fun question regarding soundproofing.

The house is semi-detached and there is a 2x4 party wall. That needs some special attention for soundproofing. My plan is placing a 1 5/8 steel stud floating wall on my side of the party wall for decoupling and shafting. Filled with roxul safe n sound batting, MLV sheeting on the steel studs and 5/8 drywall.

Then I got sucked into an idea:

In Interior design | Asked By Jamie B | Sep 7 17
10 Answers

Hypothetical daily cost comparison (minisplits vs. electric resistance)

I'm trying to help steer a colleague towards heat pumps since his old equipment is in need of replacement, and am trying to determine some hypothetical comparison numbers. No heat loss calculation has been done, but that is besides the point for this comparison since it would be a fixed number specific to his house, and not the heating equipment. Heat loss could be 20,000 or 100,000btu, but i am using 30,000 for this example. He currently heats with wood and electric resistance backup...(but that is not the point below)


In Mechanicals | Asked By Ryan Magladry Ottawa, Ontario | Dec 14 16
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